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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Manuel 6:50 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
Yea, I couldn't work out if he was a sub or not.

ironsofcanada 6:47 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
Manuel 6:45 Sat May 27

Watching more than one game and I though I saw him warming up earlier in the game but maybe not.

Manuel 6:45 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
The commentator mentioned that Bellingham had his knee strapped up.

ironsofcanada 5:46 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
epsom 12:45 Sat May 27

Stern test for Terzic right now.

Need 3 goals this half to win the Bundesliga.

Be interested to know why he didn't start Bellingham.

Hammer and Pickle 4:33 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
If he clings on, failing to accept the obvious that he has taken this group of players as far as he can, he'll miss out on the opportunity to leave on a high and show some class and judgement.

We'll soon see.

nychammer 4:22 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
No fan of Moyes really, but he is going nowhere if we win the Euro conference and end the season 13th. Managers just don't get sacked for that, and certainly not at this club with Sullivan pulling the strings.

It will come down to how we start next season. If the football is dire and we go on another losing run like last year then it may be time to act, but then again we've seen it all this season, so even then don't hold your breath.

Hammer and Pickle 2:52 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
Don’t think it takes much of a career-coach genius to work out it would be a very good move for Moyes to walk after the final, whatever the result.

Side of Ham 1:48 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
twofacedcunt….what if we’ve all been around in the dark days and understood the circumstances of not having great backing in the football and supported them regardless. To then realise through watching some dross that we actually have some decent players now but a shit manager that can make any player look bang average because he plays them in a bang average system that involves 80% of the game getting in the way of opposition players with the ball?

goose 1:27 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
Seriously feet you’re making a right show of yourself on here.

Nobody is seriously asking for him to be sacked before the final.

twoleftfeet 1:18 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
Yes let’s sack Moyes just before our cup final, maybe get Allardyce or Dean Smith in?

Some proper cunts on here.

Just glad you weren’t around during our really dark days, you’d have topped yourselves.

epsom 12:45 Sat May 27
Re: Moyes Out
Edin Terzic has done a great job at Dortmund. Nice to see Haller back after his illness and scoring goals again for them.

I do not watch German football so not sure of the Dortmund style, But they develop youngsters, have a great academy/recruiting model, he understands West Ham, if the style of football is what we seek, could he be a candidate?

Terzic is a boyhood Dortmund fan, so not sure he would leave for West Ham, but I agree we need a more progressive style of play and someone to help move the club back up to the top half and challenging to be in the top 7.

I am not sure there has ever been a more opportune moment in my time. Winning in Europe, the funds available from the sale of Rice, the fee good factor of being in Europe again potentially? it feels very much like a defining moment for West Ham and a chance to compete and establish ourselves at the top end.

Next season, the top 5 from this year will be there again, Chelsea, Villa, Brentford, Brighton will be chasing, Spurs will slip away, we need a new style or we will experience the same or worst results as this season.

On top of that spending the Rice funds wisely is going to be so important.

Personally, if we can land Michael Edwards to work alongside Noble, I believe we can start to build something, however it needs a freshening up of the playing style.

Keep dreaming 9:34 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
Isn't this cunt gone yet?
Oh, I mean Moyes not this twobobcumt

fraser 6:38 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
Howe's one decent season has seen Newcastle in the CL.. Moyes had opportunity twice to do so and didn't.

Nagel 6:17 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
"Have you forgotten Bournemouth?"

What, the Bournemouth who were in the 4th tier of English football in 2010? The Bournemouth he took up from League 1 to the PL in 3 seasons? The Bournemouth he kept up in the PL for 5 years running when they were always among the favourites to go down, what with them being one of the poorest clubs in the league?

I think most people remember them fine. Not sure you do though.

diehardhammer 6:14 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
Ok so we can’t use the Eddie Howe example

How about Di zerbi or Emery??

goose 6:14 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
Have you forgotten Sunderland?

And Manchester United?

And real sociedad?

Side of Ham 6:07 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
Is it it the same despair you had when you called for Moyes to be sacked....twofacedcunt?

twoleftfeet 4:03 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
I despair of some of you clowns I really do.

Why don’t you all go and suck Eddie Howe off.

Fucking hell one decent season and it’s like he is the messiah!

Have you forgotten Bournemouth?

Let’s chat again this time next year.

Russ of the BML 4:00 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
Yarmouth 12:53 Fri May 26

"Until he goes we don't progress. In my view its that simple."

Make you right.

, 1:50 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
By any measure our manager taking us to consecutive seasons scoring more than 55 points and both times with a positive goal difference stands out in our time in the EPL.

Most managers though find this sort of form difficult to sustain. Raniere won the title and subsequently lost his job, his eventual successor, Rodger’s, won a cup and then stewarded Leicester to its present fall from grace. Moyes looks like a Rodger’s to me and needs to be replaced in the summer. Notwithstanding the upcoming cup final win or lose Moyes has acquitted himself well in comparison to the majority of our EPL managers.

It wil be interesting to see how Eddie Howe and De Zerbi next season having set a level of expectation their clubs fans will expect to be at least emulated next time around. Oh and Emery too who looks like he is just getting started with Villa.

Yarmouth 12:53 Fri May 26
Re: Moyes Out
stewie griffin 12:23 Fri May 26

Great post mate. The significant difference between them and us is the manager and the way the team coached then set up to play play.

Howe is progressive, Moyes is old fashioned and scared of losing.

One of the most stark examples of this was against Spurs away. 1st half Soucek was pushing forward, in their box, they couldn't handle him.

2nd half he stayed in our half, they had free space, and stuffed us all ends up. That was the game Rice said on TV that they were disconnected from the strikers they way they were being set up.

Moyes shackled Soucek and played for the point. It failed as usual.

Until he goes we don't progress. In my view its that simple. I don't give a fuck if we win the ECL in regards to Moyes's future. He needs to go regardless or we stay bottom 3rd season after season playing shite football.

No thanks - fuck off Moyes.

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