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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

madeeasy 11:25 Wed Jan 29
Supporting a "team"
Last night i went to the Villa game and took my other half's 9 year old boy and the smile on his face from start to finish was a lovely thing to see.

Speaking to a guy up there about West Ham and he said that he has always respected West Ham and liked the club but west ham today optimise everything that has happened with cleansing football of the old guard into the modern day thing that the tv money and business owners want it to be. I thought that was true and sad.

We support a ‘team’ what is the team. The player, most couldn’t give a fuck turn up take their money, it’s just a job. The manager, they don’t give a fuck and are rewarded in failure by getting a pay off to sit on their arse. The owners, all about making money and selling the club on at a profit. The stadium, does not matter where it is just as big as possible to get as many mugs in to pay money. So we are supporting a badge, a brand, oh wait up even that changes!

The one thing that they can't take is the fans. the loyal group, but eventually as older ones leave us and some of us think fuck it I am not being treated like that anymore and leave they will cleanse the true fan from the game for this modern day money grabbing ways and the game will be lost forever.

I loved last night, I wore my claret and blue striped scarf, as did he that we got from Nobles testimonial, and watched the true fans enjoying a cup run and being excited by a Wembley trip and a cup final and a chance of silver ware. when they scored the winner and the place erupted I didn't see a single fan, in the 40,000 that were there, that was upset as it may tire the players out and be a bit tough on the poor little legs in the end of season run in.

Horrible that you can enjoy going to a football match watching a team that you don't support and get into it and enjoy it more than your own club.

Perhaps it was just the fact that every time I looked down to my right there was a little 9 year old boy that had a massive smile and hope and could see what real football was all about and it took me back to how I felt 35 years ago. Shame that the current people running the club I love have slowly drained and removed that from me.

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BRANDED 11:47 Sun Feb 2
Re: Supporting a "team"
It’s a bit like supporting a band you first saw at a small venue with 300 other fans that are suddenly pulling in 50,000 in a stadium tour apart from the fact that the band doesn’t “lose”.

You love the memories of the gigs. The clothes, the booze, the birds the experience of the music and venue both good and bad are tucked away as something special and now it’s sanitised with merch and shitty beer and you’re a thousand miles away and the band is going through the motions. You’re surrounded by cunts who have no idea what this band was like back in the day and the fact they’re there because of all the years of your support.

If they get the custom the management at West Ham will not worry one bit. If you want get the experience of your youth go and watch a less corporate team and see if you can find some enthusiasm for them.

Peterboroughiron 11:47 Sun Feb 2
Re: Supporting a "team"
Can’t explain apart from the normal bullshit and lies but can categorically say that there were 42000 people through the turnstiles yesterday ⚒

Fortunes Hiding 11:11 Sun Feb 2
Re: Supporting a "team"
Did Grealish mean to flick the ball up for the first goal?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:33 Sun Feb 2
Re: Supporting a "team"
Pickle Rick 12:26 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"

Ask that fan at the beginning of August when they are waiting for the championship fixtures to come out if they look a back and think, well, we got to Wembley in February, that makes up for the millions the club have lost be relegated.

You’ve fallen for the biggest con in football - the fans never get or lose the millions they just get football.

If they win that final they will remember it for a lifetime. They don’t come around often. League matches come every week.

cup of tea 10:17 Sun Feb 2
Re: Supporting a "team"
They wouldn't have got on the pitch. It would have taken about an hour to get there via a popcorn stall and stop and go signs

my left foot 1:35 Sat Feb 1
Re: Supporting a "team"
What would've happened if our fans would've ran on the pitch at the end of the game?

Hammer Oz 5:26 Sat Feb 1
Re: Supporting a "team"
Fucking idiot, Villa got to a final let's see how he goes when the are playing MK Dons in the Championship....
Pleased (actually couldn't care less) your boy is delioursly happy but save the dribble that West Ham are shit please

Ronald_antly 11:53 Fri Jan 31
Re: Supporting a "team"
"...but west ham today optimise everything that has happened with cleansing football of the old guard.."

Hmmm, at least we're the best at something.

