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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Manuel 4:49 Wed May 31
The Europa League Final
Now this is what you call a proper tournament :-)

An intriguing match up this in Budapest, you have the serial winners of this trophy in Sevilla, and Mourinho who has never lost a European final.

What gives?

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goose 11:55 Sun Jun 4
Re: The Europa League Final
Roma 1-1 with Spezia at the moment.

They’re carrying on from where they left off. Crowding the ref, staff right on the edge of the pitch, Dybala lucky not to be sent off.

Heading for a relegation play off between Verona and Spezia.

Hermit Road 5:20 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final

Here’s the airport scene. Fair play to Taylor’s mates/brothers. They were well up for it.

Roma are a slag club, bloody commies. They were dog shit in that final and ruined it from the first minute. Glad they lost.

Far Cough 12:53 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
The Special Cunt

El Scorchio 12:36 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
Agree on Taylor. He did a really good job under very tough circumstances. Penalty non call absolutely spot on and it was perfectly played out. From his angle i am sure it looked a penalty so you can't quibble with him giving it, then VAR played it's role just as it should. English officials too which maybe makes it more refreshing.

Mourinho isn't of course solely to blame for what happened at the airport, but he was seen confronting and ranting and swearing at Taylor in the car park after the game which is hardly going to help the situation and he should be punished for that.

I don't even see what Roma feel so hard done by about. Not a single controversial decision made by the ref in the entire game. They might point to the penalty, but it was clearly the right decision.

Northern Sold 12:10 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
Thought Taylor and his officials were the only people to come out with any credit .... both teams and officials were a fucking disgrace... it was embarrassing

fraser 12:10 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
So if Moyes says something about our ref and behaves badly then one of our fans a grown adult attacks a ref and family Moyes is to blame, no of course he isn't and neither is Mourinho

Fifth Column 12:04 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
Anthony Taylor and family including two female family members barracked and pushed about at airport by Roma fans including a chair being thrown at them.

Mourinho is ultimately to blame.

I don't like Taylor as a ref but that was vile behaviour

El Scorchio 12:41 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
I might have glossed over that with the memories of sweet victory!

David L 12:05 Fri Jun 2
Re: The Europa League Final
Scorch - I have to disagree with you re Lyon. They were a right bunch of fuckers!

happygilmore 11:22 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Roma should be fucked out of Europe next season the behaviour of Mourinho & their supporters towards Taylor and his family.

Vile little man encouraging the rabble cunts

El Scorchio 3:58 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Shit game. Horrible tense and niggly and not a lot of good football. Chances at a premium. Both teams working the dark arts as much as possible. Expect it to be very similar next week and our forwards really need to be on their game because I don't believe we will get many opportunities.

I hope we are prepared for that because i reckon Fiorentina will approach this in a very similar way to Roma. Diving, faking injury, trying to get players carded, hassling the ref, the bench getting involved. We haven't really had to face much of it in the last two seasons. I think Lyon, Sevilla and Frankfurt (players and officials at least) were all pretty well behaved last season.

Anthony Taylor to give him credit was very good last night and remained strong in the face of it. Bit concerned we have a Spanish ref actually, who is likely to buy into any nefarious tactics and gratuitous diving a little more.

Out lot have got to be extremely savvy. They will target players.

only1billybonds 3:00 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final

What the fuck were you expecting, a chorus of ' bubbles' every 5 minutes. It was a game that bore no relation to ud watsoever.

Nothing personal but your post had 'victim culture' written all over it.

fraser 3:00 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Only one mention, how many did you expect?

Hammer-ed 2:49 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
.....and there was only one mention last night that we were the last team to stuff Servile in this tournament . No credit given to us as per usual.

Percy Dalton 2:27 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
He's put on a bit of timber the fat sardine cunt.

Grumpster 2:20 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Just seen most of the decisions Jose is moaning about and he's made himself look like a right cunt.

No issue with any of them, prick is used to refs letting players get away with blatant diving and cheating clearly.

Pedro 1:47 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Another shoot out win of the team with fans behind the goal

Don’t know why they don’t wheel out a goal and put on half way line. Measure penalty spot and job done.

Nagel 1:41 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
I see that after the game Mourinho waited for the ref in the car park and called him a fucking disgrace and told him to fuck off. Then in the press conference he said the ref seemed Spanish and complained about all the yellow cards he gave out. This from a manager who himself was brandishing imaginary yellows during the game, as did all his players throughout. The bloke's a cunt. Glad he lost.

MrTrentReznor 12:15 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
What made it exciting for me was I backed Sevilla -1 on the corners market.
They won 4-1 after going behind early.

An underage Irish international team had a goalkeeper sent-off in a penalty shoot-out.

Manuel 10:41 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Roeder - Yea, football is littered with so many sides that have something by pens that didn't deserve it, the Brighton Man Utd cup game is a good recent example. Problem is no one has come up with a better idea on how to end a drawn game in 50 years, and no, I don't want any ''ideas'' please.

Willtell 10:40 Thu Jun 1
Re: The Europa League Final
Mourinho is a really boring manager brought up on the Moyes school of thought isn't he?

I have a strange feeling he'll end up at WH before his career is over...

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