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Gary Darkness 11:30 Sun May 15
PCR test
Does anyone know a place/website where I can get a PCR test without paying though the nose? (pun intended)

Google just gives me a load of ads.

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. . 12:54 Tue May 17
Re: PCR test
Hi I always use C19 Testing. Comes in at about £50 for a PCR.

You order and pay for it DPD deliver next day, you carry out test at home send it back via Royal Mail 24 hour Delivery, (Envelope is supplied) You then get results via email within 24 hours. You may find cheaper but make sure it comes with a QR code

mike hunt 11:08 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
daft cunts

LeroysBoots 2:58 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
No masks anywhere !!!!

Lee Trundle 2:32 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
nychammer 2:02 Mon May 16

That's not entirely true. Those who aren't fully vaccinated*/unvaccinated that aren't US citizens are still barred from entering, aren't they?

*I have no idea what classes as fully vaccinated anymore

Stowie.40 2:29 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
I was looking at Croatia or Greece as they seem to let anyone in. What’s Croatia like for masks though? Greece seem cunts about it requiring double masks in some situations.

mallard 2:23 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
Cheers NYC

nychammer 2:02 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
US just needs rapid antigen 24 hrs before flight

DaveT 2:01 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
If you do it will be the day before you fly. At least you won't have to wear a mask on the flight

LeroysBoots 2:00 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
Currently in Croatia, not a test asked for or showed any docs

mallard 1:57 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
I’m travelling to L.A next month and have been told I’d need one - can you confirm if this has changed?

nychammer 1:53 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
Why you need a PCR? Who is still asking for them, rapids are the norm now and they should be phased out for travel purposes

DaveT 1:47 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
For travel, go with what your airline suggest. If you've had covid in the last three months don't have a PCR as that can still show you've got it. Did the lateral flow one on a zoom call when flew to the States in March, cost about £25 I think

Heath Hammer 12:42 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
Used Randox a few times.

They also have a place at liverpool street and they just opened a clinic next to St Pauls station.

On The Ball 11:29 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test

riosleftsock 1:01 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
If its for travel you will need Randox or equivalent, the NHS covid pages used to have lists of approved suppliers but you need to check with country of destination if they accept it.

joe royal 12:13 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test
Some local chemists do them.

iphammer 12:01 Mon May 16
Re: PCR test

iphammer 11:59 Sun May 15
Re: PCR test
There's a company called Randox at Westfield shopping centre that do them.

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