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iphammer 11:54 Wed May 25
ExWHUemployee ?
Why does he need to tweet every day telling the world who we're looking to buy?

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Feed Me Chicken 11:50 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Yes will he’s a cunt for selling transfer gossip to fellow hammers 👍🏼

twoleftfeet 11:05 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
The phone bill would land on the mat and I hid from my dad for a couple of days 😁

cholo 11:03 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
0898 12 11 65 to get through and listen to Chris Raistrick mumble on about shit before getting to the bit you wanted to hear about

Fifth Column 11:02 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Their interview with David Gold was one of the most pathetic interviews in the history of "journalism". A massive missed opportunity.

Other than that I did used to listen to it and enjoyed the podcast. I haven't listened to it since you had to pay for it because I didn't value it that much. Good luck to them if it helps make them a living.

Willtell 10:56 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
You mean a bit like watching Sky or BT Sports channels on illegal channels as we all do Feed Me Chicken?

I guess that's it really. We all want Ex's info but he's a complete cunt for trying to sell it to us!!!!

How dare he....

twoleftfeet 10:53 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Club call, happy days.

What was the number again? I ran up some bills calling that line, they would always leave the bit I wanted to listen to right till the end 😁

Feed Me Chicken 10:50 Mon May 30
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Someone who subscribes to it should do the right thing and post the transfer info in here anonymously.

Will save a few people getting ripped off for transfer news

penners28 7:42 Sun May 29
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
That dave he does it with is a massive prick. Ex seems like a decent chap tbh. If people wanna pay then then fair enough. What i dont get is the fawning over them on twitter, like the patreons or whatever are being done a favour. Its literally the content you pay for.

Not my kind of thing

claypole 6:11 Sun May 29
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Listened to the radio show and quite liked that in the beginning but then the brief became to undermine Billic and dig out fans I stopped listening.

Week 1. I don't know why EX but West ham must have the worst fans in the county.

Week 2, what is it with West ham fans EX? I can't understand their reactions.

Week 3, As for the supposed fan on the pitch with the flag, tell you what EX I hope he got a slap.

Week 4, Etc Etc Etc
In fairness to the EX guy he didn't really join in with the running down of sections of the fans.

Feed Me Chicken 5:06 Sun May 29
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Don’t like the “there’s soooooo much more than transfer info” yet only charges people because he knows wallies will pay it just because of early transfer info! Scamming fellow fans is a lowlife scummy thing to do.

Kandu 11:25 Sun May 29
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Have listened to his podcast for a few years.
Resented them for charging but I choose not to pay.
Comes across as a true Hammer and I agree with most of his opinions.
Not so keen on his mate

Willtell 11:05 Sun May 29
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
I don't know why Ex bothers anyone so much.

I don't pay so much attention to it these days but Ex used to be a reliable source of truth in a bullshit world. He never ever gave things away until the details became public knowledge and I don't suppose he's changed now that he sells his info.

Good luck to him for making money out of mug fans. I can't imagine who would pay to know the latest minutes or hours before anyone else. Is it so they can bullshit their mates down the pub what they know?

Bernie 12:59 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Our manager quite obviously tries to give as little away as possible on team selection, injuries and transfer targets, and this gobby wanker, who proclaims to be a West Ham fan, sells the very same information to West Ham fans and media outlets.

yngwies Cat 12:07 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
The Martin Alan content and ex player interviews are very very good, and I've been to a few events which have been well put on and very enjoyable... (I'm not Ex).

All changed since the raking up your parents phone bill on Club Call :-).

Each to there own.

Stevethehammer 11:36 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Yeah Whetstone is a right wind up merchant who thrives off the hate he gets. I love it when Nigel Kahn calls him out for claret and Hugh being a mouthpiece for the board.
Ex is alright in my book and to be fair if wanting to know if rumours are true and what's going on is your bag then he seems to be the one to follow. Very rarely it's get wrong in all fairness to him.

Takashi Miike 10:39 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
whetstone is far worse because he openly winds up the fans

Stowie.40 10:25 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
The 2 cocks he does it with are worse. I use to listen right back when they first ever started but stopped way before then started charging. The 2 stooges think they are a right pair of chaps. I had it back & forth on Twitter with that Kev cunt about Pellegrini being the wrong man when we appointed him and how we should have got Brendan Rodgers at the time. When pellegrini got sacked and Rodgers was doing well at Leicester he said we should have got Rodgers when Moyes first left. Wanker.

Johnson 8:36 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Wouldn’t be the first time the helmet has come on here trying to defend himself.

OneAll 7:32 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
Nobby hammer has just revealed his self as EX

chevy chase 3:55 Sat May 28
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
I was intrigued too.

Sounds like he’s got a constant cold

daveyg 11:45 Fri May 27
Re: ExWHUemployee ?
"I've never heard this cunts voice. I'm sort of intrigued"

it's you Vexed,isn't it...

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