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Keep dreaming 2:02 Tue Jul 5
Team against Servette
Time for some action again. Let's play all the new signings...

Not easy to pick a team tbh, everyone is probably getting a run out. It's about fitness and not about results as some like to say to cover over a bad result.

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zico 11:42 Sun Jul 10
Re: Team against Servette
Ashby looks like he has an old head on young shoulders, a very decent prospect.

Manuel 10:59 Sun Jul 10
Re: Team against Servette
Lowlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZLRaBPVkg0

Stevethehammer 10:49 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
I think with Ashby he will only get better and better. Doesn't look completely out of his depth unlike some others we have had in previous years and I saw him play in a game against Gillingham last season in the Pizza trophy. Gillingham were at full strength and Ashby was the best player on the pitch I thought. I think he could do with a loan to a league 1 or championship side to give him a full season of football but with a squad a bit thin I wouldnt begrudge having him around the first team pushing Coufal, Johnson etc
Maybe use him early doors in the Europa Conference, as we are going to need to utilise the squad as much as we can. That was our downfall last season.

Eerie Descent 10:28 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
Didn't see all the game, obviously missed that happening, but what I did see of him and whenever I have seen him, I just think he's got it. Don't think he'll start the season in the team, but I reckon Moyes will introduce him and he'll become a regular.

dolph 6:26 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
No one mentioning Ashby getting rinsed for their shot that hit the post then?

Not sure that performance will have Coufal looking over his shoulder just yet. Loan to the championship would do Ashby a world of good

Manuel 6:10 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
Some encouraging comments on Ashby, let's hope he comes through. I know some don't like to hear it but imo we need better than Coufal and Johnson.

Alfs 2:01 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
daveyg 9:25 Fri Jul 8

You do realise that it was a friendly, ie, one up from a training session?

Keep dreaming 1:25 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
Gree Eerie, Ashby is llikng very decent. Let's hope he can break into the starting XI

Browno22 12:39 Sat Jul 9
Re: Team against Servette
Surely by now everyone knows daveyg is Hugh. I mean he types exactly the same and uses the same words. Even the grammar is on point

pdbis 11:56 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
U23s are now known as U21s from this season.

paulon 10:13 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Glorified training sessions these games, read absolutely fuck all into any of them

Eerie Descent 10:10 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Ashby is the real deal. Got a funny feeling he might become our starting right back at some point this season

twoleftfeet 9:54 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
I’m guessing daveyg is still looking for a job.

fraser 9:52 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
daveyg - FMOB it was a pre season kick about..

daveyg 9:25 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Lucky win, but it's a win.
Two youngsters scoring similar goals.
1st half
Fab good handling and two good saves
Cresswell, nothing of note but had Masuaku in front of him enough said
Alese looked good, composed and balanced. Goal
Dawson pretty crap tbh,slow to the ball and nd think got an injury
Ashby good running and positioning,should of crossed a bit better.
Coventry good passing,simple stuff did well
Fornals nothing of note tbh
Lanzini good passing but gave the ball away too
Masuaku waste of space,did nothing positive in his favourite position.
Benrhama tried to hard and didn't do the simple stuff.
Antonio ran around a lot but can't remember a shot.

2nd half
Trott started off well but poor distribution, lucky.
Ashby excellent again, some great crosses and defensive work.
Alese looked good in a 3,good passing.
Zouma effective and kept Servette at bay
Diop was actually good in a 3,better distribution too
Longelo some good running and passing, took on his opposite number but no end product.
Coventry excellent again, good range of passing and did a couple of timely fouls
Ekwah good performance and energy,quick passing.
Mumba missed a sitter,scored. Look raw but has potential.
Benrhama,ditto first half should of scored a sitter.
Fornals, same as first half.
Okoflex,good running but lacked the end product.
Chesters, good energy and skills a bit to deep

Ashby and Coventry were excellent in the heat.
Alese solid should retain him. A great left foot.

Youngsters did well.
Seniors not so.
U23s are a week ahead in schedule.

A special mention to Masuaku. FFS GO NOW. Like Boris you're useless and take up a valuable spot

master 8:45 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Ekwah more likely to break through than Coventry imho.

twoleftfeet 8:41 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Trott is a bit suspect.

master 8:38 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
They hit the bar 3 times so far.

Zouma has this odd habit of easing off his run back when the ball has been played through beyond him. It's probably one of the contributing factors as to why Cresswell was shown a red against Lyon, he'd have been last man if he'd stayed at the same pace as he started his run.

Mr Muscles 8:37 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Yes, that kit is actually quite nice.
good to see the young div getting a run out, very highly rated.

master 8:32 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Ashby played well.
Zouma is getting the (good) reminder of his stupid a, hopefully keeps him humble from here on in.
Benrahma is quite poor. But not as poor as Masuaku.
Still, only preseason.

LeroysBoots 8:29 Fri Jul 8
Re: Team against Servette
Kit looks lovely

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