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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

joe royal 11:22 Tue May 31
Ed Sheeran
How is he the biggest star in the world atm?

On tour with the ginger one and it’s a long ‘en. Best part of six months away in total including five nights at Wembley stadium. To my knowledge only Michael Jackson did multi nights (4 I think) all the other big acts do a max of two.

Top 5 downloads/sales etc chop and change a bit but Sheeran is up there with Bieber, the weekend, Harry Styles ,Drake and Bad Bunny (who)

We’ve done the Irish dates and kick off in the U.K. on Friday for a month then it’s 3 months through Europe.

I don’t get the attraction, it’s a bloke on a huge stage with state of the art pyro and video walls.

Ps, the stage needs 300 tonnes of ballast to support it, that’s the size of the thing. It’s the biggest show since U2’s 360 tour, but Taylor Swift May have something to say about that.

If you are going and your a fan it’s great, if not then it’s tedious but would be great at Brixton Academy.

Any fans/going?


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Swiss. 5:35 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
Amazing how many chicks like him for a pale skinned, podgy, ginger.

scott_d 4:14 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
His music is just a bit boring.

it's hardly ground-breaking stuff.

the straw 1:31 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
threesixty haha yeah mate I do know a thing or two about writing credits in the music industry ;)

joe royal 1:29 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
threesixty 12:42 Mon Jun 13

“ There are people who’ve contributed 1 line and ended up with 25% of a song!”

Best example I heard of this was when the bloke from 2 unlimited put “techno techno techno” into the song.

Made 100k out of it apparently.

Browno22 1:17 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
The sort of cunt we used to bully at school

threesixty 12:54 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
Actually I’m going to retract what I said having looked at his credits from his latest album.

About a quarter of his album is just him and his producer which is what I consider to be basically solo writing.

The rest he has collaborated a lot with some pretty experienced Co writers.

All his producers get writing credit for each song which I think is standard nowadays.

So my bad. I was going on his first album where he wrote / Co produced a lot of that. I suppose the bigger you are the less chances you take…

I still see him as principal writer though.

yngwies Cat 12:42 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
threesixty 12:04 Mon Jun 13

Love Island.

threesixty 12:42 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
The straw

But you do know how writing credits are given in the industry right?

If I produced someone I could ask for credit even if I didn’t write a word. Writing credit is used almost as “stock” in a portfolio by the music business. It’s where everyone gets paid in the long term since streaming and mp3s killed physical album sales.

And then there’s credit for the writers who they sampled a song from, an interpolation etc.. all sorts of people end up getting credit sometimes who never were in a writing session. There are people who’ve contributed 1 line and ended up with 25% of a song!

I’m not a big Ed Sheeran fan of anything but I pretty much heard he’s fairly self contained when it comes to writing his own albums and he’s writing for a lot of other people as well. Bieber etc. I thought the article confirmed that.
Maybe they’re all lying lol!

bruuuno 12:30 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
Blokes a total cunt

the straw 12:13 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
And I should have been clearer about his royalty statements. When you read them you get to see in granular detail who was involved on every track and what they did. There are a lot of writing credits on his songs.

the straw 12:09 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran
McDonald's is the most popular restaurant in the world. Is it the best?

threesixty 12:04 Mon Jun 13
Re: Ed Sheeran

Whether people like him or not, the numbers don’t lie. When I say “amazing” songwriter it’s not subjective. Just look at how many radio hits the guy has. And it’s not like he’s some Enrique Iglesias super model guy.. he looks like he stacks shelves at tescos!

Writing hit pop songs is incredibly hard. To do it as consistently as he has. Thats madness.

JAC 11:44 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
Male version of Adele...shit .

the straw 10:33 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
Ray has it right. 360 is well off. I used to work for for his label and used to see his royalty statements. He certainly earns a few quid, that's for sure!

Sven Roeder 8:59 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
Even if they aren't my cup of tea I can understand the appeal to lots of people of most major artists.
Havent paid too much attention to him but must admit I struggle to understand how he is SO successful.
Always struck me as a ginger George Formby but obviously I am missing something.

threesixty 5:18 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran

A lot of those writers are because of copyright and publishing agreements and not because they were in the room writing.

For example, the melody of shape of you has similarities to no scrubs by TLC. Rather than go to court he gave a percentage of the publishing to the no scrubs writers. (There we’re probably at least 4, Dallas Austin the producer and the 3 girls). So that’s why there ends up being so many writers.

I think the bulk of Ed’s songs will just be him and the producer possibly.

only1billybonds 5:15 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
I can take or leave him but calling him an AMAZING songwriter is a bit of a fucking stretch.

Mad Dog 4:45 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
I'm NOT a fan

ray winstone 4:28 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran

ray winstone 4:28 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
He actually writes almost all of his songs as collaborations, Shape Of You had 6 composers attributed to it.

Only a few modern day performers write all their own stuff, Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft and Weller spring to mind.

He’s still a great performer though, not that I would go and him.

threesixty 3:59 Sun Jun 12
Re: Ed Sheeran
The guy is an amazing song writer. He’s also put the work in performing in bars and clubs for years before making it, so he knows what his audience like. He’s not some major label plant. He grafted.

He also isn’t afraid to work with people in different genres and bridges the gap very well and with respect. On top of that he seems a really nice guy and people in the industry really like working with him.

Don’t have anything bad to say about Ed really.

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