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northbankboy68 12:55 Wed Jun 15
..takes another beating. There's no substitute for IQ. Johnson's cabinet is the only one she's fit for.

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Mike Oxsaw 3:06 Thu Jun 16
Re: Patel...
"The solution is to work with the French, process the asylum claims for the UK on French soil".

Those who wish to bypass the legal application process will bypass that one, too.

If every illegal was aware that should they get picked up they're straight off to Rwanda for processing, no questions entertained, the desire to make that last 22 mile trip may drop, but free housing and benefits (streets paved with gold) is a big draw when you live 19 to a single-room mud hut with no power or running water.

Vexed 2:19 Thu Jun 16
Re: Patel...
I think the French police should spend more time hunting the NONCES living in their country.

Willtell 2:04 Thu Jun 16
Re: Patel...
Macron and the French police would love to be shown how to stop unwanted immigrants travelling across the channel by British police...

ted fenton 1:25 Thu Jun 16
Re: Patel...
Surely they can catch these trafficers by finding out who is providing all these dinghies ! It's not rocket science is it.

Side of Ham 7:46 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Yeah, it's not like the French won't be awkward at all them processing it all over there.....ffs

Kaiser Zoso 7:45 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Does 2014 count?

, 7:39 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Yes, for example you predominantly post in favour of a dictatorship over a democracy.

Kaiser Zoso 7:37 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Do you know what the word predominately means, coma?

, 7:35 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
White Christian country you say. Let’s ask Priti, Rishi, Sajid and Nadim, for starters, about this

twoleftfeet 7:25 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Just let them all in then, 50 years time this country will no longer be a predominantly white Christian country.

You reap what you sow.

New Jersey 7:24 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
I think most people wonder why they want to come here and not stop in the first place of safety, if we had an honest debate about that, then probably we would get somewhere!

Dagenhammer 7:12 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Find it incredible that people on here want to give up their human rights.

The Rwanda deal is flawed in every sense. It will not deter or defeat people traffickers. Part of the deal is that we will take Rwanda refugees and those sent their by the Government (HM People Traffickers plc) will not have their applications for asylum in the UK processed, they will be processed for asylum in Rwanda. Most of those who cross the channel have their asylum claims granted and live here, pay their taxes and work here.

Their are no 'legal routes' from most war torn countries, so those people in Afghanistan who supported our troops cannot get out here legally as they need to go through the Taliban to get out.

The solution is to work with the French, process the asylum claims for the UK on French soil. Patel and Johnson are so thick and dangerous and lacking in diplomatic skills that they are incapable of doing that. They could also review the whole asylum process and make it quicker to process, allow those seeking asylum to work and contribute to society.

We have a labour shortage, so in a way it makes economic sense to allow those here to work.

ray winstone 5:24 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
''Take back control of our borders'', laugh? I nearly spent £350m a week on the NHS....

WHU(Exeter) 4:27 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
She’s a one!

Gaffer58 3:18 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Thought we were paying the French £50 million plus to stop these boats, well that was money wasted or are the French just bloody useless?

Fo the Communist 3:12 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
One of the under-reported 'grey areas' of the arrangement is the fact that the UK has agreed to take in an unspecified number of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees in exchange.

You won't read that in the Daily Mail.

Fifth Column 2:15 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Absolutely regardless of the rights and wrongs of the Rwanda thing (and actually there is a lot of 'grey area' here)... this is an example of the government being utterly incompetent.

They literally make the law. You can't blame lawyers for using the law to defend people. The government appears to have signed a £100 million agreement with a small African nation to repatriate people which is unlawful. That's embarrassing.

Even if you're going to do this, do it in a manner that is not going to be subject to any successful challenge.

They are utterly, utterly incompetent.

Fo the Communist 1:48 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...

Legal Aid is the province of the Legal Aid Agency, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice. The MoJ is headed by Dominic Raab, deputy prime minister.

arsegrapes 1:31 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...

Gupta has claimed £55m of legal aid tax payers money to defend migrants. Cherie Blair and Keir Starmer have both set up independent legal firms run from Barristers Chambers to do exactly the same.

Toe Rag 1:14 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
What sort of population for the British isles is A) supportable B) desirable?

We have to import 40% of our food as it is I think I’ve read?

Some think tank somewhere said 33 million jobs are needed to sustain the populations of North Africa and the Middle East.

That’s without the food shortages caused by Putin’s war.

Buckle up. It’s going to get “interesting”

Lee Trundle 1:03 Wed Jun 15
Re: Patel...
Is there an echo in here?

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