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Norman 9:29 Fri Aug 12
Third Kit?
Does anyone know when the Third kit is being released? My niece wants a kit for her B day and I am hoping it may be better than the home and away

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Side of Ham 9:16 Sat Aug 20
Re: Third Kit?

BRANDED 9:01 Sat Aug 20
Re: Third Kit?
Did he have it on while he was bumming you? The other three are shit so I cant see it fetting better.

⚒️ 8:25 Sat Aug 20
Re: Third Kit?
My mate showed me the new fourth shirt today. It’s going to be the cup kit. Released soonish.

It’s another cracker.

eusebiovic 6:06 Sat Aug 20
Re: Third Kit?
Kinda disappointed

Not a bad idea but I would have preferred the orange and red around the v neck or even in bands across the chest in a bid to the classic 60's kit.

Could've been so much better - think AS Roma away

brundal 5:56 Wed Aug 17
Re: Third Kit?
The third kit looks like a plasterer’s t shirt.

Mr Kenzo 5:02 Wed Aug 17
Re: Third Kit?
My mate - Daniel Levy ?

⚒️ 5:01 Wed Aug 17
Re: Third Kit?
Don’t shoot the messenger mate.

On The Ball 4:48 Wed Aug 17
Re: Third Kit?
Well blow me down, your imaginary friend is wrong again. We'll be in the home shirt.

The adidas shirt was the FA Cup shirt that year, so your made up prospect shouldn't remind you of that at all.

You need to have a word with your imaginary because he lies to you, making you look like a fantasist and an idiot.

⚒️ 4:16 Wed Aug 17
Re: Third Kit?
My mate reckons we’re wearing the new third shirt tomorrow, despite being at home.

Reminds me of when we wore that purple Adidas top at home in the FA Cup against Everton.

On The Ball 5:53 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
⚒️ 5:15 Tue Aug 16

It hasn't been announced because you made it up. The Umbro deal isn't up yet and no new deal has been agreed with anyone.

I don't really get the game here (other than attention) - you are bad at this. You need to try smaller lies, or living without the attention.

Side of Ham 5:37 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
Since the pandemic, everything in clothing manufacturing is either in short supply or has gone up in price.....the usual opportunist rises are in there as well but not as much as you think.

El Scorchio 5:32 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
It's all basically variations on a template or underlying design anyway, and has been for years. Especially with international kits which by manufacturer are largely identical designs with a colour change, and with the likes of Nike, Adidas and Umbro in general. I get it because it makes it so much cheaper, but it's very by the numbers.

And they charge up to 80 quid a pop for a shirt now as well. It's like printing money if you have the Man U, Liverpool, Barca, PSG, Real or Juventus contract.

Niblets 5:25 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
⚒️ 5:15 Tue Aug 16

This deal that's coming to an end, is that the same one that was extended beyond this season only two years ago?

Side of Ham 5:23 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
In fairness to ⚒️ mate, it's difficult to get top designers to work for the likes of Umbro as it is all about the levels within the clothing industry to get yourself a name. That's not to say ⚒️ mate is shit far from it, but he'll have less say or carry less weight when trying to convince the likes of a football club what's the best design to go with.

Too many chiefs and all that......

FatboyChelseaScum 5:16 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
It looks like a butchers apron, but i quite like it.

⚒️ 5:15 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?

It hasn’t been announced yet bro.

On The Ball 5:14 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
Tell us more about the move to Castore next season.

It's just that the Club haven't agreed any such deal and the deal with Umbro isn't up yet, so it'd be good for you to let them know.

⚒️ 5:10 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?

I suggest you get a new pair of bins mate.

All three kits are shit hot.

BRANDED 5:08 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
I'm never happy with design that looks like someone just puked up on the cloth.

Jaan Kenbrovin 5:06 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?

Crossed hammers mate has fucked these kits right up. Umbro should sack him.

marlonsrightsock 4:59 Tue Aug 16
Re: Third Kit?
I'm with ray on this one, I quite like it but not sure why

Third kits ae a free hit for manufacturers and don't necessarily have to incorporate our historic colours

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