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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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joyo 3:34 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
Reading some of the posts on here l feel like a doctor in a psychiatric ward,and most of you need some happy tablet treatment as the negatively and depression is overwhelming!
Are most of you lot not aware we play in Quarter final tomorrow?
Our 37th game in Europe over last 3 seasons
Remember it ain't over till your oversized wives start singing
IF and its a fucking big IF we win tomorrow you're all be begging the Moyesiah to stay.....fickle fuckers
Be careful what you wish for COYI

Takashi Miike 1:42 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out

Takashi Miike 1:41 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
I honestly don't care what any of the media think about us, especially ex players. Ferdinand telling us to accept the shit football, then within weeks digging out Moyes to the twats on that garbage overlap podcast. it was refreshing watching a Fulham fan that got it, in a preview with Geo last week. sense like that is rare, in these days of table watching

Massive Attack 1:34 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
Nonce said:

Massive Depression haven't you got anything positive to say about the club you claim to support?

Yeah, I've detailed already on here how we have so much going for us off the pitch, be it 62,000 fans (me being one of the ST Holders, are you?) regularly turning up even though the Football is largely wank. I've also praised many of our quality players too, be it Kudus, Bowen, Paqueta, Antonio, Alvarez, Ward-Prowse, Zouma, Fabianski, Areola and have also praised an underused crop of excellent Academy players too. I know that having attended the FA Cup final at the Emirates last season with around 8,000 other Hammers on the day, we're you there? I've also enjoyed the Cup win and most of the European results Moyes has delivered on to his credit. I've also touched on how our finances have never been so good right now and after 12 years back in the big time with many years in the new huge sell out stadium to go with it. I also think the work and getting Steidten on board was a masterstroke by the Club that has already reaped dividends after only recently rocking up. I strongly believe we are now set up to become a Champions League team that can qualify occasionally in the top 4 if managed right, which we currently haven't been.

So it's just a shame then that we have a gutless, entertainment sapping, Full squad ignoring boring cunt in charge to negatively impact all that potential beyond Europe which is to his credit, albeit against mainly easy opposition especially with the resources afforded to him like no other has previously enjoyed. So if you're pissed off for some of mine and others targeted negativity, then blame your beloved Moyesiah for that...

factory seconds 12:58 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
i'm fully looking forward to the all out media assault on our club next season. they've always despised us, but they like their moysie, so any success we have under him can simply be put through the lens of the great scotch bringer of promethean light who has uplifted that sordid club.

they'll be salivating after every loss and lamenting every win next season, which will only make it all the sweeter.

Stowie.40 12:26 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
Pearce is a mong, talks I riddles when it comes to football trying to come across smart, top player but is in the mould of Tony Adam’s when it comes to talking about football. Also someone should ask Stu how he seemed so certain that Aguerd was a top prem CB seeing as he admitted to being the one who watched him numerous times over a season.

terry-h 11:52 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
I see Oliver Glasner has now settled well into his job and Palace players look much more organised now he is getting his message across.
Doesn’t look promising with Moyes fucking it up on a regular basis does it?

Fuck off back to Lytham St Annes you caaant!!!

Side of Ham 11:49 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
Stuart, we was told the move was made to make new better history……so shut the fuck up…..

Sir Alf 11:45 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
I see Stuart Pearce has questioned fans judgement and gone down the “you’ve never had it so good” as we won a cup route? Again lacks balance and is about loyalty to Moyes and yes he has brought us some decent seasons but aside from the style we are simply saying that if you look at our league form its in decline over the 4 years and likely the end of European football despite a lot of money spent. So why would we think he will be able to sustain ourleague position and European football and even push us higher. And of course we dont believe having the ball less than the opposition most weeks is a formula to do that. Ex pros and media look back whereas we look forward. Oh and btw I read somewhere that Simon Jordan is a Salthouse client so hardly objective

Side of Ham 11:05 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
That is positive isn’t it?

Young player of ours doing well, whilst a liability of an expensive loan is not to be seen near the first team?

joyo 3:58 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
Massive Depression haven't you got anything positive to say about the club you claim to support?

Massive Attack 2:55 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
Downes scores Southamptons late winner against Watford, whilst Phillips is currently in hiding after flipping the bird at West Ham fans...


Massive Attack 2:39 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out

Massive Attack 2:38 Wed Apr 17
Re: Moyes Out
To all those poor saps who took Moyes side over Scamacca look away now...


The people who run our Club are incredibly dense. Proper thick as pigshit to let this shit hot Striker slipped through our hands and then lose out on him when selling him on barely a year later.

Great work, "Moyesie"!

Russ of the BML 7:17 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
We played a 4-4-2 in name only against Fulham. Ings spent most of his time playing deep in the 10 role and Paqueta was even deeper chasing the ball like a DM.

You can call a turd a gold bar but, in reality, its still a turd.

Fauxstralian 5:32 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
Conte had Tottenham 4th but imagine all of their fans prefer Postecogolou having them below that (& sinking)
Cant recall them being told at the time or since being told 'careful what you wish/ed for'

Watched Carraghers analysis of Emery's tactics at Arsenal to draw them out and ATTACK
Thought it was a contrast to Moyes tactic of ...

North Bank 5:12 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
Massive Attack 1.34 it's quite simple mate, Simon Jordan, Jim White & David Moyes all share the same agent

Six more games to go and he's gone, let's just hope that the Dwarfs addiction with old out of touch managers is over and we appoint one of the new breed like Slot

Texas Iron 4:58 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
It’s all Moyes’ fault…


aldgate 1:33 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
It's pretty obvious that Moyes has run his course with us. From what I've heard the players are all frustrated with his playing style/man management. The difference between us and leverkusen was chalk and cheese with a well drilled team playing a quick pass and move style that we couldn't cope with. To persevere with him next season through fear of change would be a disaster as we start a club-defining rebuild after Paqueta goes. New manager, 4/5 quality new players and a new playing style would enthuse everyone. Moyes staying and money wasted on fading pros would sound be a disaster. Sliding doors moment but i don't trust Sullivan to choose the right one

Sir Alf 12:30 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
If I wanted to ensure a club remained where it was and no threat to mine I might be tempted to repeat a clique like that :-). These pundits are really saying “this is as good as it gets” for West Ham. They are not entirely wrong, our history is of a club that sits in the lower reaches if the league, gets relegated now. And then and eespecially in the Prem era which is only where their time horizon spans. But the idea is that we won our little cup and day out and should be satisfied and be happy not to be fighting or getting relegated. The audacity of a club with a large fan base trying to do what Villa have done is over ambitious, not knowing our place and threatening the status quo. Villa won the European cup once and title pre-premiership means they are not quite so entitled and pretentious you see. And in Shrearers case, he like lots of ex pros possibly sees Moyee as the last link to a previous era when he was playing. And Newcastle dont need any other clubs hampering their attempt to get in the rich 6 or 7 and winning things. Its all about Alan :-)

I want us to do as Villa have but sustain it and be an unwanted intruder into the cartel that is Premiership football. May never happen but lets have a go as some of us will be dead soon . Happy Tuesday all :-)

David L 12:24 Tue Apr 16
Re: Moyes Out
''Be careful what you wish for'' is only EVER directed at West Ham. I've never heard it said about any other club.

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