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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Nutsin 8:13 Sun Mar 3
Flynn Downes
Here’s a good article on Downes and how he is doing at Southampton. Let’s hope Southampton get promoted so they can afford to buy him.
According to the article they rate him highly, use the proceeds to pay for Phillips permanent deal?
OR would you let Phillips walk and bring him back to see if he can do it at Prem level?


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daveyg 9:52 Sun Mar 10
Re: Flynn Downes
I agree to a certain extent Mubama doesn't look the same player of a year ago.His brief role against Burnley last time out was him.
We don't actually know what is wage demands are do we ?
I don't think Moyes or the club have been reasonable tbh.
Should have sent him out on loan until January and told him to earn that new contract. Just having him sit on the bench watching Ings play dreadfully has done no one any good. Moyes has this stupid attitude of punishment that is like an unloving father locking his child away until he feels it's time to let him go. Fucking disgraceful. He did it Cornet and Downes.
Moyes should be locked away for the rest of time.

Vexed 11:29 Sat Mar 9
Re: Flynn Downes
Mubama helped fu k himself over with his ridiculous wage demand. If someone else has offered him that money then good luck to him but he doesn't look a Prem level player from the few chances he's had, has looked a bit fucking lazy actually.

daveyg 9:21 Sat Mar 9
Re: Flynn Downes
Downes is a good player and definitely someone we should have in the squad. We let him progress with game time,we have enough games especially early in the season. However he is another that has the life suckered out of him by Moyes.
Under another manager we could see a real player develop. But Moyes would rather bring in Phillips. It's quite disgraceful what this fraud is doing to our club. Player after player. Look at the way he has destroyed another young player in Mubama.
Anyone supporting this arrogant bastard needs their head testing. His attitude reeks of WW1 Generals.

Side of Ham 1:18 Sat Mar 9
Re: Flynn Downes
Who’s report exactly? as anyone and everyone can report about Brazil find his name so it can be confirmed as not just some random journo chop, chop. and what has not watching Moyes’s shit set up got to do with watching Brazil? You are a proper numpty Willwall chasing your tail because you’ve spend the day making stupid statements that have been pulled up by the many not the few on here.

Willtell 12:21 Sat Mar 9
Re: Flynn Downes
Except I just C&P’d a report from Brazil’s WC games saying he did play alongside Casemiro as a deep lying midfielder.

Shall I look up some more evidence for you or surely you can admit now that you’re asking for something that is a generally known fact?

Oh yes except as you don’t go to games nor watch streams you wouldn’t know would you?

Side of Ham 11:58 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
I'm not denying it though am I, I've just been pointing out that link you put up didn't say what you said it was saying (that Paqueta was a DM for Brazil).......hence you couldn't post up from that link that Paqueta was a DM for Brazil and you've now had to go and find some half arsed attempt at some journo not saying outright he was a DM for them.

It's simple really.....Brazil don't do DM's.....the only time they did was DUNGA and he was often dismissed even by Europeans as not being Brazilian.......carry on though it's just another example of you being a dick......hahahaha!

Willtell 11:21 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Still trying to deny it I see you sad fucking pub bore without the pub…

Side of Ham 10:51 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Willwall's STILL trying........hahahaha!........YAWN

Willtell 10:22 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
“ How has Paqueta performed for Brazil at the World Cup?

Given the talent available to Brazil in the midfield area - as well as attack - Paqueta's inclusion from the start for both of their first group games is an indication of how highly he's thought of by the Brazil coach.

In their opening win over Serbia, the 25-year-old played in a deeper holding role, sitting alongside Manchester United's Casemiro. Playing 75 minutes before he was replaced by an even more defensive minded player in Fred.…”

Tomshardware 9:27 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Willtell, you seem obsessed in proving a weird point about Paqueta on a thread about Flynn Downes.

