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Alfs 6:56 Tue Feb 27
Anyone tried LSD?
Just watched a fascinating doc called 'How to Change Your Mind' about the positive effects of acid.

I'd be interested in any experiences of anyone who's tried it. And also where I can buy some!

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munkyfunk 8:30 Sun Mar 3
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Window panes strawberries and penguins early 90’s.

panamahat 7:16 Wed Feb 28
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
I took it a few times at the ‘Henge in the 70’s , the haliboranges they were , before plods Operation Julie.
More recently a mate from San Fran brings them down & I like to nibble a half on bdays & the like , very nice to do with an E , candy flipping .

arsene york-hunt 6:28 Wed Feb 28
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Used to use it all the time until 1970. Then the money was decimalised

Chip Shop Charlie 1:48 Wed Feb 28
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Chim, that's the beauty of Acid. Real memories that don't fade much over time...unlike MDMA where for me I have a "I know we won the match but missed all the goals" type feeling afterwards. Love a drop of acid me...still got some blotters in the fridge for a rainy day.

zebthecat 10:47 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
A few times and it was a total hoot every time.
The first time was a microdot and, despite having read up on it, nothing prepares you for how intense the hallucinations are and just how bloody long it goes on for. The euphoria before the visuals come in is quite something as well.
Not something you'd want to do often mind. I have seen what that can do.
Mushrooms are fun as well but taste horrible. I used to have them in warmed tomato soup and once made a mushroom bolognese for an evening meal on a University caving trip. That last one was madness with 20-30 people all tripping our nuts off in a converted barn in the middle of cow fields in the Yorshire Dales. The stars were certainly enhanced that night..

Moncurs Putting Iron 8:49 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Nominate Nutsin:

West Ham the worst fans in football
Posted by Nutsin

J.Riddle 8:43 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
At school mid 70s lunchtime a gooner mate says let's go to his house to cook some eggs, he said have to be quiet though as my old man asleep. I asked him what he did and he said my old man's a dustman, made me chuckle and think of that song, got fuck all to do with it still.

Anyway went to sit down in front room and his older brother and a mate were sitting on the floor looking up at the ceiling pointing mumbling something, I asked my mate if they were ok? My mate asked them if they were alright and his brother told him that there was a teapot cups saucers flying around the room stood up pointing to the ceiling trying to reach up and grab them then slumped to the floor. I asked my mate again if they alright he said they were taking LSD and seeing things or hallucinating. Found it fascinating, wouldn't have believed it had not seen but scary to
think how mind altering it is and what if became permanent?

Angel dust is the other drug I find fascinating as reported you can get the strength of 10 men!

smartypants 8:24 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
I could write a book about this stuff from my teens. First time I did it was foolishly in a club in 1990 and they weee called Sadam Hussains, they writing was on the wall at that point and it didn’t disappoint, I couldn’t quite comprehend how off it I was. I didn’t take it until late on and had to make the long wintery journey to watch west ham play away at Barnsley the next morning, i remember being on that open terrace wondering what was happening to my life. Later that year I went out to Tenerife with mates working on the strip, one of them took 600 acid trips out there in his shoe, that was a pretty mental time. Overall and as scary as that stuff could be, I actually enjoyed it and can totally see it’s benefits, to some extent anyway

Hammer and Pickle 8:01 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
David Moyes is one stand-out candidate for LSD therapy.

Hammer and Pickle 7:49 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
LSD and other hallucinogens basically trick our brains into ripping up our rigid, constraining ego constructs, which is why those who really need the drug often experience "a bad trip". They panic when they suddenly discover they don't know who they are anymore and the rose they are looking at seems to have a personality and is relating to them.

Alfs 7:27 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Fuck me, Exeter, the tar barrels is scary enough when totally sober.

chim chim cha boo 7:00 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Haha! Exeter, love it.

