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Q: 2017/18 Everton (h)
a. I fancy us to win this one and for Moyes to have the last laugh, Win
b. A bit like Thursday two teams seeing out the season and with ywo defence minded managers this will be a borefest, Draw
c. BFS will once again silence us and respect all three points, Lose
d, It didn't take long for the owners to start undermining the manager once we were safe and now Brady is digging out the fans in her column, while their PR cronies test the water over a new manager, we really have to rid ourselves of these clowns, ev
e. We're safe and as you know I'm the biggest West Ham fan going but I might give this one a miss as I need to get a new BBQ and they're on offer at B&Q, I'll still wear my replica shirt mind, as I bleed claret & blue

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AGE - 1961 vintage

OCCUPATION - Trainee malingerer

Commenced WHU punishment circa 1971

HEROES - Brooking, McAvennie, Devonshire,

PLACE - Currently Brisbane, Australia. Originally from West Ewell in Surrey.

Hobbies include, but not limited to, self-righteous knobbery and being a sanctimonious cunt.

Ready Salted crisps do it for me.

Memorable WHO quotes;

"R_a and you are an outstanding knob in an ocean of cunts.
Thats a compliment by the way"

"well arent you a patronising little hippy

let me guess - upper middle class, ugly, wear crazy hats, pretend to have loads of ethnic friends and read the guardian to feel like you are in touch."

"I bet you're shit at Chess."

"Coffee 6:11 Sat Feb 25
Re: The Two Categories.

Silly old cunt.

(Happy now?)"

"Ronald may or may not be correct. "
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