ATHammer 8:36 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Not sure why Paqueta is being discussed on a Flynn Downes thread other than the idiocy of Moyes.
In Flynn Downes' case he appears to be a good defensive midfield player who reads the game well, wins the ball and recycles quickly with short passing. Moyes played him out of position, if at all, and fucked him off at the first opportunity to Southampton where he appears to be in his rightful position and playing well.
In Paqueta's case Moyes didn't know what he was getting. When he signed, Moyes talked about goals and assists as a number 10. Paqueta's game is not as a Nr. 10 but a more central and deep lying mifield player who can tackle a bit but has a real skill on the ball and picking a pass. In seeing this Moyes has decided, for some unfathomable reason, to focus on Paqueta's tackling ability and use him to play left wing, primarily covering the full back. Having previously ruined Fornals (central mid), Benrahma (attacking mid) and even trying Ben Johnson ( full back) in the role as he simpy cannot countenance playing people in the right positions in a forward role.
So, whichever way you look at it, both Lucas Paqueta and Flynn Downes have had the benefit of Moyes considerable experience by being played out of position. I guess the Downes has found the door and however much he loves the club will be better off at Southampton and Paqueta will probably sue the FA to get away from our genius of a manager.
I wish both of them well and long for the day when players like Downes and Paqueta want to stay at our club and perform well in their rightful position or are at least given the opportunity to do so.
As for Phillips he would be an acquisition of Chelsea like proportions of inanity at the current asking price.
Fucking circus.

goose 8:28 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
this is hilarious to watch.

Will has picked an odd Paqueta-shaped hill to be a DM on.

oh and this:

Nagel 7:04 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes


Side of Ham 7:28 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Willwall 6:30 Fri Mar 8

See this is where you are a dick.....

You posted up a site to prove that Paqueta played defensive midfield for Brazil, BUT that site didn't state that AND stated their records was only for the past 50 games. Those 50 games would have taken place during 2023 & 2024 in which 30 of those have been for West Ham this season (2024) and then the rest were last season........how many games between 23/24 did he play for Brazil? We'll according to this link.......3 (THREE) times.... all as CM not DM.........


Nagel 7:04 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
But Moyes never said Paqueta played DM. You did. Moyes just said that he played slightly deeper, during the World Cup, which happened after we signed him, so you're criticising Moyes for not knowing that he would eventually play a deeper role for Brazil months after we signed him.

Manuel 7:03 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
107 posts and counting, on Flynn 'fucking' Downes? He would be delighted, no doubt!

Lee Trundle 7:02 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
According to that, which is lists ALL his games for them and the positions he plays in, and pretty much every other stat you would like to know, he's never played there for Brazil. You can even say what game he apparently played there because like Moyes, you have no idea.


Go to bed, you fool.

Willtell 6:57 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Lee Trundle
FMOB but you lot are thick cunts! Moyes said this and when I criticised Moyes for it you, goose and Snide said he didn't play DM for Brazil and said something like "You do realise that websites do not say Paqueta played DM. Well he did so I checked and you lied or missed one that did.

You do realise that makes you look proper divvy don't you? And a proper lying divvy too...

Right let's end this here. I never said Paqueta played DM. Moyes did. Argue with fucking Moyes.

Lee Trundle 6:39 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Why are you moaning about Moyes being unaware Paqueta had played DM for Brazil, when you have no idea also?

You do realise it makes you look a proper divvy?

Willtell 6:30 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Stop being obsessed because we all know that what I posted about Moyes being unaware Paqueta had played for Brazil was absolutely true. Moyes did say that right or wrong.

Paqueta is an attacking player and that's all that matters today. There is no doubt he played alongside Casemiro for Brazil as the DM's but they don't really defend like Moyes does. Attack is their form of defence.

You're just a pub bore without the pub...

Mr Anon 6:17 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes

Eerie Descent 6:02 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
Nothing it wasn't in response to your post, merely pointing out that he plays more forward for Brazil than he did in Europe

Side of Ham 6:08 Fri Mar 8
Re: Flynn Downes
.....and there you go, you can't post it up Willwall.....who out of Brazil & West Ham plays the defensive shit? Therefore what team is he likely to have A LOT of defensive duties? To be considered to be playing defensive midfield?

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