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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

J.Riddle 12:21 Sun Nov 5
Sullivan out
Bowen scoring in 7 straight aways breaking Henry's record. We are very fortunate that Bowen signed a long contract and might be able to keep him as 27 next month then again he will become an England regular international like Rice and value as English player will be high so Sullivan will sell if a high offer comes in from Liverpool when Salah 31 goes Saudi (will keep buying with WC coming) for £200m, they turned down £150m.

Kudus looks a gem and like Paqueta will want out. Sullivans clause of 2 seasons and £80m buy out means Paqueta will go City in summer. Kudus will follow him end of next season for similar (interested to know what buy out price was agreed as will be worth similar to Rice or more as same age and scores goals and assists?) Brighton agreed £35m fee with Ajax and then pulled out due to buy out clause.

Fabianski should be our current number 1 they should be scouting for a replacement as too old for much longer. Areola is like Robert Green rabbit in headlights when a cross comes in.

Coufal (see Fabianski)

Alvarez has looked very good but has been caught out a few times and gets booked another. Too early to say, jury still out.

The rest are all Moyes buys very average and like him need replacing (another reason Sullivan should go as he wants a yes man and a manager that doesnt take risks always plays safe defensively) that's why we should start giving 2 or 3 of our excellent kids a chance because we are not winning anything this year and Bowen and Kudus goals will keep us up.

Reality is we are a selling club like Brighton. Pay £40m sell 2 years later £80m to double your money. That pays for the losses on all the failures and we stand still no ambition. This will never change unless Sullivan sells to someone with the funds to compete.

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Willtell 11:11 Tue Nov 7
Re: Sullivan out
How did that get onto Fab v Areola. Back to the little shit Sullivan.

I reckon that Sullivan creates so many problems with his interference of football matters. I'll bet he bought Scamacca, Ings, Paqueta, Downes, Cornet, Vlassic and Kral.

Moyes is too proud to admit it publicly and I suspect it's a big part of the reasons for backing Moyes last season. Sullivan doesn't want it publicised.

My reasons are that Moyes wanted Broja and we ended up buying a completely different striker in Scamacca.

Sean Whetstone says Ings was Sullivan's choice as Moyes didn't want any more strikers unless he gets one he wants long term.

Moyes said in a press conference that he was surprised to find out that Paqueta was a DM for Brazil. Weird if Moyes had researched him before buying.

Downes was bloody obviously not Moyes choice. He wanted rid but Noble stepped in to keep him which is why he went on loan and is getting rave reviews at Southampton. It shows Moyes in a bad light that he accepts senior players he didn't want but bullies younger players coming through.

Cornet is constantly on the bench and rarely if ever gets a game. Could be he's not impressing Moyes in training but he bought him for £17m? Maybe not...

Both Vlassic and Kral were so obviously not Moyes choices. Neither was given much of a chance and played out of position when on odd occasions they were.

Imagine how much better the squad could have been without spending those wasted millions on purchases and wages. The trouble is we now know that Moyes probably wouldn't have done much better anyway.

Tim Steidten was a good idea and it seems to be working well. Hopefully he can keep Sullivan's grubby little paws away from transfer dealings but unfortunately leopards don't change their spots...

Willtell 9:07 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sullivan out
Areola probably is the better option but I would feel happier if he’d take responsibility for crosses into the 6m area. Like Brentford’s 3rd.

OneAll 7:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sullivan out
fabianski better then areola? dont make me laugh lol , areola has been top 3 keepers this year and we would be in a much worse position if he was not in goal

OneAll 7:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sullivan out
fabianski better then areola? dont make me laugh lol , areola has been top 3 keepers this year and we would be in a much worse position if he was not in goal

J.Riddle 6:53 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sullivan out
brundal, it's personal choice, I never rated Areola good shot stopper thats it, I prefer Fabianski he's never been perfect and was criticised at Arsenal but as said they need to be lining up a replacement as he's too old, he's still better than Areola IMHO. There is a reason why Moyes took so long to start him in Premier league.

Russ of the BML 2:08 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sullivan out
We've got an owner with no long term ambition and a manager that thinks being mediocre but stable is a positive. As far as I'm concerned we won't ever progress to what we could be until both these cunts are gone.

Hammer I am 12:17 Mon Nov 6
Re: Sullivan out

Dr Matt 11:44 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out

You're going to need better bait than that

Dr Matt 11:44 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
If we can generate £250-275m for Bowen, Paqueta and Kudus - then we should take it and move on. We will never win the league - but by regenerating healthily you can compete in all the Cup comps.

That would be ludicrous money - especially with Marshall, Earthy and Kodua available for free as options to replace them.

Or spend money on Mbuemo, Wharton and Boniface for about half of that.

GBHammer63 9:01 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
Again I find myself agreeing with vexed, with one exception, when he was employed this time he said anyone who doesn’t run don’t get in the team, we did run , we did press , but now we sit back and sit back more. Moyes is a gutless manager being backed by a gutless / comfortable chairman. The support deserves better than both.

marty feldman 8:49 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
Side of ham nailed it good and proper , what he said is the clubs problem in a nutshell. .

RBshorty 7:25 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
Everyone has a price. PSG had too flog Neymar. And are gagging to get an offer for Mbappe. I be over the moon the day Sullivan leaves the building. But the guy got run a business,

BTW. Liverpool didn't sell Salah. Because it was so late in the transfer window. If the Saudi's came in for Mo. The same time Rice was being sold too Arsenal. He would have gone.

Vexed 7:08 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
Seems a bit strong to call us a selling club after selling one player of note, who wanted to leave after we'd offered him an enormous offer ( that he should have taken if he'd had half a brain). I can't remember us ever selling anyone good who did want to leave. Also we've spent 450m under Moyes, thats called backing your manager. I don't like Sullivan, I think he's a fuckin embarrassment but the only thing I'm gonna coat him off for over the last few years is not getting rid of this fucking useless cunt of a manager. And employing him in the first place.

brundal 4:37 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
J Riddle
Arsenal’s last minute goal in the cup game proves why Fabianski isn’t our first choice goal keeper.

Willtell 1:44 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
We shall see whether Moyes gets sacked after one or two more losses which were to my mind, due to poor game management.

Side of Ham 1:38 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
The fact is clubs who expect to get 60,000+ fans in through the gates strive to reward that support by aiming seriously for the Champions League spots…..our owners don’t so…..

swindon hammer 1:35 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
If selling players to bigger or more successful clubs means we are a selling club then the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham & Arsenal are selling clubs as well.

Hammer I am 1:30 Sun Nov 5
Re: Sullivan out
How are we a selling club like Brighton? We lost Rice but not because we wanted to. If Paq goes it will be the same deal. Even with richer owners it would have played out the same way. Only thing that will change that is regular champions league football

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