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Q: 2017/18 Tottenham (h)
a. Two wins & a draw in our last three with all clean sheets, this is a no brainer, win
b. I'd take a point now and expect one, draw
c. I know we beat them last season at home, but that was a rarity, they've got goals in Kane and we have the worst defence in the league, only one outcome here, lose
d. Once upon a time this was a tasty fixture, these days it's about as edgy as a sing off between Katy Perry against Chas & Dave, modern football I shit it
e. Live on SKY you say, that's me sold I'll be off to the pub with my new replica away shirt on & will have a craft beer in each half, I'm proper West Ham me

East Stand Frank
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REALNAME - Frank Somma
AGE - 27
HEROES - Julian Dicks
PLACE - Stratford

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