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theaxeman 8:51 Mon Jan 9

Anyone joining? I have, going to give it a go and see if they can have an affect. Its only cheap and the more like minded people who join the more influence they will have.
Also they have already been invited to the SAB meeting, that is being voted on whether to attend. If they do attend they will not sign any confidentiality agreement.

Join you piss and wind tight cunts

Axeman out

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Crassus 11:01 Mon Jan 9
I remember that WHUST fiasco
Plenty of us turned up ready to make a difference, whole thing spun up it's own arse on a diet of committees and correctness, most saw it as such at the outset and sacked it off

Mex Martillo 10:53 Mon Jan 9
Essex man
Sounds good, not sure if it is much use for the overseas people.
Does that include your excile?

DoubleDouble 1:08 Mon Jan 9
Ive joined. Better we have our own voice that any board veto'ed SAB.

essexmaniacinexile 12:47 Mon Jan 9
Mex Martillo

Over 400 have joined in just over a week of going live. There's over 1000 on the Facebook Page.

Some good knowledgeable people on the committee, have done a great job getting this far so quick. They have been aided, getting plenty of advice, from the FSF (Football Supporters Federation) as well as obtaining important help form various other clubs supporter groups.

Determined to be very much independent. For me having a voice on the SAB is a win win situation. Allows voice of it's members to be heard, gain contacts at the club for future talks use and can always pull out if there's too any strings and non disclosure stuff.

You can't forward issues to the club if you don't engage with them or you are not recognised.

theaxeman 12:42 Mon Jan 9

Exactly, might as well give it a go, its only £3 and if its no good just out it. Whats the alternative, except the status quo or just moan on here to no end.

stewie griffin 12:33 Mon Jan 9

"but also then discuss issues with the OS that people can feed back. "

It's shit.

Can you feed that back please?

ChesterRd 12:28 Mon Jan 9
WHUISA either needs to be an Independent organisation to engage with the club as per its name or not bother. Certainly do not need SAB mk2.

On The Ball 11:52 Mon Jan 9
I agree - I was on it and found it to be a complete waste of time, buffet aside.

The problem is, right at the start of it they had people (Whetstone) Tweeting all the way through it - and getting it all wrong. That doesn't help anyone and it's certainly not going to make them be more open and honest.

The whole thing needs to be done better - and taken seriously by the Club. Perhaps have a bit that's covered by the NDA and a bit that's not - so they call tell them the new kit will be yellow and made by Nike, but also then discuss issues with the OS that people can feed back.

Fifth Column 11:47 Mon Jan 9

That makes the whole exercise futile. What is the point of sharing information with a room of 30 people who cannot then relay that information and consult on it with their constituencies?

On The Ball 11:36 Mon Jan 9
Bulph - why though? They tell them commercially sensitive things. They should be able to tell the world some things (particularly about the stadium), but without it they won't have the confidence to say anything at all - it'd be an even bigger waste of time.


Fifth Column 11:33 Mon Jan 9
I've joined. Worth a try.

Spandex Sidney 10:40 Mon Jan 9
Utter tosh and nonsense and will achieve nothing. Except being a drinking club for disaffected supporters to moan about the club and get pissed.

I can do that for free down the pub.

Full Claret Jacket 10:28 Mon Jan 9
I'd have to be convinced this is genuine and going to be worthwhile before giving away cash to some unknown person on the basis of them creating a website.
I'll watch with interest what involvement if any they have with the club. The fact they asked whether they should go to a Supporters meeting is odd. I mean how else are they going to represent their members?

BulphanIron 10:18 Mon Jan 9
SAB is a fraud, especially if they've still got the non disclosure agreement in place...

theaxeman 10:17 Mon Jan 9
Here is the email from this morning

Good evening WHUISA member.

On behalf of the interim committee thank you for joining WHUISA. Now the
website is live we are in a position to go forward.

WHUISA is here to represent your views on all things West Ham United. You
are our mandate and so your response will give us, the committee, the
direction with which to approach the club on current matters.

Therefore I would be grateful if you would respond to the following
request by immediate return.

WHUISA has been invited to attend an SAB meeting later this month. We know
that the old SAB had issues but we’re approaching this one with an open
mind. If we attend we shall not be signing any confidentiality agreements
and want to report fully back to WHUISA members. In other words we will
only take part if proceedings are open and transparent and we can tell you
what happened.

So here we go....

1. Should WHUISA attend this meeting ?
2. Yes / no - please give a simple reason.
3. If yes what points would you like us to raise on your behalf ?

Such topics may include but are not limited to matchday experience, public
transport, able / disabled accessibility, stewarding, stadium operators /
catering / amenities, pre / post-match entertainment, the stadium itself,
Block 114 / 127...yes there is a long list !!!

We shall respond to you with the members feedback as soon as possible.

You are welcome at any time to send in your views / propositions / ideas
to make our club the best it can be.

Thanks once again for joining - please spread the word about the
association amongst fellow Hammers and get them to join as well.

Always West Ham United.

Joint Chair

On The Ball 9:15 Mon Jan 9
Why on Earth would they not go to the SAB? Even though it's a load of shit, it'd be mental not to go.

Mex Martillo 8:57 Mon Jan 9
Who is behind this?
How many have joined?

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