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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:01 Sun Sep 25
Joyce v Parker
What a cracking fight. I though Joyce's boxing skills were almost unrecognisable from what we've see in previous fights. Fair play, too, to Parker. He took and gave some enormous blows.

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gregan 1:15 Thu Sep 29
Re: Joyce v Parker
Usyk and Joyce have fought before. Cracking 5 rounder. Went to form. Usyk landing at will flush but granite chin Joyce keeps coming fwd putting on pressure and having a bit of success. Defo a tough nights work for Usyk who won every round.


Pentonville 11:39 Wed Sep 28
Re: Joyce v Parker
*monitor his speech

Pentonville 11:35 Wed Sep 28
Re: Joyce v Parker
Joyce is relentless but will end up like many so called granite chins later in life if he ain't careful. Monitor is speech carefully over the coming couple of years...Stipe Miocic in UFC is a great current example of the effects in real time of taking concussive punches or continual head shots at least, time and time again. I think Joyce is pretty much unstoppable at moment but I shudder at rhe damage he takes

Northern Sold 10:28 Wed Sep 28
Re: Joyce v Parker
Just watched the fight on YT... absolute cracker... 2 absolute warriors... see Tyson is calling Joyce the 2nd best HW in the world at the mo.... TBH I can see him giving the top 4 a hell of a contest.... head like a sledgehammer and chin like an anvil

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:32 Tue Sep 27
Re: Joyce v Parker
Joe is an absolute sweetheart. As is Joseph. And they like each other. The main reason the fight was such a difficult sell.

This is so obviously apparent that Joe can even take the piss out of himself about it:


Takashi Miike 8:47 Tue Sep 27
Re: Joyce v Parker
yes, he's a top lad and very polite. even like that after being punched in the head full pelt about twenty times by parker, meanwhile fury & chisora were showing themselves up with childish shit

mallard 8:34 Tue Sep 27
Re: Joyce v Parker
They were interviewing Joyce on Talksport earlier.
He's such a down to earth, humble man.

It was refreshing, after listening to hyped up, trash talk from modern Boxers these days.

Charoo 10:07 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
I loved it. Amazing fight, 2 absolute warriors - Joyce’s work rate was relentless he gave Parker no time or space. Both took massive shots, both gentlemen- both good sports.

Enjoyed every single round. Brilliant watch. Congrats to Joyce. Now mandatory for Usyk.

southbankbornnbred 8:36 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Yeah, really quite similar to Thomas isn't he? Good spot.

He is definitely that sort of fighter that everybody would prefer to avoid. Must have a chin made of stone - he took some big shots from Parker, who can dig, and kept walking forward. Nightmare!

marty feldman 8:32 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
He's a seriously good fighter . He reminds me of pinklon Thomas style wise . He has an unusual style and would give Joshua and wilder absolute fits .

southbankbornnbred 8:24 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Definitely want him to take on Wilder - reckon he could put the Yank away.

Joyce v Joshua would be a decent match-up, too. That's exactly the kind of fight against a 'bigger' name I meant - reckon AJ would be wary of that.

Agree that Usyk and Fury would probably be too much for him. But they would still not like the idea of a tough night.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:21 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker

All true, but Parker is a more than decent fighter.

At the moment, I'd only with any confidence back Fury and Usyk to beat him. IMHO he'd beat AJ and destroy Ruiz. Joyce v Wilder would be an absolute tear-up.

southbankbornnbred 8:10 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Joyce is a tough fucker. He'll get beaten by decent boxers who can tag and move, because he gets hit too often for my liking. But he has a chin made of granite and will stand and trade blows with anybody.

Must be a nightmare making his fights, because bigger names will always be wary of him even if they are confident they will win. You know its going to hurt.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:04 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Obviously Joyce has that Frasier/Hagler ploughing forward style, but, and I'm really no expert, it seems to me he has improved his technique so a lot of the punches he used to take are no longer landing on his head or body. A huge step up from what was happening in the Dubois fight, for example. But yes, he still takes a LOT of blows.

Johnson 12:03 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Parker was very disappointing, got to be the end of him at world level, Joyce was surprisingly immense.

Hermit Road 11:57 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Joyce has got Homer Simpson’s skull condition.

He’s a proper hard nut. It’s like watching a bloody robot relentlessly walking forward taking everything as if it’s nothing and metronomically throwing out heavy punches.

Takashi Miike 10:51 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
it reminded me how marvin (my favourite ever) used to absorb punches and keep walking forward

Takashi Miike 10:45 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
I enjoyed it, Joyce must have one of the best chins in the game. I'm not sure how long he can keep taking those sort of shots, but he's one strong character

Lee Trundle 10:43 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
I don't I've ever seen anyone take a punch as well as Joyce does.

He's just constantly wears down every opposition he's faced and it must be completely demoralising to hit a bloke as hard as you can in the sweet spot only for them to immediately come back at you like nothings happened.

I think he gives most heavyweights out there a problem.

mallard 10:15 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Congratulations to Joyce - anyone think he can beat Uysk?

WHUDeano 10:14 Sun Sep 25
Re: Joyce v Parker
Was a really good fight, Joyce seemed to have it under control from start to finish generally. I was really surprised with how good Joyce looked, I like Parker and thought he had a good chance, thought it’d be a close split decision with a probably rematch in 6 months. I certainly never envisioned such a comprehensive victory and a knock out never crossed my mind. Got to say that on current form Joyce is the clear number 2 British heavyweight behind Fury - and he would certainly give Fury a few problems. It’s just a shame he’s 37 and in reality he needs the title fight to come now and not in 2024 when he’s 39.

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