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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Hammer Oz 1:32 Wed Aug 30
Maxwell Cornett
Is this bloke real or a figment of my imagination?
Did he just turn up, get injured, get offside and disappear?
No wonder they brought someone in to do transfers, the ones we did are mainly shit

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Alfs 2:51 Thu Aug 31
Re: Maxwell Cornett
It would help if someone explained the offside rule to him. I doubt that he has a career with us, it seems that Moyes has frozen him out.

marty feldman 9:39 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
He isn't a Moyes player end of . A loan deal would be ideal . But Obviously if a club is gonna pay us back the money we paid for him take it .

Full Claret Jacket 9:28 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Add him to the list of half decent players who are not Moyes players. To be fair he has had a raft of injury issues as well but he has never had a run of games and my feeling is he would need to be picked regularly and have the confidence of his manager to be at his best.
I'd loan him out and try and get him game time elsewhere. He has certainly showed overseas and at Burnley that he has talent and can score goals. If he isn't going to play here then hopefully a productive stint elsewhere will get us most of our money back.

SUM A DING WONG 6:04 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
He was a relatively low cost signing after a reasonable/good spell in France & Burnley.

He had a reasonable/good start with us (taking into consideration he’d only been with us a a few months).

He then gets a bizarre injury and is out for ages. You now assume, he’s fully fit.

As MPI says, we are in 4 completions so I wouldn’t just right him off, just yet.

If he was to be sold not the end of world - if he stays - not the end of the world.

* shrugs *

cholo 4:03 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Couldve kicked on a bit had he not missed that routine header, then bizarrely had that other one ruled out v chelsea last season. We've had plenty of duff signings like this one in the past and I'm sure we'll have plenty more.

onsideman 3:59 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Fauxstralian 11:59 Wed Aug 30

With Hall having gone to Newcastle and Cucurella apparently on his way out, maybe to Man Utd, I imagine the chances of Maatsen being allowed to leave are slim to non-existent.

And Willtell... it's not a fascination with getting a new left back, it's commonsense. We've needed 2 new fullbacks for over 2 years... or 4 windows if you like

the exile 3:49 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Pee Wee, mallard - what are you talking about? 99? Hundreds and thousands? There's Just One Cornet.

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:38 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
He's in the squad and has a squad number, we are in four competitions as of now.

Best not write him off yet

collyrob 3:24 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Hard to judge the bloke. Bad injury and hasn’t really had a run in the side.

Iron Duke 2:23 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Like Downes, never really given a chance. A few times when he came on he looked pretty useful, but hard to impress when given five minutes here and there.

swindon hammer 2:15 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Reports of us being linked with Kostic again.

He was the one Moyes originally wanted last summer but the player chose Juventus so we bought Cornet instead. Would make sense if Cornet went out and he came in.

The positives would be he can play left wingback and with him and JWP we would have 2 of the best deliveries in the PL.

The negative would be that he’s 30 years old so it would very much be a short term (maybe 2 years) solution for that left side.

Fauxstralian 1:51 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Cresswell is finished & Emerson is ok but no world beater
Need upgrades on both sides

Willtell 1:11 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
I don't get this fascination with wanting a new LB.

We have Emerson and Cresswell as back up. They aren't buying a third so unless Cresswell is off somewhere it won't happen...

Fauxstralian 11:59 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Saw mention that Everton were interested in him
Would take it if we get our money back
Invest the money in getting a left back who is fit for more than 5 mins ... maybe the Chelsea player Maatsen we have sniffed around

Pee Wee 11:21 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
mallard 2:50 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
There’s hundreds and thousands like him that we’ve signed over the years

I can only think of 99. All of them as flaky

Manuel 11:01 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Is easily the worst of last summers signings, which in the end wasn't as bad as many said it was after getting our money back on Scamacca, Emerson coming good etc. It's true some signings don't work out and this is a prime example, the ship has sailed for him now, he is never going to be of any use to use and it appears that no other clubs are interested either.

Pagey 10:30 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Everyone was up in arms when Burnley signed him for £17m and he was brilliant for them. He was a great signing for us on paper, for the same fee. It just hasn’t worked out.

LeroysBoots 10:18 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Mallard, that's very good !

GBHammer63 9:53 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
I’d agree with Huffers if it wasn’t for the fee, £17,500,000.
Don’t think he’s even showed that he’s a million pound player, this is the type of position we should have been taking a gamble on a younger player, money pissed up the wall that we’ll not get anywhere near back.

Huffers 9:43 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Absolutely was the right signing to make at the time. Injury didn't help obviously. Don't think the management has either.

Haz 9:09 Wed Aug 30
Re: Maxwell Cornett
Cornet will be first against the wall come the glorious revolution. . .

Lightweight, not too bright, and still trotting back after the last offside decision given against him. The fact he played for Burnley should have been RED LIGHT enough.

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