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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:03 Sat May 7
LBTH 2020

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rumford 6:39 Sun May 8
Re: LBTH 2020
British is Best
Did he live in Bengal Hse

Mike Oxsaw 4:14 Sun May 8
Re: LBTH 2020
I suspect that this is only news in the hope that it will lead the news-hounds off the sent of much deeper corruption in politics.

Pub Bigot 3:53 Sun May 8
Re: LBTH 2020
I'm back in Mile End frequently when visiting family or watching football from Liverpool. I love visiting, I love being back home even though I have no intention of ever living there again.

I know one thing, Rahman is a wrong'un and I'll do anything legally to make his life uncomfortable.

british is best 2:31 Sun May 8
Re: LBTH 2020
I live near bethnal green underground now . Another complete dive parents and 3 brothers fucked off years ago . Ignore what the trendys claim about bethnal green full of dossers and crackheads a nuke would improve it .

british is best 2:23 Sun May 8
Re: LBTH 2020
Like others on here . I was brought up on the ocean estate until 1983 . Couldn't believe it when a few years later when one of my best mates growing up was fluent in Bengali and he's white . I knew then how far it had gone downhill shame it was great until the late 70s early 80s .

Moncurs Putting Iron 9:30 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
How many of us actually live in the Borough these days, most of us moved away decades ago and are watching from afar?

rumford 6:14 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Had few sessions in the Anchor [The Monday club] just along from Kate Hodders .Some real characters in there.About 8 pubs in and around the Ocean back then .Only the Bancroft Arms left now I think.

Far Cough 4:01 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Stepney, yeah there were a few decent boozers, mine was the Prince of Wales or Kate Hodders as it was known

Stepney.Ammer 3:41 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Far Cough

Yeah, the Ocean Estate was a fucking shit hole back in the 80's.

At least there were still decent boozers on most corners back then...all gone and replaced by Perfect Fried Chicken shops.

Far Cough 3:31 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Lived there on the Ocean estate in the 80s and it was shit then

Stepney.Ammer 3:30 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
only1billybonds 2:45 Sat May 7

Sad to say but you're bang on.

I was born there and moved out when I was 24. I worked for LBTH from 1997-2003 and it has always been corrupt. Pretty sure it's where the woke brigade were formed as well.

Dan 3:29 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Where I grew up. You couldn't pay me to live there now.

Hermit Road 2:51 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
This is a cultural issue and we are enriched by it. Anyone annoyed by someone convicted of electoral fraud being elected once again to the position he abused and used to enrich himself with, is probably a racist and cultural imperialist who wants to impose our cultural norms on others.

Some of you really need to use this as a teachable moment, reflect on your privilege, and be the change you want to see.

only1billybonds 2:45 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Its fair to say that the borough i was born in and spent the first 25 years of my life in has turned into complete and utter shit.

riosleftsock 2:29 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
Lutfur Rahman (sp?) has been elected after being banned, prosecuted and convicted of fraud and other offences to the London Borough of Minaret Hamlets

cup of tea 2:27 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
London Borough of Tower Hamlets?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:12 Sat May 7
Re: LBTH 2020
2022 even

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