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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Takashi Miike 1:44 Fri Apr 8
Craig Dawson...
was absolutely brilliant tonight

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Hammer and Pickle 5:09 Sat Sep 3
Re: Craig Dawson...

Cheezey Bell-End 9:27 Sat Sep 3
Re: Craig Dawson...
I have a dream that he'll get called up to the England squad and be the required 3rd hammer for England to win the world cup again.

⚒️ 12:05 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
Don’t get too used to him being around, guys.

He’s only staying until January, then he’s offski.

Gary Strodders shank 12:00 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
I can see Dawson impressing in rhe europa games and then becoming an integral part of the squad again.
Obviously not the quickest or most cultured CB but he will put his body on the line and run through brick walls for the cause.
Also a potent goal threat at set plays.
Im delighted he's staying.

Eerie Descent 11:19 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
I saw that Diop got something like 2/10 rating on his debut for Fulham, fans wondering what on earth they've signed.

They don't need to worry though, HE'LL COME GOOD EVENTUALLY!

fraser 11:09 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
Manuel - Diop doesn't play for us anymore, I know you're a bit simple but the question was why is he our fifth choice, the simple answer is because we have four better centre backs at the club..

Try to keep up :-)

ludo21 11:03 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
I’d play Dawson at CB and Kehrer at RB… fantastic that he has stayed.

Manuel 10:57 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
fraser - he's way better than your beloved Diop, who unsurprisingly can't get a kick for Fulham.

⚒️ 10:49 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
He’s 5th choice but 3 of the ones in front of him are crocks.

fraser 10:34 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
You don't get how he's fifth choice because he played loads last season?

He played loads because we had loads of injuries, oh and he's fifth choice because we have 4 better cbs

The Fonz 9:52 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
One more year one more year Craig Dawson.

One of my favourite cb's in memory.

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:44 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
Crio Dawsinand

easthammer 1:28 Fri Sep 2
Re: Craig Dawson...
I don't get all this Dawson is 5th choice bollocks, Last season he was supposedly 4th choice and he played more games than any other central defender. And in many he was excellent.

Don't know how fit is at the present, but will anyone be surprised to see him play Saturday?

I hope he is ok with the arrangement which will give Aguerd the chance to mend Oggie to get up to speed and for Zouma to get some respite from time to time.

Hopefully, the club is looking to support him accordingly

master 10:25 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...

Absolutely love the bloke.

mallard 9:36 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
Must be a pain in the arse driving down from Manchester for every training session!

If we keep him, Moyes should use him for Europe and The Cups

Crassus 9:22 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
I'm sure he is not chasing a pound, but his career was effectively done until Moyes signed him for 'cover', his hard work and application having taken the opportunity has revived his profile
A mark of the bloke that he is weighing in another 3 months to enable a replacement
A perfect situation, demonstrating belief from Moyes and respect and gratitude from the player
He will get a proper send off too come the time from us Herberts

The Fonz 8:57 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
Spot on AT.

Hope the big man gets what he wants. Would love him to stay if he wanted. Great servant and played the majority of last season with an injury I think I have read. Warrior of a man.

Jasnik 8:57 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
Dawson now staying until January. - but which year?

⚒️ 8:27 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
⚒️ 2:13 Thu Sep 1
Re: Official Transfer Rumours and Gossip Thread
Dawson now staying until January.

Mex Martillo 7:59 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
That's true AT if that's how it is.

Mex Martillo 7:58 Thu Sep 1
Re: Craig Dawson...
Alex G if Dawson was fully fit I wouldn't be surprised that he'd have been playing and maybe we wouldn't have given away a penalty and an own goal.

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