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threesixty 7:12 Sun Aug 21
Sliding doors….
How would the world be if Moyes would have just got in a striker last Jan?

I said it back then that he will regret that window for the rest of his life. Failing to reinforce lost him has best chance of greatness. He could have won a European title and even made top 4. The stubbornness was is so strong I don’t really understand him at all anymore.

The lack of a acheivement has meant recruitment is harder than it could have been. Overplaying players has led to fatigue and injury. A really good 1st part of last season has also led to a false belief that we are actually good. We are not. Our form is terrible and has been for ages.

You tend to bring the form from the end of the last season to the new one. Arsenals form in the 2nd half of last season means that no one should be surprised given the reinforcements they have made. Same with spurs.

Chelsea’s form is moving in the same way as last season (not great).

Us? We have won 1 in the last 10 and we can’t raise ourselves for important games (brighton end of last season for example)

A ruthless club that wants to win would be shopping round for managers already. We generally aren’t like that. But it’s rare that when a manger gets himself in a pickle of his own doing that they survive. You make your bed and you lie in it really.

If he plays a different strategy against villa I’ll believe. Even if we lose, if I can see a radically different approach I’ll be a believer. But if it’s the same shit as has been for months, I think he’s done. It’s just so hard to stop the rot when it happens.

Fingers crossed!

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Swiss. 2:42 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….

Exactly he fucked up 2 seasons running. Made us play with a threadbare squad. This is no knee jerk reaction.

11MDE 2:22 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
Moyes shouldn't be anywhere near that club. He's a dinosaur, he's deluded, he's a ditherer and he is a disaster. In fact, he's every D I can think of.

⚒️ 11:04 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
We’ll see, Coneson.

Johnson 10:59 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
Not this time crossed cockerels

⚒️ 10:52 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
Do people honestly think we’re gonna lose our first 6 games?

Not sure how long some of you have been following WHU but surely you must know that it’d be typical of us to lose against Forest and Brighton, then get a result against Spurs and/or Chelsea.

Johnson 10:47 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
I doubt we’ll get a point or even score in our next 3 games

Wils 10:47 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
All a bit premature. Lost to Man City and our usual bogey team. The Forest game had a lot of bad luck. Performance(not the result) against Yids next week under floodlights is the litmus test for me. Hopefully, Cornet and Scamacca get starts at Villa to shake it up a bit.

Justin P 10:35 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
He gets till Xmas for me, if shit form continues and we are in the mire, push the button.

He has Kudos, saved us twice from relegation, a 6th and a 7th and a Euro Semi-final, and that in the 4 years he has been with us.

Nothing was ever decided after 3 games in August.

Lee Trundle 10:34 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….

Lee Trundle 10:34 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
I find it a little strange that this is only dawning on people now.

As Norf said, it was the second time he did it, and those that were pulling our hair out in January were told to CALM DOWN.

I've found it difficult to move on from him fucking up January, if I'm honest. It's even more frustrating when I see the people soley blame the board for it.

Norflundon 10:13 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
I don’t think the problem is that he did this, the MASSIVE problem is he did it twice!
We missed the champions league by two points the season before because he only brought lingard in. That season we lost Rice Oggy and Antonio for about 6 weeks each at the end of the season and nobody will ever convince me that if we’d bought we wouldn’t of had an extra three points. We’ve been crying out for a striker leftback and central midfielder for two seasons, he got Zouma in but when Oggy got injured I said in January that if we signed 4 players we would finish in the top four and I stand by that. Those players should of been lined up for Jan 1st and he even came out and said we’re not ready if the fans think we’re going to sign players straight away we’re not ready.
Making the same mistake two seasons on the bounce is criminal and shows a real character flaw
Digging the players out after the Brighton game and taking zero responsibility for his own shortcomings to me seems to of pushed sone of the players over the edge

ludo21 9:17 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
EVERYONE apart from Moyes knew that we needed to buy a decent striker to keep the momentum. Whoever he brought in might not have worked but it couldn’t have been worse than a tired off form Antonio… at the very least it would have given Antonio a rest and made him fresher for the ‘big’ games.

He fucked up big time.

Johnson 9:15 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
Apologies, Rylan.

13 Brentford Rd 9:02 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
Cheers Johnson, still don't appreciate being called Rylan though.

nychammer 2:24 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
best chance in a generation to play in the big time and we let it go begging. With a few more goals in the side second half of last season we'd be there now. Either by winning he Europa or via the league - or at the very least qualifying for the Europa proper agaqin instead of the conference. We blew it because we didnt want / could not be arsed to get a striker (and yes LB) in when we were screaming out loud for one.

A Club will only go so far as the ambitions of it's stewards, and ours speak volumes.

Johnson 2:16 Mon Aug 22
Re: Sliding doors….
13 Brentford Rd 8:45 Sun Aug 21


Mad Dog 8:49 Sun Aug 21
Re: Sliding doors….
Moyes and west ham will never have had a better chance to finish top 4 and win a euro competition.

Dithering and cheapness cost us big time last season. Finishing 7th is still good... for us. But is SHOULD have been better.

Now the wheels have fallen off, players were run into the ground and everyone k ows how to play us now.

Moyes and the board only have themselves to blame.

13 Brentford Rd 8:45 Sun Aug 21
Re: Sliding doors….
He was complaining about players being tired in the first week of the Jan window after we lost at home to a poor Leeds side. We were still in 4 competitions and Ogbonna and Zouma were injured.
He then had more than 3'weeks of the window and by his own admission money to spend and unexplainably didn't bother signing anyone.
We then wimped out of both domestic cup competitions and our league form carried on declining as we dropped down the table.
The Europa semi final defeat was really hard to take but was made easier to swallow when we were given the opportunity to qualify for it again in our final game due to Man u being so shit, somehow we managed to fuck that up too.
Moyes publicly blamed the players after saying maybe some weren't up to it.
So we start the next window sleepwalking with an even thinner squad and then the season looking unfit and no new players in the starting line up as we signed them too late and already trying to play catch up whilst bedding in the signings we have made.

Agree that it was an opportunity missed in Jan and it's all a bit too unprofessional for a club with our aspirations.

Mad Dog 8:26 Sun Aug 21
Re: Sliding doors….
I'm done with antonio. He can fuck right off now

threesixty 8:16 Sun Aug 21
Re: Sliding doors….
Oh come on! I like Antonio but I’m sick of him falling over all the time instead of holding the ball up properly. He’s the only player in the league that just leans into defenders and expects the ref to blow all the time.

And after that he misses sitter after sitter considering the positions he gets himself in. He’s composure is still poor even after all the minutes on the pitch.

The thing he is good at is occupying defenders. But he barely scores goals anymore. He is the ever present player in the forward line up. Him and Bowen, and Bowen at least scored quite a few in the last part of the season.

If you never change the focal point of your attack then you’re not really doing things differently are you?

Takashi Miike 8:09 Sun Aug 21
Re: Sliding doors….
common denominator in what? he's playing in a team that creates very little chances for whoever's playing no9, so you're clearly talking bollocks. how many combined goalscoring opportunities did him & scamacca get today? I can't remember any

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