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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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David L 12:10 Fri Jan 27
Re: Moyes Out
I see that now Sheringham is the latest one to come out and say we should keep him.

Wtf goes through their heads to come to that conclusion?

twoleftfeet 11:54 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out

Shame you came back on at all.

Steady 11:51 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Lose to Derby and no he won’t get the push, the Everton win has bought him another 3 league matches

Rusta 11:38 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
If we were to lose to Derby in the cup would he finally get the push?

daveyg 11:33 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Why is this idiot still our manager?
Another player signed Another injury.
The luckiest manager I have known.
Beat a terrible team with another poor performance.
Now he's set us up to lose the next game.
5 points from the next 3 games minimum.
We'll never get further with this guy in charge.
He had his moment but screwed it up.

I hardly ever come on here now.
It's to deppressing

Crassus 7:43 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out

I despise her but she is one shrewd operator
Sat on the right face at the right time, promoted beyond experience/ability and grew into a self promoting/self interested harpee

Got to admire the web she has spun - the vile creature*

Cracking top bollox/soapy tit wank credentials in her time mind

Crassus 7:39 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Yep Steve and others have it right on Dyche - he will give them such a kicking and get the best from Tarkowski, organise the defence and if the hand bag doesn't crack on, get a tune out of Maupay who I predict will be the hero of the day
Their crowd will respond and they will climb

Who would you rather be next to in a trench, Dyche or a bucket sitting Argie?

JayeMPee 7:34 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Sir Alf - not entirely all sullivan. I remember many years ago being in the Senior Management Team of a company which was going to the wall. The chairman was into high tech, the CEO was weak and waiting to retire and he was pushed out early.

In came a new CEO who (not literally) set the place on fire, the senior management team was reduced quickly, the chairman was effectively used as a figurehead only and problems were solved in less than six months and he certainly wasn't paid a million pounds a year!! So what the hell does brady do and why isn't she proactive????

Fruitbat 7:34 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Dyche would likely keep them up. Bielsa not at this point in the season. So Bielsa would be a good choice from our point of view. We need to be above three other clubs come next May.

Stevethehammer 7:07 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
They might not have a pot to piss in, but Dyche will give them a rocket up their arses.
We need a rocket up Moyes's arse and someone to tell him to start fucking attacking, goals win games etc. Dinosaur tactics and sucking the life out of the team clearly hasn't fucking worked.
Sullivan is too busy sucking on his new birds plastic tits to see we are going down. The Everton win meant fuck all.

Pub Bigot 4:26 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
What makes me laugh is that board are still sanctioning transfer money for David Moyes. Why?! He’s just spunked the best part of £200mill up the wall.

Who, other than mini me trusts the ginger cunt with money?

RBshorty 3:26 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
They haven’t got a pot to piss in. If Dyche goes their. He will only get funds from sales. Be a busy couple of days for Sean.

Sir Alf 2:27 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
When all is said and done, the conclusion is the same every year. David Sullivan is the problem ( definitely not the solution). I think his intentions or wishes are are actually commendable. He does want the club to do well and no one can now complain about the investment. In the past, he has not had the means and undoubtedly was prioritising his wealth, the stadium move and being dishonest. But last couple of years and kretinski on board we have been able to invest more and have.

But then it comes down to ultimately his character defects, judgement, inability, perhaps due to small stature, to recognise his year on year failure to plan and operate a professional football club. He is hopeless, clueless and aside from 3-4 seasons his tenure has seen abject failure. 10 seasons of underachievement and not coming close to average most the time.

Yet he still keeps a firm grip on the reigns and refuses or does not listen to advice or tge wrong advice.

Players, managers come and go but the circus goes on. Nothing will ever truly change until we get the right owners

Annony 1:38 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
I agree Dyche will keep them up maybe at our expense

stats 1:17 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
This is so typical of West Ham.

We have a dispirited, disparate, aging, slow and injury ravaged squad.

A new manager is the only way to inject renewed life and give everybody a lift.

We pick up the odd result which keeps the dinosaur Moyes in the job whilst all the teams around us do the right thing and change managers.

It's so bloody depressing. Fuck off Sullivan and take Moyes with you.

SullyHammer 12:50 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Dyche coming in for them is bad news for West Ham. He will shore that back line up and make them win ugly. They will be tougher defensively and will no doubt be hard to break down. Watch them move away from us. The dirty blue scousers will again avoid relegation just like last season.

Stevethehammer 12:05 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Dyche is exactly the manager they need.
Everyone will get a clean slate there and they have some fucking good players who can turn in a shift. It will be a battle but they arent cut adrift and they could easily go on a 3-4 games unbeaten run picking up some points by grinding out a point or more.
Dyche is exactly the man you would want to bring some grit and determination to the side. He won't need alot of money as players like Onana will shine under him and wouldn't put it past Calvert Lewin to start finding the net again.

Contrast that to us where 1 win against a shit Everton team and everyone has suddenly jumped back on the moyesiah bandwagon, especially mainstream media pundits who need their fucking head testing. We are onto nothing with the dinosaur in charge, I just wish Sullivan could see it too.

Sir Alf 11:48 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Dyche was underrated. I suspect you will see a rapid turnaround at Everton.

Sullivan’s inaction and ineptitude and lack of emotional fortitude is proving costly. We are relying on no injuries again but as we are seeing this season that ain’t happening.

Sir Alf 11:45 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Stevethehammer 11:04 Thu Jan 26

Agree mostly except the “run, run, run” but as we have the lowest stats for that in the league or did until very recently

But otherwise you’re right about the tactics sucking the energy and enthusiasm from players.

I struggle to think of any team now that plays the strict deep lying, static style we do ? Like Moyes it’s a relic of the past .

Lee Trundle 11:39 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
Yeah, I'm with the others.

From a West Ham point of view, Dyche joining them isn't the best of news.

Manuel 11:38 Thu Jan 26
Re: Moyes Out
If I were Everton's owners I'd appoint Dyche, has to be their safest and best option right now.

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