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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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El Scorchio 2:49 Thu Mar 30
Re: Moyes Out
Well exactly. We can post on the internet that he's a shit businessman, but I'm not sure he'll be able to hear us through the walls of his massive fuck off mansion where he lives in luxury with his trophy partner.

He'll likely swan off from West Ham a far richer man than he was when he bought us as well, even if he leaves the club in a state and all the 'customers' rightly furious.

And then go and do the same thing at Cardiff.

BRANDED 2:28 Thu Mar 30
Re: Moyes Out
The aim of owning a business is getting income and/or hoping it grows in value.

The aim of running it is making a wage and other benefits and achieving the owners goals.

I’d say he’s done ok.

Pickle Rick 2:19 Thu Mar 30
Re: Moyes Out
Meerkat 7:33 Wed Mar 29

Bare in mind a lot of the coaches won't have made anywhere near the amount of money that today's footballers do during their playing days. So, like the rest of us need the job to pay the bills.

New Jersey 1:49 Thu Mar 30
Re: Moyes Out
Saw the first criticism of Moyes in the Sunday Times, reckon his tactical inflexibility could cost us, not much but it's a start.

Tomsdad 12:36 Thu Mar 30
Re: Moyes Out
Rusta 10.17

Not sure!

Willtell 9:59 Thu Mar 30
Re: Moyes Out
Rusts 10:17
Absolutely agree with that.

El Scorchio 11:41 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Rusta 10.17

Nailed it.

Eerie Descent 11:02 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Rusta 10:17 Wed Mar 29


Bexley Ironworks 10:28 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
I didn’t say he became a billionaire out of ‘sheer luck’. He clearly has an eye for an investment and I suggest luck has had a large part to play in the wealth he has acquired.

Spotting investment opportunities to increase your own wealth doesn’t make you good at running a business though. I don’t see what’s so hard to get? Outside of seizing an opportunity he’s shocking at the day to day, to the point where there’s every chance we’ll go down, there’ll be a fire sale and we’ll be left with ‘the West Ham brand’ and not a lot else.

Rusta 10:17 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Can we just agree he's a good business man that makes lots of money but is shit at running a successful football club

Eerie Descent 10:09 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
There are nearly 8,000,000,000 on the planet.

2,755 of those are billionaires

177 of them live in the UK

I would guess about 100 of them were born in England

Probably less than 10 grew up on a council estate you'd imagine?

Put football and hatred to one side, the man is a business genius.

Nagel 9:19 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
No-one's said that taking a business from £71.7m t/o to £252.7m in 12 years was all down to luck. I did say it was down to moving to the new stadium and the increased TV money (that all PL clubs got). Care to explain exactly what Sully and Co did to increase those revenues, seeing as you seem to think it was all down to their business acumen?

Willtell 9:11 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Hmm! I’m trying hard not to argue points but to say someone that takes a business from £71.7m t/o to £252.7m in 12 years was all down to luck is much as Eerie says.

Eerie Descent 8:36 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
A poor lad from a council estate becoming a self made BILLIONAIRE (£1,000,000,000) through sheer luck. Blimey.

Do not let hatred boil your head to the point of talking utter nonsense.

Nagel 8:36 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Willtell 8:14 Wed Mar 29

Those revenue increases are down to two factors: the move to the stadium and the massive increase in TV money. Neither of those can be put down to Sully's business acumen.

As for it being well run on the football side until the last year, what about when they hired a shit manager, refused to sack him and got us relegated 18 months after they joined. They've clearly learnt fuck all from that as well.

We've gone from shambles to shambles as far as I can see, plus the added shit of losing our home and years of crappy hoofball from two of the dreariest managers in the history of the sport.

Willtell 8:14 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Bexley Ironworks 6:27 Wed Mar 29
Manuel 5:40

"Come on then Manuel - tell me how he has actually improved West ham as a business in his time at the club?"

I sympathise with your point Bexley but facts don't agree with you. When GSB took over in 2010 our turnover was £71.7m with losses of £20.6m.

Twelve years later we had a turnover of £252.7m and a profit £13.06m after all the covid problems and just before spending £200m on players and a couple of years of European football.

There can be little doubt that WHU went from a shambles to being a well run business from all respects except the football management in the last year.

threesixty 7:45 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Even great business men get it wrong. Being good at business doesn’t mean you win all the time. Musk seems to have lost 22B right now!

I suppose it’s whether you can handle the loss? I think they defines you more. Sullivans lack of decision making Moyes will mean he takes a big loss but compared to how much he’s made from the club already, I think he can handle that.

It’s just annoying that we the fans have to live with his stupid “bets”. Club ownership in general annoys me. Owners should be custodians rather than just business owners. There should be some governance rules that allow fans to get rid of bad custodians. After all, football clubs represent an area and it’s people. That’s the whole point of them. Without the area and the people, what are they?

Texas Iron 7:34 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Can't believe Moyes still manager...
Sullivan and board should be charged with dereliction of duty...

Relative success in Europa league is no excuse for 18 months of telegation level performance in the Prem...

Only ar West Ham...

Meerkat 7:33 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
If the reports of unhappiness and disillusionment within the coaching staff are true then why doesn’t one of them resign and maybe force the whole thing out in the open .
I’m specifically thinking of Nevin who also has the England gig and wouldn’t exactly end up frequenting a soup kitchen.
Or maybe it’s just all bollocks and they are all looking after themselves.

, 7:30 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
NYC, three times previously under the present stewardship relegation has threatened. I am pretty sure the the first time O’Neill was lined up to replace Grant. Unfortunately it seems O’ Neill was put off by Brady and the rest is history. Under both Bilic and Pellegrini the Board acted in a timely fashion. However this time we are stuck with the go to man from the previous two relegation scenarios. Maybe there is some sort of misguided loyalty going on here but for me, and one or two others perhaps, it would have been better to have replaced Moyes during the WC22 interim.

nychammer 6:29 Wed Mar 29
Re: Moyes Out
Keeping Moyes is not proving very astute really. He’s likely to get us relegated l, sell rice for a song, fuck off both of our expensive quality Italian and Brazilian international players he supposedly signed, due to disagreements over his approach to football (can’t blame them) and keep / buy “workmanlike” players like ings.

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