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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sydney_Iron 6:21 Sun Jul 25
Simon Jordan
Often gets a lot of stick from varies fans, but i like the cut of his gib, calls it for what it is and doesnt hold back, speaks very well and a lot of sense and one of the better people to listen to on Talksport.

Jim White on the other hand.......

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Any Old Iron 2:33 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
Generally I only listen to White & Jordan when I'm driving so don't hear them a lot, but every time I do all I want to do is stick my boot down that Jock cunts throat. He's just a mouthy creep who crawls up everyones back passage and the only opinions he has are those that his boss or producer have just told him to have.
As for Jordan, he's much improved. When he first started a few years back he tried way too hard to impress, constantly misusing long words and repeating their misuse.
I'm only surprised that he still works for them because Talksport are owned by the Wireless Group, a subsidiary of News Corp which has become very woke since falling into septic hands. And fortunately Jordan cannot be described as woke.

Crassus 2:27 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
Jordan is amusing, bright enough but not as bright as he thinks he is
Makes for a perfect buzzword bingo subject
That said, he is forthright and says it how it is whilst taking no nonsense from the lemons
Sadly I no longer hear him, I just can't stand that utter cunt White, vile individual who is representative of what the station has become, a wokefest full of incompetents
The odd show apart, I sacked off TS long back - Brampton boy Clayton has ruined the station

joe royal 2:03 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
White - “so when you owned palace why didn’t you employ any black managers or coaches?”

Jordan - “none applied for the job”

LeroysBoots 1:10 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
Wouldn't be surprised if Jordan has given a portion to Brady !

penners28 1:02 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
My FIL was at Palace when he was there. Said he's a top bloke. Just speaks his mind. Some people dont like him, but you always knew where you were with him...

Russ of the BML 12:27 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
I could listen to Jordan all day.

He has clear views and opinions and explains with fact and reason why he has those views.

He doesn't sensationalise anything and doesn't; two any line and won't be swayed by popular opinion. Often I hear White raise a controversial subject and i think Jordan is going to rip it to shreds but he actually defends it. But he does so very articulately and offers angles and perspectives that I never even thought of.

Shame he has to be on the same time as that jumped up hack Jim White who for me is just a complete cretin.

whu 11:54 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
Jordan a bright light at that station ... increasingly woke bollocks on there from Rushden and others. Listen far less now than back in the day. Daft really. They should check the demographic of their listeners. Go woke go broke MFs.

Jim White is worked from his butthole by Sully. Transparent idiot.

RoyalDocksGK 12:29 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan
Lovejoy 6:22 Sun Jul 25

O'Hara got in by being the whipping boy from Brazil and McCoist. Slowly wormed his way up just like Darren Bent. Not sure what either of those bring to station but controversy.

MrTrentReznor 12:02 Mon Jul 26
Re: Simon Jordan

MrTrentReznor 11:59 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
I like Jordan. Don't listen to Talksport but have seen clips on YT. He at least sticks up for the fans & is not part of the football professional class who thinks that unless you have made money out of the game your opinion ain't worth shit. The professional football class is players, ex-players, managers, ex-managers, football writers, presenters etc. The people that Joe Kinnear referred to as being 'in the business'.
This was perfectly epitomised by Jason Cundy going off on a disappointed England fan after Italy won Euro 2020.
I think the fan's name was Chris & IIRC he questioned Southgate's ability as a manager compared to Mancini.
Cundy was a c@nt to the fan.
Cundy was qualifying Southgate's failures explaining why he failed, but he didn't allow the England fan (Chris ?) qualify Southgate's 'successes'.
Chris had a legitimate point. Everything pretty much fell Southgate's way in Russia & this summer but he still couldn't win however Cundy wants England fans to be grateful for Southgate's near success rather than long for what might have been.

cartis 11:54 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Always enjoy listening to him,speaks very, very well and is extremley knowlegable.
He has certainly got GSB's number as well so that makes him more than OK in my book

Charoo 10:13 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
I think he is fantastic to listen too. His arguments are well reasoned, well articulated and well thought through. He rarely sensationalises, talks sense and is able to back up what he says.

White is a hack who just it there to play the antagonist.

Jordan is too intelligent to fall into his traps but the less intelligent would be wrapped up by White as he pushes buttons for reaction and strong opinion which therefore actually makes him good at his job.

I find listening to White loathsome because he is so predictable but he is there to offer the counter argument.

It’s generally a good show but Jordan makes it - Danny Murphy isn’t bad on there and Spencer’s Oliver on a Thursday is very good.

Attwood 6:31 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Entertaining and knowledgeable and likes you to know it.
Loves a big word and is quite amusing when he gets it stuck in his head and repeats it every few sentences! Conflate being one of his favourites.
White is a good foil to him and plays his role well, I enjoy listening to Tricky Trev but always at the back of my mind is his trying to play the race card against The Old Bill and having to climb down and alter his story.
Danny Murphy is better and more balanced

Lovejoy 6:22 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Jordan is ok.

How that fucktard O'Hara is stealing a living on there is beyond me having done the same as a player.

Sven Roeder 11:58 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Dont listen to Talksport but saw a couple of clips of Jordan & White
Enjoyed where Jordan explained to an apoplectic White that he was completely indifferent to how Scotland (& Wales) performed in the Euros.

In all the clips I saw he reduced White to either a gibbering mess or complete silence.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:50 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Sinclair: Institutional racism is endemic in football.

Also Sinclair: Taking the knee is universally supported by everyone in football.

Stowie.40 11:41 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Sinclair was one of my favourite players when here but like Rio as become a massive wanker.

Agree on Jordan’s book, is a good read and he does talk a lot of sense.

ak37 11:39 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
He appears articulate and knowledgeable but he’s still an obnoxious orange twat

Sarge 11:28 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
His book about his time at palace was a good read.

Justin P 11:03 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Jim White is such an annoying cunt!

Classic narcissist who I would happily murder

joe royal 10:56 Sun Jul 25
Re: Simon Jordan
Simon “compare and contrast” a Jordan

Trevor “white cunt” Sinclair.

Thought Trev said he wouldn’t take a knee.

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