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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Come On You Irons 10:52 Wed Mar 8
The Beatles post-Beatles
I heard 'The Long and Winding Road' this morning for the first time in a while and was reminded what a great song it is. It got me thinking, all of the Beatles (in my opinion) turned to shit about 5 years after they disbanded.

Lennon, McCartney and Harrison all released decent albums and numbers in the first few years after they disbanded in 1970, then turned to crap in the mid-70's!

Starr was always shit. Absolutely stole a living, that fella.

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Swiss. 5:04 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Keith Moon and Ginger Baker piss over Starkey

The Stoat 3:59 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Some decent covers on this show


ted fenton 3:56 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Leonard Hatred 3:14 Sun Mar 12

Haha didn't think of that weird track ;-)

Leonard Hatred 3:14 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles

Revolution #9?

Some cunt must've covered it I suppose

ted fenton 1:35 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Has every Beatles song been covered?

If you conceivably require more proof that the Beatles were, and continue to be, the most influential rock musicians, consider this: every single one of the 184 songs the quartet wrote, recorded and released during their eight-year run has been covered.

Swiss. 12:20 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
I’d take The Who, The Kinks, Small Faces, Cream, The Doors The Stones over The Beatles and day. You can stick Sgt Pepper up your ass.

As for Wings. What a pile of festering shit. McCartney looks like a dinner lady now.

Thank fuck for punk and new wave.

Swiss. 12:16 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
This is favourite track of there’s


They were churning out shit like this every 3 mins

Eastside surge 10:29 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Steve White who was the drummer in the style council and then with Paul weller is a fantastic drummer IMHO especially on wellers album wild wood .

Takashi Miike 2:42 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
the best Bonham impression I've seen was Steve Gorman when Page was touring with the Black Crowes, he was brilliant

In My Time Of Dying (live at The Greek)


Full concert


Robson 1:45 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Can't disagree with the original post, though I was a fan of the Wings records up until the late 70s. Got My Mind Set On You is a bit of a classic too...

Ringo was a great drummer, but his post-Beatles output was (unsurprisingly) truly dire.

To add to the drummer conversation, you can't really beat John Bonham, but...

For a truly precise metronomic performance I love this from Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett:

And for something a bit different but very impressive, live drums played along to Venetian Snares:

Bungo 12:21 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
MaryMillingtonsGhost 9:06 Sat Mar 11


I really like this one where he's just playing with a High School band, on a very basic kit, but just having massive fun, whacking seven shades of shit out of it and still totally brilliant.


MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:17 Sun Mar 12
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
martinbritt_63 9:35

Cheers mate. Wasn't aware of any of the history behind the recording as, tbh, am not a big Beatles fan.
For clarification, wasn't knocking the drumming on the track, just trying to highlight the 'simplicity' of the drumming required.
Cheers again👍

13 Brentford Rd 11:27 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Disagree, Double Fantasy & Milk and Honey were both great Albums from Lennon.

martinbritt_63 9:35 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
MMG 7.53 March 11th


Love Me Do

The song was written several years before it was recorded, and prior to the existence of the Beatles. The single features John Lennon's prominent harmonica playing and duet vocals by him and Paul McCartney. Three recorded versions of the song by the Beatles have been released, each with a different drummer. The first attempted recording from June 1962 featured Pete Best on drums, but was not officially released until the Anthology 1 compilation in 1995. A second version was recorded three months later with Best's replacement Ringo Starr, and this was used for the original Parlophone single first pressing. A third version, featuring session drummer Andy White in place of Starr, was used for the second pressing and also included on the band's Please Please Me album and on the 1964 Tollie single in the US. It was also included on the American LPs Introducing... The Beatles and The Early Beatles.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 9:06 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Bungo 8:40


I'm sure there's a longer, better quality video out there, but can't find it.

The comment 'He hits those drums like they owe him money'. 😅😅

Far Cough 9:00 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Chester Thompson is one heck of a drummer, take a listen to him here:


Bungo 8:40 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
MaryMillingtonsGhost 7:53 Sat Mar 11

Danny Carey is the name I hear most often when rock drummers are talking about other drummers.

This is drum-cam footage of him playing one of their recent songs ‘Pneuma’ live. Possibly a bit of an acquired taste for many but this has been described by drummers I know as a masterclass in one (long) song!


MaryMillingtonsGhost 7:53 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
The Beatles songs were a lot more 'simplistic' to those produced nowadays (Love Me Do, anyone?), but never subscribed to the fact that Dickie Starkey was shite. Doubt he would've lasted as long as he did if he were.
For me, Danny Carey of TOOL is right up there with the best. YMMV of course.

mallard 7:29 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Ask any successful musician from that era, and they will all agree that the GOAT was Ginger Baker

Leonard Hatred 7:28 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
P,G&R have never played with Julian Lennon

Any Old Iron 6:28 Sat Mar 11
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
Prize for the funniest post on this thread goes to this:

ludo21 6:21 Wed Mar 8
Re: The Beatles post-Beatles
I saw Paul, George and Ringo play (with Julian Lennon) in about 1999, nearly 25 years ago!! Was a good evening. It always amazes me how many good and relatively unknown songs the Beatles had.

You have to be pig ignorant about music to come out with that kind of comment

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