Hallucinogens like LSD and MDMA have always been my drug of choice, although the more MDMA you take the less effective it becomes, it ends up a bit like Speed, which again I love. I think it's because of my arthritis which I've had on and off since childhood.

I genuinely think taking stuff like LSD broadened my outlook on the world and what would I give to laugh for six hours straight these days?

I love looking at all the things you see every day but in a new light. I remember walking past East Ham Town Hall and seeing it for the magnificent building it is, like looking at it for the first time and holding loads of views and thoughts running concurrently about what a rich country this is, thinking about India, sugar, slavery, seeing tall masted ships on raging seas full of plunder, The Royal Navy and Privateers capturing Spanish galleons full of their own plunder - gold, how much my great grandad from the East End enjoyed the First World War because he'd never had a new pair of boots in his life and him and his pals had to be taught what underpants were and how to wear them. The tough kids back then, 'the London boys (who) fight like lions' as an amazed General wrote home...

Thinking all that at the same time, your brain a mad, off the rails computer then snapping back to reality for a couple of seconds, looking at a girl, looking at her curves and another wave of adventure beginning.

Great days.

WHU(Exeter) 6:12 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Another bad experience was when I was in my late teens and living in a shared house. The landlord went away for a few months and his last parting words, were to reinforce the advice that on no account should any of us attempt to use the coal fire, as the chimney was not fit for purpose. Just after I’d had a tab and settled down to listen to some records, I heard almighty crash, bang, walloping going on and downstairs found that a girl who also lived there had ignored that advice, lit the fucking thing, put the guard (locked) in front of it and then pissed off to her evening shift at McDonalds, with the little key nowhere in sight.

Had to call the fire brigade and when they arrived my first words were “do you want a cup of tea”, to which they responded “do you want to show us where the fire is first”.

Far Cough 5:55 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
No never, don't trust myself, even Ganja sends me to sleep, just a some coke but that is too expensive.

Side of Ham 5:35 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
I watched my mates on it on a lads holiday in 1990 and had to follow them around the resort from a distance which was amusing (for me not them) once they came away from the main party area though it went wrong and grown 6ft plus men were running away screaming they were being chased by wild dogs......it's the only time I've seen real fear on their faces.......they are fucking lucky smartphones weren't a thing......

WHU(Exeter) 5:23 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Yep, in late teens and early twenties.

Going to the Ottery St Mary, tar barrels on fire festival, through very narrow crowded little streets, whilst on mushrooms, was probably one of the most stupid things I’ve done in my life.

charlie paynter 2:35 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Did it a few times in the 90s and enjoyed it a lot, so it's surprising I've never really had the inclination to do it again.

It does go on a bit though. Tried driving several hours later and it was like trying to control a huge spaceship.

Microdosing is apparently in vogue now. Wouldn't mind giving that a go but no idea where to get it.

BRANDED 2:09 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Authorities do fear minds freed from control.

Phall Throw 2:08 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
Yep, mid 90s. Enjoyed the initial part of it but then pure hell on earth for what seemed endless hours after where I was told that friends had to stay with me in a room to keep me safe as I wanted to apparently "fly to the moon"

Mushrooms also once, didn't do too much for me, more of a mild hallucogenic for a few hours.

Never touched and never will touch Heroin or Cocaine

bruuuno 1:03 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
I’m not so sure Mike, ketamine clinics are now fairly common and I don’t see it as being a big step from there to hallucinogens

Mike Oxsaw 12:57 Tue Feb 27
Re: Anyone tried LSD?
bruuuno 12:34 Tue Feb 27

Authorities will only sanction the use of such drugs if they can find a way of removing all the fun & pleasure derived from taking them.

Although only a very casual dope smoker (tried a J for the first time in years a week or so ago), I do believe that use - as opposed to abuse - could be very beneficial to a large (and, apparently growing) section of society - in fact, I can see the UK government following the path many others have taken and decriminalising cannabis, not because they've now decided that it's relatively harmless, but because it could save them (but not the tax payer) a fortune in mental health management.

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