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mchammer5 9:49 Tue Aug 11
ASB Matters
folks - Can I please ask you to view and potentially follow the below twitter account -


I am living a bloody nightmare here and wish to shame those who cant be assed to deal with the obvious issues. Thank you

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mchammer5 10:33 Thu Aug 13
Re: ASB Matters
again folks thank you for your comments - I am sourcing legal advice and have other offers available to me now :)

Vexed 1:07 Wed Aug 12
Re: ASB Matters
Why has nobody battered the cunt yet? This country is going to the dogs.

Fifth Column 10:23 Wed Aug 12
Re: ASB Matters
As the previous reply said, if the person is renting then Council should help with eviction. If he owns property you can't really go down that road.

Mental health services have been decimated under the Tories and so now its often sectioning or nothing and from watching the clips he doesn't seem sectionable.

Where someone is a bit mad but not sectionable then it puts police in difficult legal position. There are certainly public order offences under 5 to 4/4a of public order act and if racially aggravated then they could have 12 month sentence but in reality he'd have to get done multiple times for a custodial and even then if he just comes back to property then what's the point.

Sorry for your experience

Gary Strodders shank 10:10 Wed Aug 12
Re: ASB Matters

Does this character own the property he lives in?

Normally the police will ask those affected to keep a diary or video evidence to build a case for eviction from rented /LA properties you clearly have this evidence and the other neighbours support so would ask for a meeting with the safer neighbourhood team where you and your neighbours can present this evidence and demand they take it further.

Although the MH teams are underfunded and overstretched with those placed in the community often receiving little support, the effects on those unfortunate enough to live next to these individuals should not be underestimated

Any supporting documents (doctors letters etc) from local residents showing the impact on their own wellbeing should also be used to support a case for eviction or other action

This is a slow process but I know of a case locally where this happened and an individual was eventually moved on.

mchammer5 2:24 Wed Aug 12
genuinely thank you - just support/comments help me :)

chim chim cha boo 1:26 Wed Aug 12
My pal who lives in Kilburn has just had one of these dumped on him and his neighbours, an old Spanish bird who screams and rages all day and night, right in the middle of an estate.

It's starting to become a proper Frankenstein's monster scenario as the estate kids are starting to goad her.

Wolves bloke, if it's any consolation (it won't be) Camden council are just as shit with dealing with people who have obvious and severe mental health problems. They just trot out that she's got to have SOMEWHERE to live.

The obvious question that then arises is 'then how come it's nowhere near where YOU live?'

Mentally ill people are easy to feel (rightly) very sorry for until they are imposed on you 24/7. Now it's you and your neighbours I feel more sorry for.

mchammer5 1:08 Wed Aug 12
yes neighbours shout back at him only to be met with racist abuse- police have seen everything - not even locked up - genuinely not making this up

mchammer5 1:07 Wed Aug 12

Lee Trundle 11:52 Tue Aug 11
I'd break the ice by taking him over a nice Indian meal.

Steady 11:48 Tue Aug 11
Surely the police must nick him for that? Do your neighbours not also get pissed off with it? If the old bill won’t arrest him, I’d move away, couldn’t put up with that

mchammer5 11:42 Tue Aug 11
and you are spot on.
Disappointed in the NHS as they wont section him......

ak37 11:26 Tue Aug 11
Just watched those videos.
Bloody hell!

My sympathies to you mate. I’m sure social services and the police will do nothing.

Joe C 11:08 Tue Aug 11

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