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Q: 2017/18 Tottenham (h)
a. Two wins & a draw in our last three with all clean sheets, this is a no brainer, win
b. I'd take a point now and expect one, draw
c. I know we beat them last season at home, but that was a rarity, they've got goals in Kane and we have the worst defence in the league, only one outcome here, lose
d. Once upon a time this was a tasty fixture, these days it's about as edgy as a sing off between Katy Perry against Chas & Dave, modern football I shit it
e. Live on SKY you say, that's me sold I'll be off to the pub with my new replica away shirt on & will have a craft beer in each half, I'm proper West Ham me


1st game in 1957 and been hooked ever since.
Getting older now but still live for days at Upton Park.
Feel privileged to have seen us win the cup 3 times, ECWC, World Cup. I was there every time and can only feel sorry for the tremendous younger fans who have never seen the team win anything.
Keep the failh
I retired the same year as the Boleyn. The London Stadium is not the same but it is the future. Old boys like me will always remember the Green Street as home.
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