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Q: 2016/17 End of Season Review
a. Happy with that, tough 1st season in a new stadium and plenty of obstructions
b. After last season it feels a bit flat but I'll settle with mid table obscurity, for now
c. Not good, the Board let us down, the Manager let us down & the players let us down, we need a good window or I fear for next season
d. The season is over deal with it, I'm getting out my whites and looking forward to nights at the 20/20
e. It's over is it, did we stay up, right I'm going to book up my holiday in Ibiza and take my West Ham shirt to wear on the beach, I'm proper West Ham me

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AGE - Lots of it
OCCUPATION - Research Associate
PLACE - York
Born: Harold Park
Schools: Redden Court (what a dump that was), Abbs Cross

In case anyone thinks Hugh Monteith is right about
Arsenal NEVER signing West Ham players, there were three players signed directly from West Ham in the Arsenal side which knocked us out of the FA Cup in 1906: Satterthwaite, McEachrane and Bigden.

Although it was a long time ago, NEVER is a lot longer.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero: \\\"99% of all climate scientists as well as 97% of ALL scientists.\\\" [quoting ogodno]

\\\"Doesn\\\'t that mean that 2 out of 3 scientists are climate scientists? Goodness, the things you learn on here.\\\"

Love the sarcasm of someone busy making a fool of HIMSELF.

Want to see the dishonest SurfaceAgentX2Zero at work:

My somewhat sarcastic post to Hermit:
Reply gph 6:50 Tue Jun 14
Re: Orlando Massacre
Timothy McVeigh, another Muslim, eh, Hermit?

Avenging the Branch Davidian Muslim sect.


Reply SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:27 Tue Jun 14
Re: Orlando Massacre
gph 8:23 Tue Jun 14

'I'm not quoting anyone at 6:50.*

You seriously attack me for not posting a link into my memory?'

It's a direct word for word quote from Wiki. Which you didn't acknowledge. Despite the fact that you placed it in inverted commas. You can't have it both ways - it was either a quote or it wasn't.

But thank you for coming on obfuscating, attempting to split hairs, contructing straw men etc, which I think you'll find I predicted you would.

a) just where are the inverted commas?
b) he seriously claims that Wikipedia says the Branch Davidians were a Muslim sect.

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