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happygilmore 12:15 Sun Nov 6
Autumn Internationals
The proper rugby, that is.
Great match today, Ireland beating the World Champions South Africa in a bruising game.

The Scots limped to a win against the Fiji. Wales hammered by the ABs. France squeeze past the Aussies.

Tomorrow, England take on an improving Argentina.

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Northern Sold 6:44 Mon Dec 5
Re: Autumn Internationals
Blimey... oh well enjoy your Warren ball

Alfs 6:34 Mon Dec 5
Re: Autumn Internationals
18 months too late IMO. He's taken us backwards and the discipline has been dreadful.

happygilmore 6:05 Mon Dec 5
Re: Autumn Internationals
Back to the future for Wales. Gatland replacing Pivac.

New Jersey 12:39 Mon Nov 28
Re: Autumn Internationals
Fuck me, weren't we shit, the Saffers could have had another couple of red cards and it wouldn't make any difference. The lack of discipline has been a feature of Jones' reign which he doesn't seem to have addressed.

Northern Sold 10:31 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
Dombrandt should be a shoe in... the days of give it to Billy V' let him thug into someone days are over... does not work anymore... Dombrandt is a proper player

happygilmore 1:17 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
Jones was probably saved by the AB capitulation.

He has a ten at 12 and a 12 at 13. Needs to keep Farrell on the bench get underhill back fit and discover an 8 from somewhere.

Can't see how Wales can persist with Pivac, though.

Delighted with the work Andy Farrell is doing.

Eerie Descent 1:12 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
Sounds like you chewed the poor cunts earholes off, son.

Northern Sold 1:00 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
Cough... his match up with Jonny Hill was man v boy... class act is the Bok... has to be best in the world at lock in league of his own.

I have not got a clue what the game plan was yesterday... we never had a pack to take them of physically... no Marler etc... and we never tried to take them on in the loose.... it was a real headscratcher... even the Boks we was yapping to were surprised how tepid our pack was... deffo two steps back this Autumn series

onsideman 12:41 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
I cant see them sacking him 5 months before the tournament so I fear we're stuck with the cunt, whatever happens in the 6 Nations.

The time to get rid was when we finished 5th in 2021 but they bottled it because they'd only extended his contract 10 months earlier so it would've been very costly

Best defensive coach in world rugby is English and currently improving the French
Arguably the best English coach is currently making the Irish better
Despite having better resources than anyone else we're stuck with a twat whose schtick has long since lost any appeal

Far Cough 12:30 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
Sold, did Etsebeth bully our lot on his own?

Northern Sold 11:31 Sun Nov 27
Re: Autumn Internationals
Well just like watching West Ham... great day out spoilt by the football/rugby!! Sat amongst a load of Bok... great banter all game... good lads and shook all their hands at end of game... no contest... bullied in the scrum... bullied in the line out...and lost the breakdown... some liabilities out there... biggest one Jonny Hill...been crap for yonks but yesterday was another level... Dave Ribbans has to be a starter...Eddie will need a good 6N otherwise i cant see him being in charge for the RWC

happygilmore 9:45 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
Unlucky England. Just need some stability. Time to give Eddie a life long contract.

Eerie Descent 9:16 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
Let's hope the Paddies turn up for a World Cup for the first time in their history. They might even make the Quarter Final when it actually matters.

onsideman 9:06 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
Game on... they're down to 14 lol!

onsideman 8:52 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
Apart from how bang average we are, the lack of discipline is appalling

happygilmore 8:22 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
You've got to match the physicality and you can beat them just like we did.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:19 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
onsideman 8:07

Yep, for Jones read Southgate.
No freedom/expression allowed. Fear of failure too great.

onsideman 8:07 Sat Nov 26
Re: Autumn Internationals
Just as underwhelming as last week so far

That Saffa front row is brutal, mind

Northern Sold 11:41 Mon Nov 21
Re: Autumn Internationals
Sven... please just give up.... for all our sakes...

Sven Roeder 8:57 Mon Nov 21
Re: Autumn Internationals
I didnt analyse the game
I said I heard England were in possession with all the momentum and didnt want to try and win by all accounts.
Tell me thats not true. Would have the All Blacks or any serious team have done the same? I believe even Australia kicked a penalty into the corner after 77mins to try and WIN v Ireland rather than draw.
Hey, at least Agent Eddie kept his job

I didnt say Qatar are getting out of the group.
Why lie? Apart from your innate Liverpool supporter genes obviously
I said I hadnt seen them play & that Senegal & Netherlands were likely qualifiers.

happygilmore 8:21 Mon Nov 21
Re: Autumn Internationals

Yep, Sven analysing a game he didn't see. Having watched it, it was the ABs that looked flaky at the finish.

Sven also said on the WC thread that Qatar would get out of their group and in the next sentence said he had never seen them play!

They played a load of friendlies against European teams and were clearly shit to anyone that watched them

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