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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

threesixty 3:01 Fri Aug 11
This Greenwood thing...
Isn't a bit weird that they are consulting everyone at the club about whether an employee who technically has done nothing should stay employed there?

Isn't this what you pay CEO's for? To make the big decisions instead of absolving yourself from blame by outsourcing it to staff?

The kids pay off is going to be astounding if they decide to let him go. I can't see how this process stands up in court at all.

(btw, this isn't about if he did or didn't do anything, I really dont know the truth here).

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happygilmore 12:16 Tue Sep 5
Re: This Greenwood thing...

Alex G 11:49 Mon Sep 4
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Antony now being investigated....

He does look a wrongun

Alex G 11:49 Mon Sep 4
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Antony now being investigated by the police after his ex-girlfriend accuses him of head butting and punching her.

Boycie 11:13 Sun Sep 3
Re: This Greenwood thing...
I agree he was acquitted but it’s not a certificate of innocence. He was done by the speculation and court of public opinion. Theyre more worried about lefty interest groups than any form of justice. Isn’t the “complainant” now bearing his child? Sounds like someone breached their bail conditions

Fauxstralian 11:38 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Seems to me Man U have been desperate to keep their options open.
They wanted this to blow over and play him again but were bounced into taking the 'moral high ground' by sending him away.
The Spanish womens thing around the same time didnt help
They havent sacked him though and have just loaned him to Getafe ... paying most of his wages I believe ... and reckon they will try and get him back again at some point hoping for some mood of forgiveness.
Of course if he was a mediocre player he'd have been binned when the allegations first surfaced.

southbankbornnbred 10:33 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Spanish football really is standing up for women right now, isn’t it?!

Pee Wee 10:19 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...

‘Forgiveness’ follows repentance.

Come back when he’s shown that.

Pee Wee 10:17 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Depends what you mean by second chance.

He hasn’t gone to prison and paid for his action. He hasn’t admitted to them even and therefore he’s really still on his first chance isn’t he?

Mike Oxsaw 9:46 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Do WHO posters have a list of crimes - alleged or actual - that can never be forgiven or forgotten, whatever the legal system says?

Manuel 5:52 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
A second chance at what exactly? To not be a scum bag human being? Yea maybe, but that would be some turn around, but not impossible I suppose, he's still young enough. As for the old cliched wishing him luck, now where's that sick bucket.

joyo 2:29 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Fuck him sex case hang him

Sydney_Iron 1:39 Sat Sep 2
Re: This Greenwood thing...
He has been a massive abusive cunt.


Everyone deserves a second chance though and looks like he has got it, loan agreed to Getafe in Spains La Liga, so good luck to him.

BRANDED 11:04 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Do you think you could put a case against him that would win in a court of law in the UK? Or, more correctly, has a good probability of justifying the cost.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:29 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...

No mate.

If you threaten to kill someone in front of witnesses and they end up dead, that is evidence that will certainly be presented in court. It is not, however, proof.

In a civil court the burden of proof is different and the threat of rape MIGHT be enough to convince a judge that on the balance of probabilities a rape did occur. Doubtless any original complaint by the alleged victim, useless as it would be in criminal proceedings, might be brought as further evidence.

Probably the plaintiff would win. Quite possibly they wouldn't. The consequences of not winning would almost certainly lead a competent solicitor to advise against taking action. Amber Heard should have thought more carefully.

None of this is to say Greenwood is gulity of anything, of course. It's just a theoretical discussion.

threesixty 2:10 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...

I think the recording is saying to someone that they will force them to have sex.
But if there is no evidence of the forced sex actually happening then it's pretty similar to someone saying they will do something and then not actually doing it.

and yes you're right its not more validating. not drunk, but sleepy.. I'm going to bed! lol

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:42 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...

Greenwood would have to prove that on the balance of probabilities, the person who called him a rapist lied. Given the existence of the audio, that is quite a big ask.

I didn't say the tape is proof of rape. It isn't. However, it is what it is.

The case being dropped is NOT more validating than being acquitted in court. I can't imagine why you think it is. An acquittal means all evidence has been brought to trial and examined and a jury has decided on a not guilty verdict. A case being dropped just means someone at the CPS has decided they probably won't win.

And your parallel with killing/ threatening to kill is nonsense. Are you drunk?

threesixty 1:14 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...

Audio doesn’t prove he raped anyone. If it did the police would have prosecuted regardless of what his missus said or not. So anyone calling him a rapist would lose.

Also, if a case is dropped you’re essentially in the same position as if it never happened. Logically it’s even more validating than being “found innocent” as he has essentially not had any charge brought to him in court at all. That’s the same as all of us. If you can all him a rapist you can call anyone a rapist logically.

The thing is saying you’re going to kill someone is not the same as killing someone. Same with this. Needs proper proof for something so serious.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:06 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...
BRANDED 12:16 Tue Aug 22

'Well. Let's see if someone sues him and if they are successful.'

You have that the wrong way round.

If someone publicly calls him a rapist, he will have the right to sue them for libel. Given the audio, it would be a big risk.

Incidentally, this bloke hasn't been 'found innocent' of anything. The charges were dropped before the case got to court.

Crassus 12:36 Wed Aug 23
Re: This Greenwood thing...
This is what happens when birds get involved in football
They start getting busy and having opinions

Riley love, cracking top bollox and all that but leave football to us blokes

Oh and that's milk, no sugar, served with a smile and a wriggle as you jog on

threesixty 10:19 Tue Aug 22
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Riley still not happy lol!
Now gunning for the Man U’s CEO’s head.
Ffs …
She makes a statement about how victims of these crimes are being let down but forgets that it’s not about “victims” it’s actually about a specific woman who is alleged to be a victim and what she wants. And her wants have been completely ignored by Riley.

Is any of this from Riley in the interest of the person she believes (with no concrete evidence) was raped? And if she doesn’t believe that she was raped (Man Utd say they have evidence to believe she wasn’t) then is the reality that she wants a child to have a father with no possible livelihood as he grows up because he said some threatening things to his mum?

A mum who had put the whole thing behind her and isn’t interested in pressing charges?

It feels like Riley is actually sacrificing the victim for a political score rather than trying to punish this kid.

Would be funny if the girl went to Riley’s house and asked her to leave her alone as you’re destroying my life!

He may have done something, she may be lying, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the legal process is respected and the country isn’t run by mob rule. That’s far more important in my opinion. More important than any single case that may not have gone the right way.

Russ of the BML 10:34 Tue Aug 22
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Legally innocent but morally guilty.

Man Utd have done the right thing.

Expect him to end up at some Saudi club earning millions. His behaviour would be seen as standard over there.

Manuel 8:56 Tue Aug 22
Re: This Greenwood thing...
Who actually cares? Suspect he will end up in Saudi or Turkey.

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