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Nurse Ratched 8:25 Mon May 29
'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Well it had to be that c### Shiv that committed the ultimate double-cross to betray the family. Loathsome character from start to finish.

Goodness, that was enjoyable.

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RBshorty 4:27 Wed May 31
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
It’s “Tough Love.” Most parents don’t want to. Or seem incapable of teaching their children this. And this is getting worse with every generation.

Manuel 4:12 Wed May 31
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
El - Yea, good summary. I suppose it had to end how it did to support the old mans claim that his kids are not up to it. When Kendall barked out orders and gave bollockings it was never convincing, you either have it or you don't.

In many ways it does reflect real life today, you see it now that today's generation of kids just don't have the same stature and aura that their dad has, like sometimes you see a mate with his son and think fuck me he's nothing like you was at the same age.

El Scorchio 3:27 Wed May 31
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Yeah- they did a really great job of making Madsson and his cronies (particularly that bearded cunt) unlikeable- but also a ruthless sociopath like Logan. He IS 'those people' (referencing Logan's final(?) words to the children so it was natural he'd win, and Logan was right. Clever framing to make him seem like a threat and almost make you want to hope they'll get their shit together and prevail, but ultimately just three lost children way out of their depth and a lot less smart than they thought. The absolute meltdown when they stormed out of the board meeting really drove the point home viscerally.

Shakespearian tragedy stuff. Weirdly I see Kendall as the tragic 'hero' figure of the piece and it's ultimately his story. He's the one you get by far the most introspection with (and screen time, I believe) as the conflicted prince grappling with himself and his own conscience and coming up short every time. Trying to be something he just isn't. I'd argue he had by far the most depth out of anyone or at least was presented that way. But I think that's something you could really debate considering your POV. I found him somehow the most sympathetic character.

Totally true that the whole thing was an ultra real reflection of what that world must be like! Cutthroat, nasty, people doing what they have to do no matter the cost, and hey the good guys don't win. Are there even any good guys, or just bad and slightly less bad?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:08 Wed May 31
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
I was convinced that the Swedish bloke had cooked his books and was playing on the Roys ambitions to make them believe they were going to win by pulling a sneakily reverse takeover and buying GoJo got way more than it’s worth.

The Swedish PR lady and the partner guy with the beard were too fishy and it all looked like a set up.

I was wrong.

Brilliant ending. Great line from Shiv “you can’t because you killed someone”

It summed up my thoughts on Kendall from the off. No way can he come to the end as the hero. It just wouldn’t work in Tv.

The sad thing about it all is that the research put into it shows a very real reflection of the world most of us aren’t invited to. We are run by maniacs and we accept it because we want a piece of what they have.

Mental really

Manuel 12:52 Wed May 31
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
I didn't rate it as highly as some seem do, almost cult like, but yea it was a good show, very good writing and some great characters, and thought the ending was good.

Will I miss it? No.

chim chim cha boo 3:41 Wed May 31
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Wow, for once in my whole fucking life I got it right. As it's an almost Biblical allegory of a show, almost akin to the last days of empire, the fall of Babylon it just HAD to be Tom, the oiliest shape shifting snake who would inherit the evil Gorgon Waystar Royco.

It was absolute GENIUS that he let Greg crawl on his hands and knees to keep his job with a massive, punitive pay cut after the hilarious 'fight' in the bathroom where they uncomfortably slapped each other around like a couple of tarts.

Does TV get better, deeper than that? One of the best shows I've ever seen

goose 10:34 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Apparently Tom was the only one using a Samsung phone.
Apple will (apparently) give up their products to be used in these shows but only want them associated with the ‘good guys’.

Next time you see a Samsung phone on TV, remember that’s the bad guy.

factory seconds 7:49 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
anyone who has watched peep show knew it was all going to go to toss.

loved the meltdown scene and how roman, who was always portrayed as the biggest fuckup of the three, was the first to come to the revelation that they were all fuckups and took some peace in that. he was burdened by trying to be something he knew he wasn't, whereas the other two were driven by delusion.

Nurse Ratched 5:55 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
The actress who played Tabitha, Roman's ex-girlfriend, is in a play I'm seeing next month. Cracked me up, every time she tried to get him to have sex with her. He was a filthy, deviant little fuckpot.

DiCaniosLefty 5:41 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
El Scorchio 10:37 Tue May 30
I didn’t see it that way when watching but you’re definitely right about the holding hands thing, Tom now rules the roost.

I bloody loved that show, such a fitting finale!

LeroysBoots 11:00 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Btw, some great items on YouTube, official from HBO

Breakdown of the key episodes from the creator and visionary and the director who did the wedding of Connor and the finale

Both Brits, huge influence on that show

Nurse Ratched 10:49 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
I loathed Shiv the most out of all of them, and they were all pretty ghastly. She thought she was better than all of them, and openly shat on her father's life's work even while he was still alive.

El Scorchio 10:37 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
DiCaniosLefty 4:13

Shiv? God no. She’s the biggest loser out of all of them. By her own sheer spite and jealousy she condemned herself to be just the wife of an idiot, and idiot who proved earlier in the episode he would walk over her corpse to get what he wanted. The hand gesture in the car was the symbol of the power balance in their relationship changing irreversibly. A kneel before Zod moment. She’s his bitch now instead of him being hers.
Although to be fair even as the losers they are still multi, multi millionaires, so…

The thing with the stitches was that he was hugging him so hard so they popped. So you could argue it was genuine love which was too much, or that Kendall was hugging the life out of him maybe as a foreshadowing power thing. You can read what you want into it, I suppose. It was an indication that they can’t have that relationship either personally or professionally.

claypole 10:36 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
I think it was a bit of both. I think Kendall helped Roman make a decision without the both of them really saying anything about it.

goose 9:33 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Brilliant finale, really enjoyed it.

Can someone explain the scene to me when Roman & Kendall were hugging? Was that Roman opening up his own stitches or was Kendall doing the squeezing?
Looked like Roman to me.

Joe C 9:09 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Thoroughly enjoyed that. The cheese licking scene cracked me up

LeroysBoots 8:13 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
The scene on the Bahamas as them acting like kids was fitting, which ultimately was what they were, none of them had the acumen to run the company, each of them psychologically flawed and scarred in different ways so maybe them losing the company that Dad built was the fitting epitaph

I'm not so sure Shiv won though, the open hand in the back of the car with Tom was a brilliant nod to their fractious relationship

Superb show, will be sorely missed

DiCaniosLefty 4:13 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Brilliant ending to a brilliant show.

In the end Shiv did what her dad would have done and knows she can manipulate Tom.

She won.

RBshorty 12:51 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Legacy either inspires you. Or drags you down. There’s no middle ground.

El Scorchio 12:35 Tue May 30
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Not the ending I personally wanted, but it was the necessary and probably the right ending. Their own individual greed was their collective downfall. Couldn’t get it together and put their individual flaws and self motivation to one side when it really counted. Shiv’s jealousy, Kendall’s refusal to admit who he really is, and Roman as a silly kid.

Fantastic TV. Very sorry there is to be no more but I’m glad it’s ended when it was supposed to.

And yes, Shiv is a cunt. But she was right. Kendall couldn’t do it.

Mr Anon 10:24 Mon May 29
Re: 'Succession' thread *spoilers alert*
Blown away by the bloodline argument after the "I'm the eldest boy comment" Ken tried to play the succession argument, and Roman with the filing cabinet guy comment I guess means ken's kids were part of fertility treatment. Not sure if that was hinted before? Guess it explains why Logan was so cold to them

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