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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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El Scorchio 6:29 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
Cheers Nagel!
I’m taking that as a really good sign for the future that it seems someone else is coming in. ‘Beware what you wish for’ a La Keys, but why not feel optimistic amongst all the current tide of shit.

Brundal- I agree. I think a number of them will be trying to seek assurances and trying to insist that we get a new man regardless of where we end up. Obviously if we are down some will be off anyway but we likely retain a few more if he goes. Any owner could surely see that is the way forward.

brundal 6:00 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
If we don’t get rid of Moyes before the end of the season most of the first team will want out if we go down or not. I sure most are already talking to agents about moves.

LJC 4:46 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
stewie griffin 3:41 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out

Nagel 3:56 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
Scorch, the translation looks accurate. He used the phrase "budoucího pana majitele" which means future owner.

stewie, the article in question said that the future owner referred to was Kretinsky, and the interviewer asked a follow up question: "You have suggested that Daniel Křetínský may acquire a majority stake in West Ham. How do you see this possible change?" to which he replied, "It means absolutely nothing to me."

stewie griffin 3:41 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
interesting that people assume its Kretinsky

El Scorchio 3:35 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
Nagel 1:40

Now that is very interesting if it’s verbatim what he said. It’s a matter of when, not if. So if we take it at face value, the players know the Sullivan era is almost over.

Which means they probably know the Moyes era is almost certainly over. If it is Kretinsky, you can be sure he’ll have asked Soucek and Coufal informally about the state of play from an insiders point of view.

Also as an aside referencing Rusta’s post, can you imagine any English player being so erudite as Coufal is there? (Given that the translation may have jazzed it up a bit inadvertently in English)
You would never hear such candid talk of a player’s manager as well. Even though I would say it’s not complimentary, he’s been careful not to be damning so he’s tried to balance it out well but I think we know what he’s really saying.

Eerie Descent 2:00 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
fraser 1:50 Fri Mar 24


Lee Trundle 2:00 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out

Says there the injury he had normally takes 2 weeks to heal. Which is about now.

swindon hammer 1:57 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
What’s going on with Coufal?

He’s been out for 3 weeks with a heel injury that needs rest but read yesterday he was called up for the Internationals.

Can’t imagine the club are too impressed.

Rusta 1:56 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
''Pure pragmatist. The end justifies the means. I have probably never seen such an orthodox pragmatist, when he has results at the expense of everything, maybe sometimes even the game. There is a lot of pressure on him and he is putting pressure on us as well''


fraser 1:50 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
Coufal also called Moyes a boring dinosaur cunt :-)

"I have probably never seen such an orthodox pragmatist, when he gives results at the expense of everything, maybe sometimes even the game."

Nagel 1:40 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
I see Coufal was interviewed a couple of days ago by a Czech paper and asked about whether Moyes might get the push he said, "I can't say from my position, I don't sit on the board. This is a question for our future owner." Interesting that he spoke about Kretinsky like that, as if it's already for him alone to decide (or that the takeover is imminent!)

Nagel 11:48 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
I think you're right, Manuel. On the face of it no wins and 4 draws from 12 games is awful and worthy of the sack, but every one of those games was against teams above them, while 8 of their remaining 10 are against the rubbish teams below. Vieira got screwed by the schedule a bit.

Manuel 10:50 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
We will never know, but IMO Vieria would have kept Palace up and probably comfortably with their run in. Now the old timer will take the credit.

whu 10:48 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
A change, whatever it is when stale, nearly always promotes and instant positive response TBH .. and I'm not fan of Woy, as much as most Palace are not any more.

Side of Ham 9:59 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
Another survey by Betfair says that 99.9% of West Ham fans couldn’t give a fuck what Willwall thinks about a possible sale of the club nor relegation

scouse kid 8:51 Fri Mar 24
Re: Moyes Out
According to a Betfair survey of fans a third of west ham fans rate Moyes performance as 3/10 this season.

Personally I would have gone for 2/10


Willtell 11:23 Tue Mar 21
Re: Moyes Out
I don't think that Sir Alf. You've become too pessimistic matey.

Sir Alf 10:27 Tue Mar 21
Re: Moyes Out
Woy back at Palace. That should see them safe. He will make them tougher to beat.

Nagel 8:34 Tue Mar 21
Re: Moyes Out
Swindon, the thing with those "facts" of yours is that they're cherry picked to give a completely false representation of reality.

You're making out that Vlasic barely plays for Torino and is usually subbed when he does, but the reality is that no other outfield player in their whole squad has played more minutes, started more games or completed more games than him. As for his lack of goals, he's their 2nd top scorer. They're just not a high scoring team.

Anyone who thinks he's not doing well there just ain't got a clue.

Eerie Descent 8:52 Mon Mar 20
Re: Moyes Out

*Youtube's Torino's season so far*

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