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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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paul6565 1:12 Sun Apr 14
Re: Moyes Out
This is a Moyes Out thread, why the fuck are people posting in support.

Its Moyes out !!!!

Eerie Descent 11:57 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
wd40 12:01 Fri Apr 12
Re: ⚽ Leverkusen v West Ham - Official Match Thread
so far so good-well played .

then again we are not 0-3 up so many not happy on here and cant understand why not.

come on Dave do your magic again

Irons10 10:48 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Get Andoni Iraola in

goose 10:15 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Vexed was talking about a proper mug and up you popped.

At least you have a semblance of self awareness.

BillyJenningsBoots 10:12 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out

Its the Moysie Boys gang are just waiting for any Ant-Moyes comments and up they pop like Harry Enfields annoying neighbour...

joyo 10:11 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
And? Am l not allowed to post you creepy unwashed stalker ?

goose 9:56 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Right on cue, here’s joyo.

joyo 9:54 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
I renewed last week and well happy l did

Vexed 8:30 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
You'd have to be a proper mug to have watched the last couple of seasons under Moyes and then think "yeah I think I'll pay for another three seasons of that!"

Hammer and Pickle 6:25 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
It would be a contract offered in spite and accepted in the same spirit.

wd40 5:57 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Season tickets holders not renewing due to waiting to see if cup winner Moyes will be getting a new contract.

What a bull shit story .

Percy Dalton 5:30 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Sullivan is probably scared to say he's giving Moyes another contract as it might affect the season ticket renewals

Manuel 2:06 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
I'm getting fucked off now that with what 6 weeks left nobody still seems none the wiser if he's staying or going, people renewing too. Does anyone think Moyes/Sullivan etc already knows? and either way at what point do we find out, after the last fucking game no doubt??

Bernie 2:01 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
We shouldn't forget the rumours of a few weeks back that the structure of the setup will change and that the manager will now report to Steidten, who will have a lot more power, the structure of transfers will also change. Steidten has said this week that he's excited about being here.

We know that Moyes with his dinosaur techniques he is completely averse to this kind of setup now so with any luck will sulk and walk away.

We are in danger of being left behind with the modern football is going and we can't allow dour dino dave to keep dragging us back, even if he manages to fluke us into europe next season.

ATHammer 1:03 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
He should just fuck off. Already waiving the white flag v Leverkusen, "They are a champions league team, we aren't quite there yet". WHY IS THAT YOU DAFT CUNT? Could it be poor tactics? inability to manage a squad? running favourites into the ground? piss poor recruitment and even worse retention? Failure to learn from past mistakes? all of these things?
Fuck off Moyes, times up.

Takashi Miike 11:41 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
not sure how or why qualifying for europe changes anything. he's shown he doesn't trust his players in games he deems unwinnable. he also continues to marginalize half the squad while running his favourites in to the ground. he also couldn't give a shit who or what is playing in the under age teams, or how well they consistently do. everything revolves around him. an ego maniac, anti football cunt

Manuel 11:35 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Alf - I'm not convinced it's going to be as black and white as that if he stays or not. Regardless, I think it's important that the club carries on playing in Europe, we've got use to it now and it will help with any possible new managers and players. I'll take me chances.

It's hard to predict how we finish because we have dropped so many points in winnable games, but if we can win tomorrow and at Palace then we will finish at least 8th. The likes of Toon and Chelsea will be dropping more points for sure.

Vexed 11:34 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
He should fuck off even if he does fluke a European spot this season, the fucking embarrassing white flag waving cunt.

I dont think the club would dare give him another contract, unless they're actually trying to get that stadium burnt down.

Sir Alf 11:26 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
If we qualify for Europe he stays I think?

Do we sacrifice the long term need to change direction and approach as a club just because we get another Conference campaign?

Remaining fixtures and injuries suggest we will just miss out and that should see the Moyes move on. Did a good job overall but we need to try a different approach to go further. May not work, may be high risk but “no risk no reward”

Eerie Descent 12:10 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
She's got the voice of an angel.

Sorry, I meant she's got the voice of someone who's eaten too much angel delight.

joyo 12:05 Sat Apr 13
Re: Moyes Out
Eerie indecent it ain't over till your fat wife sings

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