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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Lee Trundle 2:09 Fri Apr 22
Fury vs Whyte
Who wins?

I like Whyte who is well overdue this chance, but a routine win for Fury, surely?

Takes place on Saturday, April 23
Record crowd for a European fight of 94,000 at Wembley Stadium
The undercard action starts from 6pm
Fury vs Whyte ring walks are confirmed to start at 9.45pm
The first bell for the main event will be no later than 10.10pm

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MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:46 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
RoyalDocksGK 11:41

Voluntary defence, not mandatory afaik.
Surprised he's not calling Charlie Magie out.

RoyalDocksGK 11:41 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Amazed at how fury has been able to hand pick chisora and have it for the WBC title. He's shit it from Joyce imo. No doubt the spud stadium will sell out but I bet the ppv numbers won't be high.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:26 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Don't mind Fury (even though the pikey cunt did try to rip my mum off with tarmacing her drive) but fuck me, what a load of old cunt this bout's likeley to be (coupled with Warren's seeming inability to put on a half-decent undercard).
Watched the bints fight last weekend, and honestly think it was a better spectacle than this is likely to be.
Fury's comment with regard to fighting Joyce (not enough social following) sums it up for me. Fuck all to do with being worth a shot, all about celebrity.
Hope Del lands one of those big overhand rights and knocks the cunt into last week.

zebthecat 11:21 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
I don't know Fury is doing this.
Probably just a warm up for Anthony Joshua.
If they couldn't agree terms last round it is a bit difficult to see how this would change anything. Maybe Fury just wants to get his enthusiam for fighting back.

mashed in maryland 10:59 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Only thing you can bet on is when its done, Fury and AJ will exchange a few tweets, there'll be a load of media hype about how they're finally gonna fight each other, and then as with the zillion times before, nothing will happen.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:31 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Plenty of good fights, just not this one.

Joyce v Wilder/Fury/AJ/Ruiz/Usyk
Dubois v Parker/Ruiz
Fury v Ruiz/AJ
Ruiz v Parker
Wilder v Usyk

Any combination of that lot, really.

Gloucester Iron 2:29 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Fuck my old boots - what a load of old money-grabbing bollocks.

Surely the only real fight left in this division is Fury/Usyk?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:22 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Nobody is going to pay to watch it on TV for sure.

Council Scum 1:53 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Be interesting to see if they sell that out.

Lee Trundle 1:39 Thu Oct 20
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Tyson Fury v Derek Chisora III: Trilogy bout confirmed for 3 December

The fight no one wanted.

Council Scum 7:11 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Was never gonna pay the money they wanted to watch it live, glad I didn't.

Whyte needs to just wipe his mouth and move, not a good look right now.

british is best 6:55 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
The modern day heavyweights carry too much weight . 18stone is perfect for 6/9 Tyson fury he can carry it . Whyte is 6 4 same as Holmes foreman Lewis etc Holmes and foreman were both sub 16 stone at their peak. Lennox was always at his best at no more than 245 . When look look at the flab on Whyte he could make 230 easy .

Lee Trundle 5:59 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
His head barely touched the canvas. Nowhere near enough to give him those wobbly legs he had.

He got his arse handed to him on a plate by Fury, the whole fight.

Pentonville 5:53 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
I see Whyte is saying today that the uppercut buzzed him but Fury pushed him over with 2 hands and he hit his head on canvas and Ref should have given him more time to recover.

LongTimeUser 5:18 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
I hope Whyte retires and enjoys his life now.
He seems like a nice fella when I've seen him interviewed, pretty funny and more intelligent than you might think.

But I think Sold0 got it about right with the car park analogy

tanman 3:45 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
Been sky Plussing the Ali series but not got round to watching them yet.

Northern Sold 2:49 Mon Apr 25
Re: Fury vs Whyte
It’s only after watching the quite brilliant Ken Burns 8 part documentary on Muhammad Ali that I realised that today’s heavyweights don’t hold a candle to those oldies… I mean Dylian Whyte?? Watching him on Saturday night was like watching a pissed up bloke brawling in a car park at 1am… it was boring as shit and at times laughable… yeah Fury is a good technician and maybe could have coped but there it ain’t fuck all else around that would have held a light to those old boys… anyway if you into your boxing have a watch of the series… you will not be disappointed.

Hermit Road 3:10 Sun Apr 24
Re: Fury vs Whyte
“ In 2015 Joshua decked Whyte with an uppercut to win and seven years later Fury does the same thing.”

Lot being made of Fury doing the same as Joshua and Provetkin. Massive difference though in the trouble Whyte gave those two before getting knocked out versus the complete ease of Fury’s victory. What you saw last night was a complete masterclass by a man at the top of his game

Swiss. 2:45 Sun Apr 24
Re: Fury vs Whyte
terry-h 11:25 Sun Apr 24

Well it wasn't TERRY Marsh.

, 2:19 Sun Apr 24
Re: Fury vs Whyte
In 2015 Joshua decked Whyte with an uppercut to win and seven years later Fury does the same thing.

wd40 12:21 Sun Apr 24
Re: Fury vs Whyte

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