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RoyalDocksGK 7:01 Thu Jul 7
Flynn Downes Signed

West Ham United sign midfielder Flynn Downes

West Ham United is delighted to announce the signing of midfielder Flynn Downes.

The 23-year-old, a lifelong Hammer, joins the Club from Swansea City on a five-year contract, with a further one-year option, for an undisclosed fee.

A gifted passer, strong tackler and combative all-round player who is already closing in on 150 career appearances, Downes has been earmarked by manager David Moyes as a player with the potential to shine at Premier League level.

The former England U20 international is relishing the opportunity to continue his career with his boyhood team after West Ham beat off the challenge of a number of leading clubs to secure his services.

“It’s a surreal feeling to have joined my boyhood Club,” said Downes, who will wear the No12 shirt. “I feel like I’m dreaming.

“It’s been my dream since I was a little boy to join this Club - it’s an absolute privilege. This is my Club, so I couldn’t be more delighted. I’m glad to be here and I can’t wait to get started.

“I want to be the best I can be and this feels like the perfect opportunity to test myself against the very best players in the Premier League.

“Players have come to West Ham from the Championship and progressed to international honours. That’s something you can’t ignore. The manager’s track record of bringing players through was a big motivation in me joining the Club.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a West Ham player.”

Moyes, who has taken an active role in Downes’ scouting and recruitment, will give the player time to settle into his new surroundings and is hopeful he can join the long list of EFL Championship players he has helped make the step up to the Premier League.

“We are pleased to have signed Flynn and are looking forward to bringing him into the group,” said Moyes.

“We think he's got good energy. We think he's got a lot of things which we have about our team, which we would want to keep and want to add to. I'm looking forward to it.

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Keep dreaming 4:33 Sat Jul 9
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
YouTube clips and statistics doesn't give you the whole story.
I'll judge him on his PL performances.
Maybe this is the season where Moyes rotates and use the squad wisely

COOL HAND LUKE 1:52 Sat Jul 9
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Poor bugger's having too much smoke blown up his arse. We need to leave him be now to settle down and adjust to the extra training and fitness regimes.

Lee Trundle 6:27 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
I think he'll play with 3 CM's a few times next season. There's times when we needed to last season, especially when Rice and Soucek had been run into the ground, and the times Lanzini (who would be playing further up) couldn't get into the game.

Side of Ham 6:20 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
We should also remember we are West Ham the better ones want CL, the manager may also play all three.....but the fact is you have prejudged Soucek on his bad season for us, I'm more thinking that this new feller can take off the pressure and Soucek will do the same for him, and we can two midfielder playing at their peak whatever their weaknesses are. Improvement is unlikely but consistency may be all we need.

Nagel 6:13 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Side, just because Soucek's partnership with Rice improved the team doesn't mean we should just give up on the idea of improving still further. The way Rice's all round game has improved it might be better for the team to have him in the box to box role with Downes or a new player in the holding role.

Manuel 5:57 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
RM10 is a board apologist, best ignored. And bizarrely thinks that our players can't be criticised. Odd cunt.

Side of Ham 5:54 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Well just stick to the positive side of his game eh? Because his biggest asset is surely the fact alongside Rice our midfield doesn't look like the opposition can cut through us like a knife through butter.....we had season after season of that and with our much respected Noble in the team.....when he's knackered we start to leak goals, and when he has the energy he can chip in with a goal should we go a goal down. Often when this happened he pulled a goal back or chased it down so well we got opportunities.

Nagel 4:45 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Well, as I already explained, the stats were to prove only that his passing ability hasn't changed with him supposedly being knackered. Same as it hasn't changed for Rice, who ought to be just as knackered himself surely.

And as I also explained, Soucek does have other qualities, which were more to the fore when Rice was sticking to that anchor man role.

Side of Ham 4:39 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed

Side of Ham 4:38 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Nagel 11:34 Fri Jul 8

Why is there this need to prove Souks passing ain't great, the fact is if he's on top of his game and not knackered he's more likely to score and this will negate his passing abilities. Until we see him have a full rest like he has the summer he needs the benefit of the doubt.

Nagel 4:32 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
RM10, you don't need stats to know that passing ain't one of Soucek's better qualities. I only posted them to show that his passing ability hasn't really changed since his first full season, when everyone loved him.

Personally I think as much as fatigue may play a part, Soucek was better before last season as Rice was playing more as an anchor then, so Soucek had more freedom to roam, breaking up play and being disruptive all over the pitch, and popping up in the box to shoot or head at goal. If he hasn't got that freedom he might not justify his place as his passing's simply not good enough.

LeroysBoots 3:53 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Looks incredibly fit ...in a non sexual way !

eusebiovic 3:45 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
No superfluous inkage on the arms either - that's rare

terry-h 3:19 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
No silly haircut.
No face furniture.
Good lad.

fraser 3:11 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
RM10 - What's harsh on Soucek?

That his stats show that passing isn't his best attribute..

Takashi Miike 2:57 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
crossed foreskin's inner yid is never far from the surface

⚒️ 2:53 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
He seems a bit simple, bless him.

Banjo 2:53 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
We should rename him Bob!

LeroysBoots 2:48 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Proper geezer


RM10 1:52 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Bagel-Don’t you just love statistics, harsh on soucek given that he is part of the trio coufal and pablo that seem to get dug out a lot after helping us to our two best seasons in years

Sven Roeder 1:33 Fri Jul 8
Re: Flynn Downes Signed
Having managed QPR last season you'd hope Warburton would have marked Moyes card on Championship talent and players he had seen that looked Premier league ready.

The only complaint we could have is that maybe someone on our staff might have noticed him when we played Ipswich in a couple of friendlies before he went to Swansea for about a tenth of what we are paying.

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