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REALNAME - jamie
AGE - 43
OCCUPATION - professional loafer
HEROES - bobby moore and billy bonds=1st. geoff hurst. pop-pop pop-pop robson. frank lampard (snr). graham paddon. alan devonshire. frank mcavennie. alvin martin. ray stewart. johnny hartson. paulo di canio. jermain de foe.
PLACE - SE16 - close enough to millwall that i can hear 'em roar when the goals go in
born in manchester - great place to be in the 60's/70's for any kid interested in sport:

manu team of best charlton law kidd stiles stepney etc, man city punching above their weight with bell lee summerbee marsh doyle corrigan etc

lancashire ccc smashing their way through gillete cup final victories year after year: clive lloyd little jackie bond 'flat jack' simmons etc

yep.. a great place to be. i fell in love with west ham when my old man took me to watch man united lay waste to some soft southern team who had the captain of england playing for them!

sure enough george best duly obliged with a hat-trick in an exciting 4-2 win over a game hammers team that featured a promising young player called trevor brooking...

i watched a lot of matches throughout the 70's and 80's.

outstanding memories include trips to wembley stadium and the bernabeu, a petrol bombed visit to newcastle one saturday afternoon (u just had to be there to know what it was like that day) ohhhh and one very dark night down the coldblow lane....


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