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Nutsin 11:42 Thu Nov 3
Adden Energy
Apparently have developed new and improved battery technology for EV’s

Where the battery is fully charged in 3 minutes and is good for 20 years.




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Haz 5:49 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden Energy
Last Gasp 2:53 Fri Nov 4

What Last Gasp says

arsegrapes 3:18 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden Energy
I won't be around by then. There's been a few hydrogen storage plant explosions, dangerous, should stick to rockets doubt it will take off no pun.

Last Gasp 2:53 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden Energy

This is the future!!

, 2:48 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden Energy
It is vitally important that the UK electricity system is ahead of the game. In some ways it is more important to have charging points readily accessible and available than it is to have automotive batteries capable of substantially more than 300 miles range.

Most drivers do not automatically drive around with 300 miles worth of fuel in their tanks.

Mike Oxsaw 2:43 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden Energy

As in Adden other log to the fire - it's getting chilly in here.

arsegrapes 2:16 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden Energy
5 years to produce, probably similar to mass produce which is just as well because there aren't enough charging points.

Bernie 2:02 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden SPLATTERY!!!

Good luck when charging anywhere away from home, I've had one for about 6yrs and conmonly find charging points out of service. 6 new ones installed at South Mimms services in Jan, already down to 3

Charoo 1:34 Fri Nov 4
Re: Adden SPLATTERY!!!
Interesting to know what size of battery and how it is charged, the article doesn’t stipulate.

I’m guessing the type of capacity to provide a charge in that time would need to originate from hyper charges and would require a lot of grid capacity.

3 mins though is akin to filling a car with petrol/diesel so would be akin to what we are used to.

Most home chargers are only ever going to be 7.5kw single phase though, so I can’t see a major reduction in charging time for home use.

I get my first electric car next month as moving into a role in the EV charging industry. I’m looking forward to it as the technology will improve all the time.

joe royal 9:06 Fri Nov 4

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