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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Coffee 8:12 Sat Sep 3
Saturday football
It’s been a dismal, if not entirely unexpected, start to the season for Everton, and a downright weird one for their neighbours who now seem to be back in top gear. You can’t help thinking the FLJ is on mortgaged time at Goodison. Today is almost certain to reduce the repayment period further. But who could possibly replace him? Stevie G – a worthy successor to Rafa? Away win.

Two sides that are likely to be on the periphery of the relegation pack come May, which makes this something approaching a six-pointer. But for now, two teams that have made promising starts to the campaign. It’s hard to see an obvious winner, though home advantage may be significant. Draw.

Our first Saturday outing of the year against a side that’s beaten Everton and Leicester, drawn with Spurs and lost to Southampton and Leeds. What do you make of that? How different is it from defeats to Man City, Forest and Brighton, a draw with Spurs and victory at Villa? One important difference is the addition of Lucas Paqueta in the claret and blue: not just his presence, but the lift to the whole team and the crowd, if Wednesday is anything to go by. Areola seemed to do a good job of translating Nolan’s instructions from the bench – but was he speaking Portuguese or French? Either way, a good Lucas aid. Will Paqueta start? Should he start or is it better to give him time to acclimatise before subjecting him to the full rigour of Premier League football? Ben Johnson is out and there are late fitness tests for Scamacca and Cresswell. Chelsea aren’t all there yet, although they have added Aubangeyang to their front line. It’s about time we left Stamford Bridge with all three points. However: draw.

The Geordie mob will be well pissed off with their late defeat at Anfield in midweek. Something the Eagles can capitalise on? Maybe, maybe not. A share of the points looks on the cards at St James. Draw.

Two leading contenders for the drop meet, with one coming off a 0-9 defeat and now missing a gaffer. It’s hard to see the Cherries avoiding relegation this season. And if Forest don’t win this comfortably, all the low-hanging signings in the world won’t stop them from joining them. Home win.

If Fulham, or any other team, can find a way to overcome Spurs tactics of pumping the ball over the opposition midfield for a winger or forward man to run into the box, they should have a half decent chance of taking a point or more. Fulham have made a reasonable start to the season, but are likely to find their hosts too strong to add to that. Home win.

After a rocky start, the Saints have really turned it on with victories over Chelsea and Leicester, and a narrow defeat to Man U. Wolves, third from bottom, have draws with Fulham, Newcastle and Bournemouth to thank for their points so far this campaign. They’ve managed to score two goals in their five games: familiar, and not encouraging. Unless you’re Southampton. Away win.

It’s not looking good for Stevie G, oh no it’s not. And it’s not going to look any better at the final whistle. Away win.


What an annoying team Brighton have become. In fairness, if also through gritted teeth, they have deserved their 10 points. Which logic, form and every other deductive capacity of the human mind suggests will increase by 30 percent this afternoon. How much of Leicester’s decline is down to the manager, how much to the players and how much to the board for selling without investing? Life ain’t too rosy for the Foxes. Home win.

A good game to finish the Premier League weekend. Man U show signs of regaining elements of their former glory, while Arsenal are setting the pace with a 100 percent record after five games. They’ll do well to maintain that at Old Trafford this evening and may have to settle for a point. With luck there’ll be plenty of goals to make this watchable. Draw.


Burnley missed the chance to go top last night thanks to West Brom’s 97th minute equaliser at The Hawthorns. There are few greater sickeners than that. Depending on other results, they could end the day in the bottom half of the table, a sign of just how tight the Championship is after eight games. Leaders Sheff Utd visit Hull tomorrow. Third-placed Norwich may end the day in pole position after they take on bottom side Coventry. Watford, meanwhile, go to Rotherham, a fixture that after nearly 20 years still retains a displeasing capacity to horrify. Huddersfield and Brum fill the other two relegation spots, with Swansea, Boro and Millwall not far above. It’s all shaping up to be another close and highly competitive campaign in the second – and, arguably, most exciting – tier of English football.

