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After beating Sheff Wed 5-1 back in 1997, my brother, my Dad and I, having spent an hour in the 66 club getting pissed with David Essex, ran onto the pitch to re-create our favourite moments in front of the (old) North Bank. My brother re-inacted the statuesque defending of Colin Foster, I slowly trudged back onside pulling a pained expression a la Iain Dowie and the old man walked, head bowed and in tears, towards the tunnel like a young Allen McKnight.

True story


I once asked the coach driver of the team bus for a lift to the ground (Swindon v West Ham reserves circa 92) He let me on (he was parked up a mile away getting some dinner) and we drove to the ground where Martin Allen was waiting to get back on (forgot something)

Martin: Who are you?
Troy: I\'m Troy
Martin: What you doing on here?
Troy: ...err...Looking for my shinpads
Martin: Fack offff!

Another very true story


I find it highly amusing to engage someone who has started a rather tedious thread - especially if they have a particular strong point of view. I slowly draw them in by agreeing or confirming a point - regardless of how inane. By then mentioning that I had discovered via google other information that pricks their interest I lure them in more - Wait! I say, I\'ll get you a link.

I end that post. And I wait.

Then I post...

Here you go... www.google.co.uk


Quite simply the funniest poster on here. By a Country Mile.

Is it legal to be that funny AND good looking?

If he makes me spit my coffee all over my keyboard one more time, I will sue!

He is the one reason I keep returning to WHO

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Darlo Debs

The one lad my firm would not like to meet. Johnny Allen

Razor sharo wit

Fish-hookery at its best. I doth my cap to the master
Bleeding Claret

I would. But I would anyone.

Consistently hitting new heights in put downs

I think he makes a lot of stuff up


Troy was awarded OFFICAL WHO GOLD status in 2004 for his Waving a hanky at the play off final thread.

WHO Community Mods; 2004.


Old-skool poster since 2001.

.`·.The Troyster
`•.¸.´¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)

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