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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

stewey 10:18 Sat Jul 2
Neville v carragher
Phlegm spewing dirty scouse cunt.
Horrible horrible excuse of a human.
Inane boring manc shithouse.
Sky sports is rotten to the core
Salah ronaldo salah ronaldo salah ronaldo

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chim chim cha boo 8:23 Mon Jul 4
Re: Neville v carragher
I think virtually ALL media are only really interested in the top four teams.

I saw a little outtake of a Moyes press conference before one of our games towards the end of last season when we weren't playing a top four team and a woman 'reporter' asked right out of the blue 'Liverpool are a point behind Manchester City at the moment. With three games to go you think that Liverpool can catch them'?

Moyes (to his immense credit) said 'I couldn't care less love, does anyone want to ask a question about West Ham'?

Briano 8:38 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
I like Neville ..great player as well

Texas Iron 8:37 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
Thankfully I don’t see much of either of them

However if I had to choose I go for Neville over Cara I can’t stand spitting and fake overexuberance and overly Liverpool bias

boleyn8420 5:37 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
All sky highlight is the scouse cunts and the Manchester cunts. City actually won the league and you can add the airtime they got in nanoseconds compared with the fucking hours and hours you get on these cunts.

Vexed 5:31 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
factory seconds 2:21 Sun Jul 3

Tremendous work.

Manuel 5:31 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
I'd rather have a pint with Neville, out the two, put it that way.

Far Cough 4:46 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher

factory seconds 2:21 Sun Jul 3

ag ag ag

Mr. Burns 4:28 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
Both awful and absolute cunts as well.

nerd 4:23 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
This lot are annoying but also good as well. Better than the top 4 big name mongs who can't actually speak on BT who somehow make you wish for Sky, some achievement that. Then that idiot joke,wow.

factory seconds 2:21 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
what i will say is that "david" bloke who hosts on sky is a solid pro.

at the end of the season after the mancs won the league, he was giving an interview to de bruyne, but the ginger cunt couldn't hold his mic right so his voice kept cutting out.

dave noticed this and showed him how to hold it, correcting his grip as if calming a bucking foal, only for de bruyne to go back to holding it like a limp cock and return to mumbling into thin air unaudibly. faced with the situation, david called on all his presenting expertise. rather than humilate the superstar footballer by calling him a braindead spacker who can't hold a microphone to save his life or continuously readjust his grip in an eternal sisphusyian pyrrhic battle against mental underdevelopment, he grabbed de bruyne's mic and said "i think this one's broken", tossed it aside with a breezy swagger and continued the interview with the mic he himself was holding, a thousand hours of presenting professionalism steering his perfectly angled grip.

the dour belgian's voice wrung out clear and true, if paling in comparison with dave's classically articulate baritone.

El Scorchio 1:03 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
Pair of cunts. But Neville is 1000 times better than Carragher. Capable of having an intelligent conversation about any side, despite his obvious bias. Carragher is just thick as pigshit and can’t manage to talk about anything other than Liverpool. His commentary is utterly insufferable and quite frankly neither should be allowed to talk about their own club as it’s just boring and constant. It’s why kids think only Liverpool and Man U matter.

Johnson is right though. Sky are definitely encouraging it. They are going more and more partisan with their pundit teams for each game. Punditry and commentary is starting to come full circle back toward fanzone, but with ex players instead of drunken buffoons.

Johnson 4:12 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
I reckon Sky like and encourage their bias with their former clubs as I’m sure all the armchair fans lap it up as they usually go over the top themselves to show how much they support their team from the sofa.

Both know their football and I like some of their MNF work, get some good chats there.

Neville needs to pack in the rabid political bollocks on Twitter though as he often mugs himself off when doing that. Also commenting on sacking managers caning the clubs as Salford are one of the worst for that.

chevy chase 4:01 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
To be fair, Neville was brilliant at Valencia

bruuuno 3:18 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
I quite like Neville, I appreciate his passion. Carragher is just a whiny scouse cunt

Iron Duke 12:46 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
I’m obviously in the minority, but I’m sick and tired of Man Utd and Liverpool. I couldn’t give a fuck who they are linked with or who is signing a new contract or who wants to leave. The media are obsessed by them.

Vexed 12:43 Sun Jul 3
Re: Neville v carragher
Don't mind Neville. Carragher makes me want to kick the telly.

charleyfarley 11:49 Sat Jul 2
Re: Neville v carragher
The Mirror is describing it as a SPAT between Carragher and Neville. I'm assuming they are not being literal

Sven Roeder 11:48 Sat Jul 2
Re: Neville v carragher
When they started Neville particularly made an effort to be not 100% Man Utd partisan.
Thats faded over time.
Carragher was always Liverpool-centric but his commentaries especially on their games now are embarrassing.
If I was Sky I wouldnt schedule either on Man U (Neville) & Liverpool (Carragher) games. Send one to Bournemouth v Wolves & the other to Brentford v Leicester
Wont happen obviously

scouse kid 11:33 Sat Jul 2
Re: Neville v carragher
Didn't one of carraghers family bang John Terry's mum or something

Could you imagine the kind of chav individual they would create

BillC79 11:06 Sat Jul 2
Re: Neville v carragher
Gutted when both were appointed as didn’t like either as players (no one ever tried to sign Carragher for a reason). However, both surprised me as pundits and are comfortably the best around in England (and Ireland) at least.

Though agree they are top 6 centric, but that’s as much Sky’s angle as theirs I’d say

Hermit Road 11:02 Sat Jul 2
Re: Neville v carragher
Both cunts.

Neville is a miserable, sanctimonious, hypocritical cunt, but at least somewhere in him lies a desire to do something good.

Carragher spits at little girls and pretends he's a major mob figure so out cunts Neville by quite some distance.

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