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Fauxstralian 10:31 Sun Apr 14
George Earthy
Undergoing assessment in a London hospital tonight after being stretchered off with a head knock , believe it was a clash of heads with Alvarez.
Club to provide an update in due course.

Terrible for the lad on his Premier league debut, looked a player in his short time on the pitch

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chim chim cha boo 7:24 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
I managed to miss EVERYTHING significant yesterday bar Fulham's second goal - even kick-off. I arrived just as Antonio took a wild swing from about ten yards and hoofed it out of the stadium.

I just sat and zoned out along with the players. Every time we had possession it seemed we kicked the ball at one of their players, throw-ins (as usual) to a player surrounded by three defenders leading to turning the ball over to them, Paquita getting dispossessed, Kudas seeing little or no ball and every tackle ending with one of their players rolling around on the floor and their keeper taking what seemed like 10 minutes to take a goal kick with the ref as uninterested as us poor fuckers.

Then I thought I saw something interesting, George Earthy getting 10 minutes. He put together a couple of really nice pass and moves and the next thing I see is him spark out and a lot of worried looking players around him.

My brother said he saw George go down and his arms going into spasm. He said it looked horrible. At that point the Fulham fans started laughing and taking the piss, a load of West Ham started booing them and I realised there's still a tiny bit of football hooligan lurking somewhere in me.

What a shitty day out.

oioi 4:06 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
On the plus side he had a better first few minutes debut than Phillips.

Get well soon.

southbankbornnbred 4:03 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
Good to hear he was quickly discharged and is recovering.

Hate to see anybody stretchered off, and certainly not a kid making his Prem debut.

Hope he's back in the fold soon.

northbanker 2:59 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
I thought when he came on that it was a shit way for a young player to make his debut, just in time for the team to be booed off. Terrible accident, hope the lad will be OK.

JayeMPee 1:55 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
Thanks Fauxstralian, really pleased to hear that sounded pretty bad yesterday. Hope to see him play again soon along with one or two other youngsters. Probably have to wait for moyes to clear off before that happens though!

Wils 12:45 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
George Earthy has been discharged


West Ham United’s George Earthy has been discharged from hospital after the head injury he suffered in Sunday’s Premier League fixture against Fulham.

Earthy, 19, entered the field as a late second half substitute to make his Premier League debut at London Stadium, only to be withdrawn in stoppage time.

He was immediately transferred to a local hospital for further assessment.

Earthy will now follow FA and Premier League concussion guidelines ahead of his return to play.

Richard Collinge, Performance Director at West Ham United, said: “George is back home and we will continue to monitor him over the coming days as he completes the graduated return to play programme.”

Lee Trundle 11:26 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
A brilliant central midfielder with fantastic prospect.

So Moyes brings him on as a left winger.

Cheezey Bell-End 11:13 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
My stream went to shit just as he was about to come on. I found another in time to see him being lifted into the cart.

GBHammer63 9:36 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
The way he went down and was immediately put into the recovery position was worrying ( well done to Aguerd and Emerson).
Zouma did ??? Pathetic captain.
Moyes slouched in his chair showing his couldn’t give a fuckness. Pathetic manager and human being.

Hope the youngster is fine, looked like he settled quickly and has a good future at the club.

Sydney_Iron 5:04 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
Sure, the hospital scans etc are just a precaution, but quite some debut! Can only go one way from here young George.

Onwards and upwards.


Leavemyarcelona 2:14 Mon Apr 15
Re: George Earthy
Gutted for the boy. Seen him a few times, linked up well with paqueta and very progressive with his passes. Would of started him against the krauts on thursday

Kaiser Zoso 10:41 Sun Apr 14
Re: George Earthy
Went down for a gypsy’s and missed him coming on, when I got back he was laid out so I missed it all

I’ve seen him play for the youth sides and I reckon he is a prospect

We’ve just got to get rid of the jock cunt The ho is blocking everyone except for 14 players who he plays into the ground every season

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