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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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diehardhammer 7:06 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
Would be a win win situation all round if Moyes goes to Celtic after winning conference (we hope)

Younger progressive manager in and push on next season

Percy Dalton 6:49 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
This thread is MOYES OUT.

joyo 3:50 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
Few days away from what could be are greatest day for 43 years and some people can't enjoy the moment but would rather dig out the Moyesiah who got us there....what a miserable outlook

southbankbornnbred 3:33 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
I'd piss myself laughing if Spurs' pursuit of Postecoglou leads Celtic to inquire after Moyes.

No idea if that will happen, as some sources in Glasgow seem to be indicating. But in many ways, it would be the perfect scenario: Spurs get Mr Potato Head, unproven outside of the one-team shitshow in Scotland, and we'd be able to move on from Hector the Dinosaur.

Willtell 10:11 Thu Jun 1
Re: Moyes Out
Protection of his investment goose. Sullivan and Gold family can't walk away or sell to a rich Arab or Septic without giving him first option is my first guess.

He might well have thought they were running the club quite well and sees an eventual sale in the billions as the time to make a profit.


goose 10:27 Wed May 31
Re: Moyes Out
That might end up being true LT, but then why would he bother having an agreement in place to buy a majority stake?

From what I’ve read he’s not bought 27% of the club just as a hobby. He either sees value in the business and will look to sell his share or he’ll buy the majority stake & sell the entire thing. He’s a very astute businessman.

The club doesn’t often make a profit so he won’t be earning anything that way.

Lee Trundle 9:59 Wed May 31
Re: Moyes Out
Kretinsky won't be buying us outright.

Willtell 9:52 Wed May 31
Re: Moyes Out
“ However even that is still only fixing a symptom and not the root cause. We need a new owner as well.”

Chelsea got a new billionaire owner and look how well that went for them…

We need a good owner that knows how to run a business properly unlike a porn/property owner.

Sullivan at least tries to spend money unlike any previous owners. Unfortunately he always picks the safe options rather than worrying about entertaining fans that turn up in their thousands no matter what shit gets served up.

Also unfortunately Kretinsky doesn’t have a good track record with his other team it seems. Where is a new, better owner going to come from?

Norflundon 6:25 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out
Rusta5:22 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
By his own admission he tried to turn us into a more possession based team which he said we needed to do to go to the next level.

I'm not a Moyes hater, we've had good times as well as some shit ones. Personally I hope we win the cup and he goes with his head held high and gets another great job.
It's plain and simple he's not capable of coaching that type of football. You only need to watch the tactics, if you watch city and other possession based teams teams when in possession they push their best full back into midfield to create overloads and keep the ball. Thus giving them an attacking edge
When we are possession we drop Rice our best midfielder into a back three for fuck knows what reason as this create the opposite to an overload especially as one of our midfielders is probably the worst passer of a ball in the premier league which means we usually put there or four passes around at the back until the other team presses then we have to launch the ball down the channel for Antonio to chase.
It's time for a change and as much as I want to win this trophy beating a load of items that probably wouldn't even get out of the championship is not a reason for him to stay. We have been truly awful for 18 moths now after being very good for 18 months.
Thanks David I've enjoyed some of your time here but win the final and it's time to go
Either we need to get rid of half the squad that are clearly not suited to playing under him or we can just get rid of one man and keep the likes of scammaca paqueta benrahama. Its not really a tough choice

Side of Ham 5:22 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out
I can't only Moyes's can do that the mad cunt, I can only talk about players we are likely to sell.....

brick_lane_batty_boy 5:14 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out
Side of Ham 4:24 Tue May 30

Defend and pass it on well..... how do you explain Soucek then?!!

Side of Ham 4:24 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out
Rice will move on because he probably feels his role at West Ham is limited.....the only possible upside to Moyes's set up is someone else can easily slot into that limited role as long as they can defend and pass it on well....that's all they need to do in his team....

Manuel 1:49 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out
''If Rice leaves and moyes stays we will be struggling around in the bottom six next season and well worth a bet for relegation''

And so it starts..

Russ of the BML 1:48 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out

factory seconds 3:21 Mon May 29

"Football is something the other team do...."

100%. Well put.

JayeMPee 1:05 Tue May 30
Re: Moyes Out
Watched motd at the weekend first time for ages, whilst I had realised the top 6 were now top 7 with megarich newcs I had lost sight of the number of clubs above us who now have excellent managers. The likes of Villa, Brentford, Brighton and even Wolves and Fulham. Moyes has no chance of climbing above these teams with his outdated play safe philosophies he will dither and even struggle against Forest.

If Rice leaves and moyes stays we will be struggling around in the bottom six next season and well worth a bet for relegation. He must go and quickly to allow a new manager to use the transfer window to develop and build a new squad.

Yarmouth 11:27 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Side of Ham 2:55 Mon May 29

Bang on right fella, bang on right.

Yarmouth 11:24 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
wd40 2:08 Mon May 29

I'm sorry mate but fuck off do.

diehardhammer 5:24 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Just seen a pretty damning stat

Highest position we’ve been in the league all season has been 10th

Not went above it at any point despite having spent loads of money and playing in a weaker European competition

Rusta 5:22 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
By his own admission he tried to turn us into a more possession based team which he said we needed to do to go to the next level.

Problem is he's not capable of doing it, every time we try we just look slow and laboured and incapable of creating anything.

His version of it is just passing it backwards n forwards at the back till we give it away.

He just doesn't seem to be able to coach the pass and move at pace like you see other teams doing.

So he will always have to revert back to sitting in and catching on the break which he's had to do this season.

RoyalDocksGK 5:15 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Regardless of the result in prague. It's time for Moyes to go. 20 league games lost is not good enough for the team we've got. The only issue I have with Moyes going will be that midget owner. He isn't progressive enough to want a top manager from another team. He'll look for the cheapest options who will be out of work so no doubt after Rodgers and Potter reject us it'll be back to Rafa Benitez.

Texas Iron 5:12 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Moyes got...

40 out of 114 points...

Spent 200millionQuid...

Negative Defensive Football...

Relegation form all season...

Needs to be replaced...he's a Dithering Dinosaur...

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