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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

WHUDeano 12:05 Sat Aug 20
AJ v Usyk

I like Joshua and hope he wins - I think he can win if he uses his physical attributes properly, but he’s too caught up in his head and doesn’t have the natural fitness to beat a lighter man.

I think Usyk will stop him this time, around the 9th or 10th. But I’d love to be wrong. Depends on if Garcia has managed to make any changes so quickly, but prob Joshua should have taken a couple of warm ups before this. But either way, what a fight we should have!

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scott_d 3:38 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
The biggest controversy for me was the £26.95 that Sky Box Office were charging for the fight.

Fuck right off.

Council Scum 3:27 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
Yes mate.

He's a ticket seller, nothing more for me. Until he's given a proper fight, no one will know, but he's not got much about him other than a dig.

Mr Kenzo 3:03 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
Scum - You seen much of this Johnny Fisher lad, The Romford Bull ?

Council Scum 2:52 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
It wasn't a comfortable win. Far from it.

"Other Brit heavies are of more interest."

Name them other than Fury? AJ has no reason to retire, he's still in the Top 4 heavies in the world.

, 2:19 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
Closer than the first fight but still a comfortable win for Usyk.

Considering he took a purse tens of millions of dollars away with him he could and should have behaved better post fight.

Rich beyond his wildest dreams he should step away. Other Brit heavies are of more interest.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:07 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
AJ's corner were telling him he was winning almost every round. The first judge called gave it to him - he must have thought he has won at that point. The second and third judges rightly gave it to Usyk, but it must have been a body blow for AJ. So, his brains being scrambled after fighting for an hour against a top-class opponent, he chucked his toys (and a couple of belts) out of the pram. He very quickly realised what he'd done and went back into the ring to make amends, whereupon he massively over-compensated and ending up looking a cunt. Then he did it again at the press conference.

I don't particularly like AJ, but I can't see much to crucify him for.

Northern Sold 12:54 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
Like Scum said... I thought it was a lot closer than some pundits said... thought it was a decent absorbing fight that kept my interest.... yeah not a classic but hardly a turkey.... regarding the rant?? Yeah he's had a breakdown... not quite Oliver McAll standards but not far off... he's come out since admitting he was a cunt... no big deal... no one hurt... rather a sportsman give a fuck than take the easy dosh...

Takashi Miike 12:04 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
he also should have lost to the Italian copper in the final

Council Scum 12:00 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
I'd also point out, AJ should have lost in the first round of the London Olympics and got a proper homer.

Council Scum 11:59 Mon Aug 22
Re: AJ v Usyk
I thought AJ had bags of potential when he turned over. Sadly he signed with the wrong coach in McCracken, I said so at the time, I never rated him and got stick on here at the time when I said he was dog shit.

McCracken (like a host of name coaches) got given fighters because of who he worked with, not because he could develop talent, much like Ben Davison now, whose an absolute embarrassment, but was getting top talent off the back of who he was signed to.

AJ hasn't come on since his time at Fenchley and to be fair, it still got him a lot further than most. He will still fight and earn money. He does seem to have progressed now under a new coach and I wouldn't rule out a 3rd fight with Usyk once he's won again.

I thought he did ok Saturday, some of the rounds were a lot closer than the commentators (who seems to fawn over anything Usyk did) would have you believe. Yes he lost, but it wasn't a one sided mauling

I couldn't careless about the rant after, Mayweather has done worse to MC's in the ring after fights, Fury talks absolute shit, Tyson was a complete cunt, BJS is a nasty fucker, but people still love them.

We've always had trouble loving success in this country, Faldo was never loved, nor was Steve Davis, Lennox Lewis was always Canadian the second he lost. We just seem to love a plucky loser.

AJ Boxing who run AJ's career are awful though, that's what he needs to sort out.

New Jersey 10:01 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
There has been some brilliant Olympic boxing gold medalists who have gone on to be great professional world champions and then there's been Audley Harrison!

zico 9:57 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
It still amazes me that Audley Harrison won an Olympic Gold, was anyone else in the competition?! Noticed David Price won a bronze one year as well. Wasn't aware Usyk won gold in the heavyweight division in 2012 in London.

Niblets 7:26 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
'but I don’t think they give Olympic gold medals and heavyweight titles away'


wd40 3:13 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
Big Frank had bit of insecurity and just said it how it was
AJ has his P.R company written all over him.

U.K will lap it all up and by this time next year he will be seen as one of the greats .

Eerie Descent 3:07 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
They certainly did give that Olympic Gold medal away.

I'm not saying he hasn't done well, but the rewards he has got from boxing do not equate with how good he actually is. In HW greats terms, he wouldn't be top 50. He's been very, very lucky, imo. People do get lucky in life sometimes, as I say timing is everything.

Respect your opinion though.

Dicko75 2:59 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
Think you’re being a bit harsh eerie and el. He’s never been my favourite either but I don’t think they give Olympic gold medals and heavyweight titles away. He’s been more successful that 99% of professional British sportsman so to call it lucky or marketing is bullshit

Hermit Road 2:38 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
“ They said post fight that someone in his camp should have taken the mic and told him to shut up, instead he was hung out to dry”

He’s surrounded by yes men who depend on him for their wages. They’re not in a position to stop him doing whatever he wants. That whole cringe fest last night was on him and nobody else. He’s just lucky he’s had good promoters and PR.

I’m with you on not giving him a pass due to emotion or anything else. I’ve watched thousands of fighters lose and none have ever reacted like that.

Manuel 2:35 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
Question, just for fun if nothing else, any opinions on who would win Bruno vs AJ?

Eerie Descent 2:17 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
"Still one of the top four heavyweights in the world which if you take a step back isn’t too bad. Sure we would all like to be top 4 in our fields so I think it’s unfair to knock his accomplishments."

In what is a pretty poor era for HW's, there's 2 excellent fighters, one has made him look silly twice, and the other would annihilate him.

He's certainly the most successful monetary wise. Would he get in most boxing historians top 50? I doubt it, or he shouldn't do anyway. As with most things in life, timing is everything, I just think he has been incredibly lucky up till now, boxing wise.

Toe Rag 1:17 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
Probably speaking in tongues after getting so many whacks on his swede.

marlonsrightsock 1:11 Sun Aug 21
Re: AJ v Usyk
wd40 he did come out with some Arabic at the end, is he a convert

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