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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

swindon hammer 4:05 Sat Sep 5
West Ham vs Bournemouth thread

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claret on my shirt 2:56 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Moyes said this after the game, is taking the piss out of us with his young talent comment.?

The ends [seating areas] have been brought in closer to the pitch at the stadium and I want fans to come back thinking, ‘We’ve got a team with exciting young talent that every week will give us total commitment.

Stowie.40 2:53 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
I see Soucek is a confirmed out for next week. Can’t wait for it to all start.

Iron Duke 2:41 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
If we had the money, Jack Butland is available on the relatively cheap and would be a good long term signing in my opinion. Unless he has nosedived like Joe Hart did.

However, we have other priorities. It astounds me that we still haven’t signed a fullback. We are getting outmanoeuvred by Fulham, Newcastle, Villa and West Brom.

Maybe this is all part of a cunning plan and they will surprise us all with three or four shrewd signings.

Thames Ironworks 2:38 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
WHUDeano 10:38 Sat Sep 5
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread

With you all the way. Can't be arsed with it any more. It is hard to give up on something you have loved and felt proud of all your life.

Now it is just a feeling of nostalgia. Generations of nothing to now fuel GSB's pockets has taken its toll.

Full Claret Jacket 2:05 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
I think Randolph is good enough as a backup. Realistically we aren't going to find keepers for a reasonable fee and salary happy to sit on the bench all the time. Some of the fees for keepers recently are ridiculous. When you see what Chelsea paid for Kepa and some of his performances I think we are ok in that position.

Defense is a mess. Johnson put in the worst full back performance I've seen since Carl Jenkinson had a shocker - I think that was also against Bournemouth. Not sure what was wrong with him but hope he takes a look at his performance and learns from it. I do like him but that was a stinker and although I don't like to see young players pulled - especially in a nothing game, he could have already been sent off given the number of late and erratic challenges.

No ball winners and pace in midfield with Rice and Soucek missing. Cullen at least brought some desire and did a good job but he just isn't a Premier League player and it would be a waste for him to sit on a bench all season hoping for minutes here and there.

Sven Roeder 2:00 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
To be fair Martin should not appear this season with Fab & Randolph ahead of him.
Our full back positions are critical
Johnson was the only one thought half way acceptable and apparently had a mare yesterday and had to be subbed within 30 mins to prevent him being sent off.

Admiral Lard 1:33 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Full back is our weakest area and, with Diop injured, we definitely need another back at CB. Add to that we are horrendously exposed in goal, without Fab we have no one reliable.

We all love David Martin but, he just isn't up to it. He's not even championship level

In the end it's only a friendly warm up. The truth will out Vs Newcastle next Saturday

Sven Roeder 12:44 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Would Bournemouth (a Championship club ) have scored more if they’d played Brooks, Callum Wilson & Josh King?

Several below have mentioned the official site isn’t running any comment from Moyes on yesterday’s match.
Which they always do ... his reaction to the Brentford game is still on there.

Justin P 10:27 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
You have got to ask yourself?

Would we have lost this game, by that scoreline, if Soucek, Rice and Fabianski had been playing?

I would say not but don't get me wrong, we need better fullbacks!

The Grady sale is unforgivable if the board sold him from unders Moye's feet!

Stepney.Ammer 10:26 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Chinkey Weasel 11:53 Sat Sep 5

Great post.

I first walked away from it the season we got promoted with BFS. I remember being at the play off final at Wembley and was just not enjoying it the way I used to.

I thought I'd really struggle and miss it but it was sad just how easy it was. Remember not realising we were even playing one day not too long afterwards, something I don't think I'd ever done since first going when I was six.

It was only once my boy was born in 2016 that it stirred any feeling of wanting to go more regularly than the once/twice a season I'd been going since jacking it in. Ended up getting season tickets last season even though i won't be taking the boy to host game until next year, it has meant I've taken my two girls, something I didn't imagine ever doing, and also go a few games with the old man and my brother. I've enjoyed it more than Ive expected to be fair but all to do with 'going' rather than the football in the stadium.

Trouble is with the way tnings are at the moment and the amount of old skool fans walking away in their droves , I'm not sure there will be anything left worth going for.

The romantic in me, especially after doing walk from plaistow for the Southampton game and seeing there were proper numbers of old skool who still wanted to fight for it, thinks it can still be turned around.

The buzz of going up to BFS being appointed...I'm not sure that will ever be reach again. Mind you, the buzz was never quite the same the day the North bank was knocked down.

JayeMPee 9:46 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Sad, sad times. Supported The Hammers for over 60 years but its all over for me now. Won't renew my membership and absolutely no intention of investing another penny whilst the current scum infest the boardroom.

Takashi Miike 9:45 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
the football is secondary now to seeing the back of those three parasites. that's a reason to care, to see them fuck off

Manuel 9:02 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
I look at following/supporting a club as like something to do/focus on, like a hobby. But yes I'm lot less bothered now than I once was when we lose, like most from our era. I remember feeling like the world had ended when we lost the FA Cup QF to Arse in 98 on pens.

It's not really something I 'care' about per se, more something that I like/enjoy. I highly doubt that will never change. In fact I'm probably more interested in what is happening at the club these days than I've been, just less bothered about results.

jfk 8:51 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
This club that I've cared about for so many years has finally beaten me.
It's become unrecognisable,fucked,dead.
I no longer give a toss.
If anyone had said that's the way I'd feel now ten years ago I'd say they were fucking bonkers.
One of the few things I've always cared about I have almost lost all interest in.
It's no conciliation that mates who follow Arsenal think the same.
Money has ruined a once great passion.

Manuel 8:35 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
No, you're right, he should have been in that group of course. Then Julian after that..

jfk 8:30 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Couldn't agree more although I'd include Devonshire but that's probably me splitting hairs.
Good post.

balders 8:29 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Just getting to the stage and shrug of the shoulders

Just looking forward to any friendly jollies abroad with me mates

Manuel 8:07 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
When you watch the old clips of the early 80's with Brooking, Bonds, Lampard etc and co then followed by TC Alvin and Macca etc, in a packed out Upton Park, we are just completely unrecognisable now. And that really fucking hurts, as that was beautiful. I don't like this word 'care' though, apart from a very small % I've never really believed that anyone really 'cares' it's just the wrong fucking word.

Feed Me Chicken 7:52 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Yep I’m in the not caring anymore camp, obviously still check the results but stopped going a few years ago (Been to the os once and that was enough for me). When i look back at all the great times i had at the boleyn it does hurt to see where we are now, not as a team as we have always been pretty average but where we are as a club, and that’s purely down to the owners who have destroyed everything that was great about this club of mine, the passion has gone and that hurts the most.......


AKA ERNIE 12:40 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Chinky great post

Chinkey Weasel 12:15 Sun Sep 6
Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth thread
Vexed will be along soon(who used to be amusing on this site) with his cry baby baiting of us all because he & V vendetta/vicky have to be the opposite to stir up a reaction but I know you, like me, have religiously been there over land & sea so don't rise to the bait.

As I said, it sounds ridiculous, but the not caring bit anymore just grows within. It's fucking unexplainable.

That's how badly our club is being killed off

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