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Barty 9:49 Fri May 27
Reece Oxford
Football Talent Scout - Jacek Kulig
Reece Oxford in the Bundesliga this season:

☑️72 interceptions - most in the league

☑️168 clearances - most in the league

Still only 23. Great season by the West Ham academy graduate. A big Premier League come back this summer?


How about resigning the lad?

Shame it didn't work out here.

Why did he leave again and who was the manager back then?

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terry-h 4:36 Sun May 29
Re: Reece Oxford
I watched Oxford three weeks ago when Augsburg got a hiding from Leipzig 0-4.
He was the central CB in a back three and did not impress me one bit. Our current CBs are all more solid defenders than young Reece.
Time to forget a promising career that failed to take off at West Ham.

nychammer 1:11 Sun May 29
Re: Reece Oxford
Proved us wrong, maybe. Good for him! Sure Chelsea look at Rice and think the same, but on a whole different level

Matthew Holmes 1:04 Sun May 29
Re: Reece Oxford
Right you are

A handful od appearance for us and gladbach then
Augsberg so a step down from us (i think so anyway)
Got some experience and maybe ready to come back?

Cant see it happening but glad hes carved out a career rathrr then disappearing

scott_d 4:13 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
He’s never played for Dortmund.

Has played for Munchengladbach and now at Ausberg.

Side of Ham 3:47 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
goose, I’d take a guess say that Moyes wants to see that the players he chooses to help first of all want to learn from his advice and that they are also willing to be very hard working to get where they want…..they likely have to have this ethic from the start not suddenly fall in at a later date like Oxford…..he had his chance under Moyes the first time didn’t he….could be wrong though.

rumford 3:15 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Change of attitude or a late developer, who knows. Good luck to him. Move on.

goose 2:50 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
So who do we credit for the progress of Rice & Johnson?

Lertie Button 2:44 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
And it's not just Pearce, the entire coaching staff are a bunch of meat and potato yes men - when you see how Potter changed things against us and Guardiola did against Villa shows what a proper coaching staff should be capable of

Lertie Button 2:32 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Now the defensive coaching genius Stewart Pearce has gone there's no chance of developing him into a top player like he has done with so many others.

Side of Ham 10:03 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
It’s a bit more miss than hit when you buy players that have established themselves in the Bundesliga and he’s already had West Ham down as a stepping stone (which he fucked up) Also this ‘Moyes will improve him’ hasn’t really helped Diop or Arthur and I see Oxford as no different…..and he obviously uses the ‘disruptive aloof’ method if things don’t go his way so Moyes would know he has this in him……

Manuel 9:53 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Alfs - What like Moyes has developed our younger players further? As for the Rooney comparison? Amazing. Now off you go and get yourself all offended and angry like you always do when called out.

BRANDED 9:49 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Developing players is hard work but lucrative.

Capitol Man 2:24 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Probably because he’s not hanging out with the kids he grew up with as a big shot. Away from home he likely matured quicker.

Matthew Holmes 2:07 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
A good question is why were Dortmund able to see potential on him and allow him to develop when we couldn't.
7 yrs ago under Bilic

Do we manage this now?

Is prem over pressured so kids dont get enough of a chance?

Alfs 1:58 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
When, at 16, you get the plaudits he did, it can easily go to your head, thinking you've already made it. That's when a good manager comes into the equation, by keeping his feet on the ground.

I don't think his mum helped either, believing her son was the next messiah.

I'd welcome him back and believe Moyes would do a great job developing further. After all, he himself gave Wayne Rooney his debut at 16, and he turned out to be pretty good.

Barty 1:13 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
He was very young and Bilic was the manager

He has improved alot and matured it seems

Sydney_Iron 1:09 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Didn’t seem to be working for him the first time around after he seemed to break through into the first team squad, what ever it is he wanted to get away, so why would he want to come back and why would we want him back?

Good luck to him though, seems to be thriving in Germany, if he has any sense he will maybe stay their as back in London and at West Ham he just appeared moody and not up for it.

master 1:06 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
He's shit. No.

dealcanvey 12:36 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
If we don’t sign him another premier league side will.

Saw their game last season against Munich and he was impressive.

No brainier imo. He definitely has the talent.

RdUeSpSrEeLsLsed 12:00 Sat May 28
Re: Reece Oxford
Can’t really say he was shit given the age he was. He just needed a manager who could develop him, it was not Bilic.

Nagel 11:51 Fri May 27
Re: Reece Oxford
If we keep Coventry and Randolph then we'll have 8 home grown players in the squad, unless some of them are sold. Coventry and Johnson are both 22 now so would have to be named In the 25 man squad.

In any case, if we get a CB it should ideally be a left footed one.

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