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Chrisnutjob 12:22 Sun May 29
Liverpool fans at it again
Scumbags piling through turnstiles without tickets.

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El Scorchio 5:20 Thu Jun 16
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
But as mentioned, you don't get these issues and scenes reported in international or tournament football matches there. It's hosted loads of World Cup, Euro and France internationals, and major European finals in the past. Don't recall this ever having been an issue. And even this time it seems it was only much more an issue for one team.

violator 5:02 Thu Jun 16
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Go to Rome as a rugby fan, club or country, and its fine. Go as a football fan and its another story.

El Scorchio 4:59 Thu Jun 16
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Crossed my mind as well nerd. You don't hear of rugby fans routinely getting mugged and tear gassed there when the six nations is on, major issues with athletics, tournament games or France internationals. I'd have thought most of those spectators would be really easy pickings for the local 'yoot'.

I'd have though especially now, a shitload of stories would have come out about the stadium and Saint Denis' 'troubled past' to back up the current claims.

nerd 4:39 Thu Jun 16
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
How is it all the rugby matches , football matches ,World Cup and euro finals ,us 2 other European cups nothing . Just so happens liverpool turn up and yet again it happens but somewhere else. I'm guessing liverpool need to start checking social media I wonder how many spouting on there about this and the locals joined in.

Helmut Shown 3:52 Thu Jun 16
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
On match of the day in the sixties the BBC still had its love affair with the scouse fans. They used to show the Kop end singing You'll never walk alone every time the cameras were there. As an aside to that you also saw in every case people falling down the terraces where some scumbags pushed from behind. I was unfortunate enough to view a match from the Kop. I had never been to the ground before and saw a sign for the Kop. I decided to walk to the other end but as the bank i so big i mistook the width of the ground for the length. During the match one of their "people avalanches" trapped me against a crash barrier. It was quite scary but what came across to me was that the thugs inside this pile of human excrement were mostly blokes in their thirties and forties. This was further confirmed a few years ago after i got on a flight to Barcelona and a load of these thugs got on. They abused everybody and sung their stupid songs all the way there. They were all pissed and abused the flight crew. These people should have their passports removed they are a disgrace to the country and will get all English teams banned as they did after the Heysel. Acting the innocent does not wash with most English fans. I feel sorry for the innocent people and their families who were killed a Hillsborough but the motivating force that killed them was drunken Scouse thugs.

Chi-townHammer 2:49 Thu Jun 16
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Maybe Cadot needs to speak to some Juventus fans!

"Cadot’s 30-page report, delivered on Friday to the office of the French prime minister, Élisabeth Borne, refers to Hillsborough in a section on police intelligence before the final on 28 May between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The section recognises first that Liverpool supporters have not been known for violence at matches."

Chip Shop Charlie 4:32 Fri Jun 10
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
All CCTV deleted by mistake.
PARIS: Pressure was growing Friday on French authorities after the surprise revelation CCTV footage from the Stade de France during the Champions League final last month has been deleted, with critics alleging a deliberate cover-up.


jimmy iron 3:19 Mon Jun 6
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
And Thierry..

Far Cough 12:16 Sun Jun 5
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Better tell Wiki they're wrong then

Side of Ham 12:09 Sun Jun 5
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
A lot has changed since 2004 seems to be the case here…..

nerd 12:02 Sun Jun 5
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
You've not been there Far Cough im guessing , Could put the same for Amsterdam , utter nonsense . No worse than where Wembley is next too Neasden. This is utter nonsense, of course there immigrants and it aint the best but far worse areas in Paris . When I lived there it was fine in 2004 for 6 months

Far Cough 6:09 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
nerd, you sure?

Saint-Denis is known for its crime, with high rates of robbery, drugs offences and murder.[12] In 2005 it had 15,071 criminal incidents per 100,000 inhabitants, far higher than the national average (8,300 per 100,000) and higher than its department Seine-Saint-Denis also known as '93' with 9,567 crimes per 100,000.

Saint-Denis also holds the record for the highest rate of violence in Europe (31.27 per thousand while the national average is 6 in France) with 1,899 violent robberies and 1,031 assaults in 2010 (equivalent to an average of 6 robberies and 3 assaults per day)


nerd 5:16 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
I thought , Stade de France was in Saint Denis which is not a bad part of the city , but is now being portrayed like its in the middle of a Favela ..

eastend joker 5:15 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
have i missed the punishment for Eintracht being announced for their semi final pitch invasion ?

Sven Roeder 4:11 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
We as fans know that we often suffer shit policing and being treated like dirt.
But the Scousers will never admit any fault.
As everyone says 'always the victim its never your fault'.

This continues due to them being absolved of ANY blame for Hillsborough (in my view policing, ground managers AND fans all contributed) so they think they are bullet proof.
And you get shit like Kenny Dalglish saying Heysel happened because Italians (Roma not Juve) threw stones at Liverpool fans the year before. Despicable

rumford 4:01 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
You made some good points there Sven but maybe some people, me included, were wrong to blame the scouser completely but is the case if you cry wolf to often no one believes in the end.

Sven Roeder 3:45 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Lots of big games at Stade de France over the years so not sure whether the targeting of Real & Liverpool fans by 'locals' was helped by poor or non existent security and policing or what.
As for the difficulties in getting INTO the stadium I take it is still only an issue at the Liverpool end?
Will UEFA stick to their guns over that or will they back down under pressure from the Liverpool apologists?
And are we going to have to pretend that Scousers with fake tickets were innocents duped by criminal types rather than COMPLICIT or following their natural instincts?

Ron Eff 2:46 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Fifth Column 11:50 Sat Jun 4

If it was West Ham fans (or any other club for that matter) the media would be labelling us troublemakers, scum etc, especially if there was footage of our fans forcing entry or climbing fences to gain entry, or using fake tickets.

That’s the difference. There’s no denying some innocent fans were poorly treated, but its the attempt to clear badly behaved scousers of all blame that is the issue. For whatever reason, these events have a habit of following that club around. Either that is extreme bad luck, or there is an underlying reason.

Bearing in mind also, that stadium has previously hosted another Champions League final, and a World Cup final, without issue.

Side of Ham 1:08 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Fifth, their treatment will partly be the consequence of their history as a support even the locals having a go, they don’t need much excuse…..the English taking over and many of them on the scout for a ticket or a dodgy way in….like has been said the other side of it quickly disappears when it comes to Liverpool.

Serious Drinking 12:30 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
Fifth column, there was footage I saw shown at the time of the people forcing their way in which has since been removed from all mainstream media reporting for some strange reason. Every one of the "fans" breaking in looked like they came right out of Sangatte refugee camp.

Fifth Column 11:51 Sat Jun 4
Re: Liverpool fans at it again
And Madrid as a club have made the same complaints re policing and violence. It's not just Liverpool.

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