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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

WHUDeano 12:15 Wed Aug 10
Eubank Jr vs Benn
Confirmed October 8th! Seems crazy for Benn to take this fight, though as always in boxing -money talks.

Got to be Eubanks to lose, though he’s never been forced to drop as much weight I don’t t believe? And given he is an incredibly fit athlete, he’ll just be dropping muscle & strength, while Benn will be needing to do the opposite…will certainly be worth searching out a stream for!

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Matthew Holmes 1:44 Sun Aug 14
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn

i know - no business chatting this on his kids fight thread

Matthew Holmes 1:06 Sun Aug 14
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
He totally was. But what a fighter Benn was. He looked he would get beat in 1st few rounds.

Mace66 11:14 Sat Aug 13
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Benn was totally written off against G man, not a cat in hells chance …. his boy is on another level

Mace66 11:10 Sat Aug 13
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn

TopGun 11:19 Fri Aug 12

….. Matthew Holmes

Instinct GUN son, this boy is destined for great things

nerd 9:47 Sat Aug 13
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Stupid fight ,Benn is too small and not good enough to step up weights yet.

Matthew Holmes 9:09 Sat Aug 13
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
That Benn McClennan fight in ?95 was the most incredible most brutal fight I've ever seen. Unrelated to this fight.
If Benn is has half his old man's guts he'll go far

brundal 7:51 Sat Aug 13
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
As someone who was brought up in the era of Ali , Frazer , Duran Sugar Ray , Hagler , and loads more that these two couldn’t lace there gloves, boxing today is all about money not quality just proves it when a you tube blogger could make millions out of fighting the younger brother of Tyson

GoalLazio 2:19 Sat Aug 13
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Both shit and not fit to lace their old mans gloves.

TopGun 11:19 Fri Aug 12
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Based on what Mace? Sparring with John Ryder in Sims gym?

Mace66 11:13 Fri Aug 12
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
I reckon Benn is the real deal and will come out on top despite being the smaller man

TopGun 11:05 Fri Aug 12
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Benn not proven. Hearn done an amazing job plotting Benn against has beens and part time fighters, he has the showreel knockouts but who’s he fought,

Eubank Jr beaten Yildrim, Abraham and Degale at super middle. And gone distance with groves who was massive at the weight after rehydration and didn’t dent his chin.

Hearns cashing in, unless Jr struggles cutting the weight and is shot in there there’s no chance for Benn. Eubank stops him 6-9.

Eerie Descent 5:54 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
I am in no doubt whatsoever. They are going to earn a fortune from it, you'd have to be an absolute pilchard to think otherwise.

Benn is in a bit of a predicament at his natural weight, he's probably in the best weight class there is. He wouldn't lay a glove on the top two, and he don't even want any of someone like Avanesyan, as it would be a war he could very well lose without the purse to match.

This fight actually makes sense to him, and definitely to Eubank. Both will get weighed out for it big style, as I said good luck to them.

southbankbornnbred 5:32 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Talking of payments, that reminds me of the Benn/Eubank II shenanigans.

Benn was the bigger champion and box office draw (globally) at the time. He got £1m gross for the re-match.

Eubank was savvier and negotiated £850,000 net. So he took home more.

Benn was furious with his team.

southbankbornnbred 5:29 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Eerie, don't be so sure fella.

It SHOULD earn them both a big payday. But there are some odd variables which mean the marketers will have to get busy to ensure that happens.

The catchweight issue could be a financial stumbling block, because it puts off some authorities who struggle to place it as a title fight at a recognised weight. So there's a lot to be decided on that.

Additionally, we're heading into a Q4 recession and 'luxury' spending is one of the first things to go. So how they price the PPV element will be important. There's talk of it being £25 for non DAZN subscribers (£17 for subscribers). That's probably about right - but any more would be asking a lot from a public that might be a bit sceptical.

Finally, Eubank Jnr has got the nod as the primary fighter (it's ridiculous how they vie to be on the left of posters etc) - and he has sometimes left the marketing mob a bit flat on PPV.

It SHOULD make a lot of money, you're right. But will it make a lot of money for the fighters?

Lee Trundle 5:17 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
No one under the age of 30 will be that interested in this, surely?

I hope Benn knocks him spark out. Never liked either of the Eubanks.

Eerie Descent 5:14 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
A silly fight for them to take?

They are both going to earn a fucking fortune from it, more than any other fight either of them could get, by some distance. It will be life changing dough, it's a tough sport, good luck to them.

southbankbornnbred 5:04 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Silly fight for both boxers to take - it's just a nostalgia trip for the Hearn family and some fans.

Eubank Jnr should win the fight comfortably. Not because he's the better boxer (he may not be). But because one way or another, he should have a considerble weight advantage (see Crassus' Qs below about the catchweight, rehydration protocol and date of weight-in etc).

Eubank Jnr is usually two weights above Benn. Conor is a really decent fighter, but this is a big step up, weight-wise (Eubank Jnr will weight considerably more on the day of the fight, no doubt).

They are just in different weight divisions, and should be left alone. But history has brought them together. Not sure that's a great rationale for two decent young boxers.

Early prediction: Benn will come out on the attack and go for the quick win he probably needs. Eubank will ride the storm and, gradually, his size and weight advantage will take over.

Where have we seen that before?!

Crassus 11:38 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Plenty of variables - what's the catch weight, what's the rehydration terms and who can cope best with dropping / gaining the weight?

But one thing I can't see is this going to points, over by the end of the sixth

Pentonville 8:22 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
i like Benn due to his father but this is another example surely of Hearn over matching. Eubank has never been stopped as far as im aware and so should (should) box Benns face off for 12 rounds and win on points. I think this is a money grab from Benn as a new father, set himself up for life, take a loss that doesnt effect his weight and his goals of a title and enables Eubank jr to possibly retire on a high as I dont think his heart really is i boxing anymore. just an opinion (ALi still isnt the best boxer of all time either ;-0))

Hermit Road 6:30 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
Eubank is the bigger, more experienced man. I don’t fancy Benn’s chances here.

Takashi Miike 1:15 Wed Aug 10
Re: Eubank Jr vs Benn
as much as I don't rate Jr, he has a head like his old man so Connor should expect a long night's work but I can see him winning on points

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