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Hermit Road 11:52 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
At 1-1 it was all Arsenal and then a really, really lazy pass in midfield means they lose possession, two passes and a few seconds later and they are down 2-1. Extremely naive and complacent.

Eerie Descent 11:46 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
Yeah I watched the match, Arsenal played alright, Man Utd won 3-1

4 wins on the spin, 2 of thos against Liverpool and Arsenal. Manager seems to be getting SOMETHING out of them.

Sven Roeder 11:25 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
Yes, watched the match rather than just the score
Dominated for 60-65 mins & got caught cold naively on breakways by losing the ball.

Man U were pumped up for LIVERPOOL, average at Southampton & under pressure in the second half at Leicester.
They have improved since Brentford but as said given the players they have and the hundreds of millions spent you'd expect that .

Eerie Descent 11:03 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
"more impressed with Arsenal"

They lost 3-1

Yes, he does seem to be getting SOMETHING out of them.

Sven Roeder 11:01 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
Was actually more impressed with Arsenal
Battered Man U for an hour and when they equalised looked the likely winners
Man U had all the 50/50 incidents go for them and Arsenal panicked when they undeservedly went 1-2.

Ten Hag has steadied them and taken some decisions that others might not in dropping Maguire & Ronaldo.
They have a billion pounds of players so you'd hope a manager could get SOMETHING out of them.

Eerie Descent 9:39 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
I think someone on here said Man Utd will have a good season, and was roundly ridiculed. Looks like it might have been a good call.

Manuel 9:35 Mon Sep 5
Re: Saturday football
Early days yet, but maybe Ten Haag is the man to get Manu back again, and it looks like he has made some proper buys, plus finally Maguire has been dropped and Rashford is playing well again.

You hear it said that they are now miles behind Liverpool, but maybe not so.

ray winstone 8:26 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Great to see Arse rejuvenate Rashfords career, that’s usually our job….

Sven Roeder 8:25 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Seen at least bits of all of Arsenal's game & think is their best performance.
Have been the better team on the day & will lose comfortably.
As said Arteta panciked when they gave away that stupid 2nd goal

ted fenton 8:16 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football

All that Arsenal possession !!

Funny old game.

Capitol Man 8:14 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football

master 7:16 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football

Didn’t he copay for him at Ajax? And Moyes put his biggest signing in at the second opportunity having brought him on the bench 9n Wednesday

It;s one thing not to like Moyes, but this is a bit stupid isn;t it.

boleyn8420 8:03 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Wait a minutsh man ure are breaking the rules they have 2 strikers on the pitch at the same time that's not allowed is it

Coffee 8:00 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Fred = Curtly Ambrose Jr

only1billybonds 7:40 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Yes Ted, really good game,still think Arsenal will nick a point at least. Have to say,Arsenal are very good to watch this season ( so far).

ted fenton 7:18 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Must admit it's a cracking game they won't be able to keep this up surely.

master 7:16 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Anthony scored, but how? He surely can't be used to the league, his teammates and the style the team plays at this point... Moyes told us all that's why 100m worth of new purchases have to sit on our bench 6 games into the season.

happygilmore 7:16 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Rashford rises from the dead when the ball comes to his feet

ted fenton 7:13 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Totally against the run of play 1-0

Hermit Road 7:12 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
I don’t know about the call for ex pros to be refs. If the absolute shit they talk as pundits is anything to go by their involvement with football after their playing careers are over should be limited to ‘Evening With’ nights at the local social club.

Texas Iron 7:10 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
PansyBoy collars on United shirts…

Var rightly cancels arse goal…

Arteta mincing about as usual…

Antony scores a good goal…

Sven Roeder 7:02 Sun Sep 4
Re: Saturday football
Like Northern have said for a long time that ex-pros should be involved in the VAR maybe along with long retired refs (not Mike Fucking Dean).
Part of the problem (along with general utter incompetence of English officials) is that this week Gillett will be in the box with Madley on the pitch and vice versa next week.
There is a general attitude of not embarrassing each other because the positions may be reversed next week.
There has to be a group of VAR officials who are completely distinct from the group of referees or this shit will go on forever.

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