Mex Martillo 10:50 Fri Jan 31
Re: Supporting a "team"
Lowest attendance this season was 58,911 when we entertained West Brom. Thats a lot of day trippers and loyal ghosts. Even if it is a bit wrong it is still a lot of supporters.
Really, I want to understand, how do you explain that?

GreenStreetPlayer 9:46 Fri Jan 31
Re: Supporting a "team"
I was lying awake thinking of this the other night, the cleansing, bringing day trippers in and what and who are the fans left that turn up to watch a team play in c&b.

Those loyal fans are the ghosts of Upton Park, the only thing left of what was West Ham before.

Moving grounds is a very sensitive issue. Even the last day at the Boleyn was done on the cheap so no surprise everything has been handled badly since the day the ground was closed.

Again the only things left of West Ham are the fans, the ghosts of Upton Park.
Go and haunt those owners. Haunt them out of town.
It was always said West Ham was cursed!

side effect 9:14 Fri Jan 31
Re: Supporting a "team"
The last away game I went to was on the coach to Bolton and I was just happy to travel out with the fans. I didnt have a ticket and was disappointed when they got one for me as I just wanted to go into town and have a booze. Not sit in a soulless bowl with plastics. Agree a lot with the poster as I find it hard to support players who aren't dedicated to the club.

Mex Martillo 5:06 Fri Jan 31
Re: Supporting a "team"
I share these views about what is happening, I don’t like it, but I like many will keep supporting West Ham in my way.

I do wonder about the future. I think we and Madeeasy are wrong on this. Yes people are getting disillusioned and stop supporting, but there are new supporters coming though. The bowl is full every game. New supporters may not even know Upton Park will make there own history and traditions and I think it will go on forever. We may not like it, change is always difficult, but like it or not, I think West Ham will go on and on and hopefully get stronger and win some stuff.

eusebiovic 12:28 Fri Jan 31
Re: Supporting a "team"
Shame...I thought this thread had some legs

Very quiet on here lately isn't it?

eusebiovic 11:07 Thu Jan 30
Re: Supporting a "team"

Yeah, cunts they are but still better than those Birmingham fans...In that part of the world West Brom/Wolves have always been better eggs

boleyn8420 3:49 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
I've been to Villa loads of times, as a West Ham supporter and to a man they are all a bunch of cunts with an accent that is only second to the scousers in the annoyance stakes.

Helping my mates kid, wheelchair and all, into the back of his carrier after losing and a bunch of no marks started lobbing bottles at us. Lovely people.

However, their fans pale into insignificance in the cuntery stakes compared to the West Midland police. Now they are total and utter cunts, I have seen then try and drag a dad out with his son crying beside him, I have seen them hit women and kids with batons across the backs of the legs.

We went up about 15 years ago and got a rare win 2-1 and we got a penalty and the coppers just weighed in from the side as we cheered the award of the penalty. Few swipes with batons across peoples heads then they backed off leaving quite a few bleeding. Total cunts.

eusebiovic 3:36 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
Villa fans were always a gnarly bunch but certainly preferable to the absolute heathen across the city at St.Andrews

Sven Roeder 3:32 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
Maddison and Grealish should both be in the England squad and contending for a place
If they played for someone bigger (ie like Jesse Lingard at Man U) they’d have been in for a long time

That boost will help Villa’s league form I think.
As all cup runs will do
We should try it

Manuel 3:19 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
Northern Sold 11:56 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
Got a bit of the Gazza's about him... love the way the ball is stuck to his feet''

Agree with that Sold, I've seen a bit of Villa recently and didn't realise quite how good he really is, a genuine class act. He also reminds me a bit of Brooking the way he waits for a player to come down the channel before he lays it off. I'd have him in the England side, let alone the squad.

Vexed 2:11 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
Grealish is a diving little chav cunt and the best thing he's been involved in was when a Birmingham city fan ran out of the crowd and punched him in the head. Shame he didn't break his jaw really, it was a poor punch.

Fivetide 2:10 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
Ahhhh, epitomise! As you were...

Mr Kenzo 2:10 Wed Jan 29
Re: Supporting a "team"
I guess when your playing for a team 3rd in the league as opposed to a team near the bottom, you get more limelight. The 2 players have a massive future ahead of them and I too would like to see them in the England squad sooner rather than later. FUCK OFF BARKELEY

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