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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Nagel 11:48 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
I think you're right, Manuel. On the face of it no wins and 4 draws from 12 games is awful and worthy of the sack, but every one of those games was against teams above them, while 8 of their remaining 10 are against the rubbish teams below. Vieira got screwed by the schedule a bit.

Manuel 10:50 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
We will never know, but IMO Vieria would have kept Palace up and probably comfortably with their run in. Now the old timer will take the credit.

whu 10:48 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
A change, whatever it is when stale, nearly always promotes and instant positive response TBH .. and I'm not fan of Woy, as much as most Palace are not any more.

Side of Ham 9:59 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
Another survey by Betfair says that 99.9% of West Ham fans couldn’t give a fuck what Willwall thinks about a possible sale of the club nor relegation

scouse kid 8:51 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
According to a Betfair survey of fans a third of west ham fans rate Moyes performance as 3/10 this season.

Personally I would have gone for 2/10


Willtell 11:23 Tue Mar 21
Re: Moyes Out
I don't think that Sir Alf. You've become too pessimistic matey.

Sir Alf 10:27 Tue Mar 21
Re: Moyes Out
Woy back at Palace. That should see them safe. He will make them tougher to beat.

Nagel 8:34 Tue Mar 21
Re: Moyes Out
Swindon, the thing with those "facts" of yours is that they're cherry picked to give a completely false representation of reality.

You're making out that Vlasic barely plays for Torino and is usually subbed when he does, but the reality is that no other outfield player in their whole squad has played more minutes, started more games or completed more games than him. As for his lack of goals, he's their 2nd top scorer. They're just not a high scoring team.

Anyone who thinks he's not doing well there just ain't got a clue.

Eerie Descent 8:52 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out

*Youtube's Torino's season so far*

swindon hammer 8:45 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
In what way Eeyore?

By pointing out that Vlasic isn’t pulling up any trees under a different manager by stating actual facts?

I think the biggest mugging off will be in 5 game’s time when another off your predictions goes wrong.

No wins in the next 5 remember?

And we don’t want to hear any excuses either.

Eerie Descent 8:33 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
You've properly mugged yourself off here, Swindon son.

Willtell 8:30 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
“But isn't the midget leaving soon ?“

If I’m allowed to say it. I doubt it, otherwise we’d surely know something by now wouldn’t we?

bell 8:01 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
That's outrageously specific Swindon. Almost (almost) like you googled it.

LeroysBoots 7:00 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
But isn't the midget leaving soon ?

Hopefully we can then get a decent manager in

northbankboy68 6:56 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
I predict that if we stay up then Sullivan will keep Moyes and if we go down he will also keep Moyes. We seem to be in self ldestruct mode right now.

swindon hammer 5:47 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
stewie griffin,

Torino went on a bad run through January and he was left on the bench against Udinese on the 5th Feb (Which coincidently they won).

He then got injured and missed a few matches and then returned this weekend and got substituted which is a regular occurrence for him.

As someone else mentioned he hasn’t had a goal or assist since before the World Cup and didn’t exactly excel at the World Cup either.

Eerie Descent 4:23 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
I suppose this is always the problem when you're desperate to prove a point, and it leads you to make stuff up.

Still, Vlasic is pony, no arguments on that front.

ironsofcanada 4:03 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
swindon hammer 3:21 Mon Mar 20

He was injured the last 4 games before the weekend.

The worrying thing if we want value for him is that he hasn't added a goal or an assist in the league since before the World Cup. ((he has one assist in January in the Italian Cup). Playing 90 minutes most of the time.

Eerie Descent 3:50 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
You sure, Griff? The Swindon James Richardson is normally on point with his Serie A knowledge?

stewie griffin 3:44 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
Vlasic has been injured. Went straight back into the team at the weekend when he was fit again

Eerie Descent 3:35 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out
We'll, I'd fancy any other manager to get more out of him than Moyes did, but I still think he's pony. I reckon I'd have noticed it if I'd been personally scouting him for a year before spending £30mil on him.

Right, thanks for the update from Italy. I don't follow their football, tbh I'd forgotten he existed.

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