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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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goose 11:01 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
Since our most recent promotion we’ve finished 16th once on 39 points.
40 points twice and the rest have all been higher.

We’ve never been anywhere near relegated.

The yo-yo term is decades out of date and very far from the truth.

Takashi Miike 11:01 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
expectations change when you're given £200m to spend on players. when you still lose twenty league games, it's really nothing to celebrate despite Wednesday's final

threesixty 10:57 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
I’m talking about the perception of the club in most peoples eyes. We have been relegated twice in the last 20 odd years and flirted with relegation numerous times. It was not unusual for us to be in a relegation battle. Our lack of success is the reason Sullivan got the club in the first place.

No one of as surprised if West Ham were fighting a relegation battle and that’s why everyone said we should be grateful when we got shit like Allardyce etc

So Moyes did change that perception. Even if our spending has been like a top club in recent years our circumstances have rarely matched that.

swindon hammer 10:45 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
We are about to enter our 12th consecutive season of top flight football.

We haven’t done that since the 60s/70s

scouse kid 10:36 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
It should also be pointed out aside from the season Moyes took over from Pelligrini this is our worst league finishing position since we were promoted

scouse kid 10:31 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
This Yo Yo club is fucking bullshit. It's a line peddled out by thick cunt pundits. Actually we have the eighth longest spell in the premier league currently.

goose 10:24 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
Dicks also admitted to not watching much football.

We’ve been relegated once in the last 12 years? Twice in in the last 22. That’s not a yo-yo club.

We’re around 7th or 8th biggest in the country in terms of turnover & wages paid. Maybe higher in net transfer spend over the last decade.

While I appreciate what Moyes did, it’s the level we should expect and hasn’t been delivered often enough.

threesixty 10:17 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
The best thing Moyes has done for us is set the expectation level for this club. People think it’s crazy that we were fighting relegation. That’s a new thing to be honest. Most people expect us to be fighting relegation most years. Even Julian Dicks was saying we are a yo yo club etc

So I’m kind of grateful for Moyes keeping us in the top 4 for a while , and then in the top 7 teams in the country for 2 seasons. People finally took us seriously.

And it seems Moyes is a victim of his own success as he has set the benchmark. And he refers to it time and time again.. “consecutive European campaigns, top 6, top 7 etc.. club should be grateful etc”

So now he’s set the level he himself should know what’s expected. And what’s happened league wise in the last 18 months is not the standard he set. And he should fall on his sword if he isn’t able to make that standard going forward. He should be happy that it was him that set this bar. And do everyone a favour and pass it to someone who can do the job.
That would be an honourable thing to do.

Btw, we are only in the final because he fucked up the tail end of last season where we dropped down from 4 to 7th position. Otherwise we would have been in the europa league again. Which we really should have. But because he didn’t buy a striker in jan (Alvarez??) and stuck with a knackered post Jamaica Antonio we fucked up and have been shit ever since.

It’s amazing how you can view the same scenario from the different angles!

goose 9:09 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
Will be hard to get rid if we win lol.

Anyone would think they don’t own the club! It’s a very easy decision to make if you want to do it.

Steady 9:04 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
Postecoglou has the Spurs job by the sounds of it, clear path for Moyes to go to Celtic

fraser 2:48 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
Apparently Steinberg is now saying they've listened to the fans and taken on board our feelings and want him gone but will be hard if we win.

Oh and they've spoken to Rodgers, Potter and someone unnamed and there will be money and Rice won't be here.

From claret & booze

terry-h 2:36 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
What a joke this story about Moyes being offered the Celtic job.
You think their fans are not aware his style of play is as bad as what we put up with in the days of Allardyce?


Eerie Descent 2:22 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
8d be absolutely astounded if Moyes ain't here next season.

The Ghost of Sven 1:44 Sun Jun 4
Re: Moyes Out
My guess is that if Postecoglou is offered Tottenham as is rumoured he will take it.
He will be 58 by the time the next season starts and you never know when an offer from a top half Premier league team comes around.
No more to achieve at Celtic as they will never be Champions league contenders.
Will be a shame to have to boo him as Tottenham manager but if its his appointment that means Moyes can move to Celtic having won a trophy in his last game then so be it.

Far Cough 10:10 Fri Jun 2
Re: Moyes Out
Some Spurs fans I know are hoping for Luis Enrique

Keep dreaming 10:00 Fri Jun 2
Re: Moyes Out

Fingers crossed for both outcomes

diehardhammer 7:06 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
Would be a win win situation all round if Moyes goes to Celtic after winning conference (we hope)

Younger progressive manager in and push on next season

Percy Dalton 6:49 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
This thread is MOYES OUT.

joyo 3:50 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
Few days away from what could be are greatest day for 43 years and some people can't enjoy the moment but would rather dig out the Moyesiah who got us there....what a miserable outlook

southbankbornnbred 3:33 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
I'd piss myself laughing if Spurs' pursuit of Postecoglou leads Celtic to inquire after Moyes.

No idea if that will happen, as some sources in Glasgow seem to be indicating. But in many ways, it would be the perfect scenario: Spurs get Mr Potato Head, unproven outside of the one-team shitshow in Scotland, and we'd be able to move on from Hector the Dinosaur.

Willtell 10:11 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
Protection of his investment goose. Sullivan and Gold family can't walk away or sell to a rich Arab or Septic without giving him first option is my first guess.

He might well have thought they were running the club quite well and sees an eventual sale in the billions as the time to make a profit.


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