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LeroysBoots 10:52 Mon May 9
I don't think how you spin this I still think Dec will be off come the summer

With the implosion of the media darlings Leicester and the news that they are bracing themselves for the sale of Tielemans, would you fancy one of Ndidi, Barnes or Madison ?

Papers are reporting a dismantling of their team

If we got 120mill for Rice, add that to our already healthy pot we'd have about 30 million to spend !!!...... Just a little joke

Seriously, if we had 170 million to spend, who would you like ?

That's a serious wedge for us

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El Scorchio 6:38 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
goose 6:19

Hilarious isn't it.

El Scorchio 6:35 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Far Cough 5:47

True- I thought about including him but for some inexplicable reason was feeling generous, so left him out. But fuck it, let's add him in.

boleyn8420 6:31 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Why would Dec want to leave. Are you serious.
To win things
To get 4 or 5 times his wages.

Theres two.

He isn't signing a contract with us. The board cannot let his contract run down to zero and lose all that transfer money.

Put those two together and thats why he will be leaving.
Jarod Bowen as well for similar reasons. we are a selling club.

goose 6:19 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Pretty impressive to have let 3 of the best players in the PL go for fuck all.

ludo21 6:17 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
COYI - 'due to the numbers'

I think that's the point!

Eerie Descent 6:15 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
This is a West Ham site, Come On You Chelsea son. You don't need to tell us about the amount of duds we've had.

Come On You Irons 6:13 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Every club has hits and misses and, if you choose selectively, a list of duds can be made for every club. It is only highlighted as extreme in the case of a club like Chelsea due to the numbers.

Look at a list of our duds in recent times that we signed for millions: Anderson, Haller, Diop, Benrahma, Yarmolenko etc. etc.

Far Cough 5:47 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Scorch, Shevchenko didn't pull up many trees either

El Scorchio 5:43 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Their history with a few players is hilarious

Rice- jettisoned for nothing

De Bruyne- paid £7m, sold for only £17m after 9 appearances, then Wolfsburg sold him 18 months later for about £60m.

Salah- sold AT A LOSS, I think, after being shipped out on loan a bunch of times and only 19 appearances

Lukaku- paid a combined £113m for him, sold him inbetween for only £30m, and he doesn't even want to be there.

Add that to Torres, Morata, Drinkwater, Batshuayi, Bakayoko and Arrizabalaga and they look like fucking idiots. Just as well they had bottomless pockets or they'd have bankrupted themselves by now with such piss poor talent evaluation. It's almost incredible they've had so much success with so many massive fuck ups.

ludo21 5:29 Wed May 18
Re: Declan
Chelsea missed out on Abramovich bank rolling a new stadium which they are going to need if they want to stay at the top table....new owners will have to fork out billions to do that so can't see them spending huge money on new players.

Imagine having Lucaku as a youngster, letting him go, buying him back for 97m and him being shit... couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

Westham67 5:41 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
City or Liverpool if he wants medal and trophys

El Scorchio 4:29 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
I'm going to take it as a positive sign that during the lap of honour, from what I saw, it did not look for a moment like he was saying goodbye to the fans or he thought he had just played his last home game.

Of course who knows what business goes on in the summer, but it didn't feel like the actions of a man who wants to leave.

*Grasps straws*

Westham67 4:21 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
Consortiums are full of politics and egos when it comes to spending money. Hopefully they will asset strip and sell the land at Stanford bridge for luxury condos

Stevethehammer 4:10 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
I can't see how Chelsea are going to be the powerhouse they were under Abramovich. The consortium have pulled all that money to buy them and personally I can't see them pushing on and staying within the top 4 clubs financially.
Or have I completely missed something and Chelsea will remain at the top table with riches beyond belief.

Charoo 4:02 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
Every fucking day now until he is sold or the window shuts there will be another regurgitation of a shit story of how he is leaving, has to leave, will leave, he’s worth £150, £120, £100, £80m

Blah blah blah

Fucking bore off you tedious cunt journos. Get out your bedrooms and go get some real stories.

Lee Trundle 12:18 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
AG @ Miike

Takashi Miike 12:16 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
yes, the first person I think of when watching declan is danny fucking drinkwater

Alwaysaniron 12:13 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
Lee Trundle 11:35 Mon May 16




Let's face it, in this day and age unless you're bought up through the Man City academy (Foden) you're unlikely to have a one team player seen in the top flight again. (Well not one of megastar status anyway).

Bernie 12:03 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
Why would he want to leave?

£350k 5yr contract and play in the champions league on a regular basis.

It's what they all want, huge cash and play in the elite competitions.

The Fonz 11:59 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
Why do people think Chelsea cannot afford him?

Their new owners will want a strong marque signing to begin their reign and Declan fits that mould.

Lee Trundle 11:35 Mon May 16
Re: Declan
Anyone who suggests he sits on a bench at whatever club in the world, hasn't seen him play.

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